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And another thing... · 2:10am Oct 19th, 2019

Some time ago, the possibility of a sequel to one of my fics was threatened discussed. I wrote a couple of segments just now, and we'll see if my muse continues taking me to interesting places.

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Some headcanon for you... · 2:37am Oct 18th, 2019

These are ideas I've kicked around, but I'm not attached enough to any of them to want to argue about them. Pick a fight elsewhere.

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Still a Mess, Still Not Dead · 4:48pm Apr 22nd, 2017

I hold my hands in front of me
To block my line of sight
It seems my eyes are getting tired
Of staring at the light
The more I see, the more I feel
The less I want to know
If you think too much, you'll blow your mind
You might just lose control
And scream

-- Seven Nations, "Scream"

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On the topic of shipping wars... · 10:11am Aug 7th, 2016

Welp, your old Uncle Elric has some things to say again, so I appreciate all of you coming here and spending some time with me. Now as you can see, I chose us all a spot in the shade, but it's still a hot day, so you may want to go and buy some lemonade from that stand over there. Don't worry about the product -- I had a taste myself earlier, plus they're good kids. Never cause any trouble in the neighborhood.

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More erratic than advertised... · 1:05pm Jun 26th, 2016

Yes, I'm still alive. Yes, I'm still a mess. In the words of the movie Starship Troopers, "Would you like to know more?" (It's okay if the answer is no.)

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Any suggestions for someone who has lost enthusiasm? · 2:34am May 20th, 2016

First off, let me say that this is not one of those "I'm leaving the fandom!" posts. For one thing, we all know that 97% of those posts should end with a footnote that says "I'll see you in two weeks, maybe less." For another, I have no reason to leave the fandom.

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Advice to New Writers · 11:58am Apr 13th, 2016

If past seasons are anything to go by, there have been waves of new users joining the site after each new episode (with more to come), and many of them have never written anything outside of school assignments before. In addition, there are long-time users who are equally unfamiliar with writing who suddenly decide to give it a shot. (There's nothing at all wrong with a user being just a reader on the site, but some of them do, from time to time, make the jump to writer status.)

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Candy ponies! · 11:56pm Feb 29th, 2016

Those of you who are frequent/regular readers of my blog may recall that not all that long ago, I said that I liked to think of G3 pony Minty as being related to Twist. (If you don't, you can go read it; I'll wait here.)

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Princess Cadance loves you... · 11:14pm Feb 14th, 2016

...even if you feel like nobody/nopony else does.

(Sorry 'bout my silence the last few days. Been away from my computer at home, logging on through other means at the moment.)

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Saying "continuous fire" in Minbari* · 9:43am Feb 8th, 2016

Thanks, Imgur. Thanks a whole f:yay:ing lot.

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