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Magister Twilight Sparkle, the most intelligent pony in Equestria, is also the most unspeakably bored. But a certain white-coated unicorn might be the perfect distraction.

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Alright Monochromatic. How many accounts do you have? Who else writes TwiRarity?

Have a like anyway.

Ri2 #2 · Mar 5th, 2022 · · ·

But it can't end there! What's the cause of the suicide? Will Twilight ever remember Scootawho's name? And what will happen when Blueblood finds out his fiance is going behind his back with the Magister?

Was my first thought to, but he does have his own site now

Hoping for more of this tale.

This was a wonderful read! I wish there was more, I could read a whole novel about this. An excellent fic to be sure, and I love the world you’ve built.

Research project? Get the girl.

I for one would love for a proper court-intrigue-and-infidelity story to come from this.


onies parted before her like the tides parted for Nile Strider in the legends of old.

nice, ponified Moses

A few brave foals trailed in her wake like ducklings on a river, but none of them dared reach out to touch the golden hem of her white robes.

ooh, sartorial expression of social class!

Finally, she looked up from her book, a broad smile spreading over her face. Bulldozing her way through the crowds thronging the marketplace as though they were mere ghosts, Twilight Sparkle bent her steps toward the palace and home. She had found her next research project.

love how obscure this research project seems, though considering the "Lunar" in the name there might be larger connections here

It was difficult, Twilight mused, when she was once more safely alone in her tower, to be intelligent. It was especially difficult to be as especially intelligent as she was. Her towering intellect placed her as far above the general populace in her thinking as her actual tower did in height.

big brain Twilight, love it

And now Twilight Sparkle was bored.

For the last three months she had been reduced to reading the most obscure books from the Princess’ library — the depths of her own long since having been plumbed — and answering whatever questions ages past had left unanswered.

ah, that explains the obscurity of the research topic!

“What is it — uh…Scootawoo?” That was a guess. All the pages who crept in and gathered up the dirty plates and mugs looked alike.

He coughed uncomfortably. “It’s Rumble, Magister. Scootaloo’s the orange one.”

hehe, love this

Few things could permeate Twilight Sparkle’s brain while she was reading, but if anything could, it was the name of the pony who held the pursestrings to her research grant.

so true

The Princess’ great grand-nephew was an insufferable bore, but Twilight didn’t necessarily mind that. Plenty of well-respected professors were deadly dull, and contemporary accounts said that Starswirl the Bearded was a conversationalist who could send people to sleep just by talking to them. No, being boring was not Blueblood’s greatest crime.

It was that he was stupid.

i am sure there is nothing in the world more grating to this Twilight

Princess Celestia’s only great flaw, in Twilight’s eyes, was her inordinate fondness for her lump of a nephew.

love this description of Blueblood

Twilight thanked her lucky stars that her magister’s robes were ceremonial as well as functional. Hopefully the tomato soup stain on the right leg from last week would be hidden if she kept her front legs close together. She really ought to ask the pages to clean it one of these days.

aww she is so relatable! love tomater soup

She was staring at the mare who stood beside him — a unicorn mare, impossibly lovely, with eyes bluer than the sky in summer and a mane of imperial purple, all curves and softness a shy, hopeful smile as she looked around at the ponies who had turned out in force to welcome her to court.

Twilight Sparkle looked at the mare, and the world around her fell away.

yes that is roughly the average reaction to seeing Rarity for the first time

But what’s her NAME? her mind screamed, and Twilight cursed her lack of attention to that wretched Scootawoo’s half-mumbled message. What use was an eidetic memory if it didn’t let her recall things even if they seemed unimportant at first?

oof, the hubris of big brain Twilight Sparkle!

The mare smiled, and Twilight looked at those shimmering pale hooves, almost as white as that soft, soft fur. She wished she had taken the time to buff her own dull-purple hooves more than once in the past six years…or, for that matter, to get some of the food stains out of her blasted white robe.

this is why it's important to look your best, Twilight!

“I’d like that. It will be good to have a…a friend here in court.” But her eyes lingered on Twilight’s as she said the word friend, and when she said it in that velvety voice Twilight couldn’t help but imagine with a delicious chill everything friendship with a creature as lovely as this might mean.

ooh this is just lovely

Friendship with Prince Blueblood’s fiancée — whatever friendship meant. Perhaps this was a research project worth truly committing to. Perhaps….perhaps this would be the challenge she had been looking for.

yes, truly the ultimate research topic... Rarity...

The blush finally burst into bloom, two glorious red roses opening their petals outwards and upwards. Rarity dipped her head, hiding behind her long tresses, but it did nothing to conceal that beautiful flowering of the blood in her cheeks. “I…I will look forward to it, Magister Twilight.”

oof this is definitely not a one-way thing!

beautiful prose as always, its ornateness very fitting for its setting in the aristocratic echelon of Equestrian society, in an Equestria where those social divisions clearly mean a great deal. as a love letter to the allure that Rarity would have to a socially maladjusted child prodigy, i can vouch for its impact.

Aw, thank you for the lovely in depth comment! I really enjoyed reading all your reactions

This was a fun little story. It was interesting seeing Twilight's backstory in this timeline, though I do wish we had a bit more of Rarity and Twilight's reaction to her here.

I desperately need a sequel to the story for Twilight Sparkle and Rarity fall in love and Rarity breaks off her engagement to Blueb:yay:ch.

Twilight's too smart for her own good. Certifiable skill issue. This was excellent as always Shas, your prose just fits the fantasy genre so well!

Me, opening this up: RariTwi, RariTwi, RariTwi

Me, toward the end: RariTwi Affair, RariTwi Affair, RariTwi Affair.

I may have a problem.

even as a taxi-carriage collided disastrously with a vegetable stall as it swerved out of her way.

"My Cabbages!" :-)

she finally read the sentence she had been searching the whole book to find — the last eighteen books, for that matter — a beautiful frisson of excitement tingled in her fur. “The reason for exact reason for this bizarre end to the Lunar Lace-Winged Moth’s ten-year lifecycle is not known.”

Aha. Research heavy Twilight. Something that is not known.

Because some quirk of evolution. Like moths to a flame -- at one point in the past it was beneficial.

And she would be left behind, casting around in the darkness for something else to occupy her gigantic brain, the boredom almost a physical force, suffocating her until she could find something else — something new — a new question to answer.

"Brain the size of a planet, and what am I doing? parking cars looking for anything to research."

Hopefully the tomato soup stain on the right leg from last week would be hidden if she kept her front legs close together. She really ought to ask the pages to clean it one of these days.

A single set of robes, and wearing them day after day without giving them a rest or a cleaning?
Twilight, you should know that not letting them dry out completely between wearings will wear them out faster.

Now, Studying the effects of Friendship on the behavior patterns of the affected. A perfect title for a research paper :-)

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