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That One Obessed Twilight Sparkle Fanboy. IWTCITS. <3

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I've been a MLP:FIM fan since 2011, and I'm totally obsessed with the mares of Equestria.
I'm a huge Twi fanboy Twi-fag for those of you from the older fandom.
She is mai math girl waifu. <3

A little bit about me, I'm a software engineer that studied both computer science and electrical engineering in college, and on my spare time I like to program, windsurf, bike, and make naughty pony stories. I’m 27 years old guy, and love to talk about Twilight all day and all night. <3 I enjoy both EQG and MLP:FIM equally and believe they meld pretty neatly.

My top ponies are:

1) Twilight Sparkle
2) Rarity
3) Pinkie Pie
4) Starlight Glimmer
5) Applejack
6) Rainbow Dash
7) Derpy Hooves (Muffins)
8) Trixie Lulamoon
9) Sunset Shimmer
10) Maud Pie

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