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The Red Parade

Cars are still parked outside. If the rapture had happened, why was it unrecognizable? Why was the sky blue? Why did no one tell me? Do these things not announce themselves?


Equestrian Listening Outpost Hotel Echo One-One (ELO HE1-1) is tasked with monitoring the sensor array located on the eastern end of Mount Massive and investigating any anomalous readings or activation of any sensor within the area.

Sofas and Quills Speedwriting First Place entry. Written in the span of an hour with the prompt 'Stepping through the door.'

Pre-read by Seer.

Edited by EverfreePony.

And thanks to all you fine folks who read the original edition during the contest.

Entry for the 2020 May Pairings Contest.

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What's with you and all these first-place entries, hrm? Have you been selling your soul?

I just bribe Moonshot with bitcoin payments. Don’t tell Zontan though.

Bruh, you just posted it in public. Your secret is out.

Welp. Time to pay more bitcoin and cover it up.

Excellently written and brilliantly creepy tale.
As I said in the prereading, your pacing is excellent here and the way you draw out the tension until the perfect moment is wonderful. Ends just where it should do too.
Nice work mate! :twilightsmile:

Thank you! And thanks for the help on it!

By this point I've uploaded my mind into a computer just to swim in a virtual sea of Bitcoin
(I stg one day I'll publish my end of the contest stories too ;-;)

bublish bore blease?

Lady and the Tiger, eat your heart out.

Great and chilling tale here, and I hope to aspire to this level of brevity one day. Good go, Red Parade!

Thank you, glad you liked it! If you liked it you should probably go read Seer's stuff, he executes a lot better than I can lol

You were not lying. Just got through The Foundations of Me - downright perfection.

See, this is why "need to know" is generally a bad idea when dealing with monsters.

Indeed. But maybe we were the real monsters all along. Thanks for reading.

I think someone has seen The Thing.

This is creepy, but this is a world where changelings exist, so this is one particular world where one can just go "Oh, one of them is a changeling" and it becomes a lot less scary.


I have not actually. This was based off that one meme/joke thing about an astronaut, saying something along the lines of "There's nothing like the peace and quiet of space until you hear someone banging on the hatch, and you see an astronaut outside. You ask who it is and they say it's John, but John's sitting next to you at the console just as confused. When you tell the other John this they start banging on the hatch and begging for you to let you in while the John next to you begs you to keep it shut."

Fun times.

Weird! But yeah, John Carpenter's The Thing is about an Antarctic research team that finds itself infiltrated by a creature that can mimic other people perfectly. It has a lot of tension and suspenseful moments as well as a lot of body horror and gore stuff as well. This sort of reminds me of it, but it's not like that was the birth of this trope anyway. :twilightblush:

...they’re in Elo Hell. :facehoof:

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