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[NOTE TO NEWCOMERS: please post promotions in the forum, not on this page! Nobody will see it if you post it on this page.]

This is a place where we will love and tolerate any self promoters, whoever they might be. In this group, you can promote anything pony-related without fear of reprisal. In fact, bashing on people for self promotion here is a good way to get in trouble!

Normal site rules do apply. You can't post or link to NFSW pictures or stories, and if you do, the thread will be deleted, though we usually give you a chance to edit your post first.

Of course, you can promote them. You just have to do things like link to your story list and mention which story you are promoting in your post and such.

Threads might get locked if they turn into a flame war, and you shouldn't be insulting other people, trolling, and so on. You can find the group rules here. Keep in mind you also are only allowed to promote the same thing once a week, too.

We even have a helpful guide to promoting for you!

So go forward and promote whatever you want! Post it to all the folders that apply. If it's pony-related and you can point to it, you can promote it. So be shameless!

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You can find the Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau's Discord in the Creators Guild Discord.

[NOTE TO NEWCOMERS: please post promotions in the forum, not on this page! Nobody will see it if you post it on this page.]

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I'm so self-promoting I got banned from TvTropes multiple times for it (plus my bio gives away the fact that I KNOW I'm gonna be a big shot). But hey, enough about promoting myself, READ MY STORY!!!!!:

Link fixed. Fimfiction must have changed its URL conventions at some point without us noticing. :twilightsheepish: Thanks for letting us know!

Hi everyone! I'm new to the group, and looking to get back into writing. I haven't written anything in a while, but I would like some feedback on a short story I did a while back that hasn't seen that much activity, and it would encourage me to get going again.

Unfortunately, the forum link is broken...

Edit: NM, I'm apparently too blind to notice that big ol' 'Forum' button under the banner.:applejackconfused:

Welcome to the Land of Shameless Self-Promotion. :D

Uh what classification does my story fall into? Because it seems to hit multiple areas.

Hello everyone

Whelp just posted my story in as many folders as I could. Here’s hoping I get more readers.

If you're a Tokyo Drift and Initial D fan, this story was meant for you.

If your not, then you should probably buckle up!

TSpeed King
Sometimes you have to take chances in life, and other times, you just gotta step on the gas and take a risk!
Wicked88 · 22k words · 89 views

This story is still going through the starting phases, but once the third chapter comes out, that's when stuff gets good

Yeah, okay, it was a stupid question, really. :derpytongue2:


Does anyone actually read the group admin's comment?


Does anyone actually read the group admin's comment? If you want people to see your stuff, post in the forum and not here!

Well this is a lot of people who are in to this stuff?✌

Here to do what the group says to do!

Come one, come all! Read a thing I wrote and watch as I slowly get better at writing it!
You're also welcome to tell me I suck

Can some pony test out my choice system in my story: Fallout Equestria: Ties With The Past

It takes place in Germaney. And I would gladly accept some feed back.

Hey, guys. Check out my HIE story I wrote about dinosaurs that everyone loves.
This story has negative feedback, but trust me. The writing's great thanks to my editors who helped me with my story. I want your honest opinion about my story and if you're enjoying it, please leave a like and add it to your favorites.

Tfw "Please post your promotions in the forum and not here" completely ignored.

Do you love to hear about heart-breaking tales, or maybe some dark themes surrounding your favorite element of magic?

Come read:

This story is still in progress, but maybe you can critique or add your comments to the story by clicking the link!

If youre into adventure, HIE, crazy scientists, cute ponies and plutonium-238, then check out my silly story.

Gimme your honest opinion. But do at least read the first 2 chapters ^.^

  • Viewing 1,229 - 1,248 of 1,248
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