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Elric of Melnipony

Ask your doctor about DERPIPONE(TM)!


He's misanthropic, anti-social, lazy, shallow, and kind of a jerk. He's also not very bright. So why on Earth -- any Earth -- would a complete stranger expend the magical energy necessary to shove him into another reality, give him unfathomable power, and grant his every last wish?

Why indeed...

As requested, here's my parody of the second-worst thing to ever happen to fanfiction.* The cover art is only tangentially related, but it amuses me, so I'll keep it unless something better comes along. (A talented artist who loathes this ponyfic sub-genre as much as I do might attempt at some point to draw the main character in all his gear, but I'm not counting on it.)

*The number one spot goes to Erika "Snowqueens Icedragon" Mitchell, a/k/a E.L. James.

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To my greatest shame, I can give this modest tale but one upvote. Shine on, my dear Elric. Shine on.

Rejoice my brothers, for true salvation has arrived.

'Twas a thing of beauty. God bless those ponies and their compassion. God bless them.

Splendid. By far the best Displaced fic I have ever read :pinkiehappy:

Since Displaced fans love carnage so much, I'm sure that this fic will grow to be one of the community's new favourites, because that was absolutely brutal.

Better than any displaced story and it shits on the "genre" lol.

The only Displaced fic I didn't downvote.

The first Displaced fic that's actually good. I'm willing to call this art.

Judging from the downvotes, someone's butthurt.

I once chugged a whole case of energy drinks at once.

When I finished screaming I felt great.

Then I went into convulsions and woke up in the hospital six hours later.

And later recieved several lawsuits for sexual assault.

This story is the glorious gloriousness of glory.

I think you need to use a dictionary since this story isn't a parody. Honestly, your gibe is just a lame. Sure it well written, but even a piece of crap made to look pristine is still a piece of crap.


parody (noun) - A work or performance that imitates another work or performance with ridicule or irony.
parody (verb) - To make a parody of something.
The comedy movie parodied the entire Western genre.

Let's see... it's a work that imitates other works, and I definitely meant to ridicule. And as the example of the verb form shows us, it can imitate entire genres (or in this case, sub-genres). Not sure what you're basing your statement on, but it looks like I'm in the clear.

Thanks for your concern, though.

6560928 Said the author of a displaced story.

When he mentioned the phaser rifle with lightsaber bayonet, I thought to myself, all he's missing is the Glaive from Krull.

So a couple paragraphs later, I had to upvote, after I stopped laughing.

make a bottle ready, you'll need to make a good use of those butthurt displaced fans tears:moustache:

tushay, I forgot to check the verb form.

Also, I am done with this story now. I could make an argument about that, but that would go against my motto.



That should be touché, which is all the more reason why I shouldn't take advice about word usage from you.


That should be touché, which is all the more reason why I shouldn't take advice about word usage from you.



...I'd actually like to see that argument.

~Skeeter The Lurker



We're not talking about the rap artist, are we?

Because if we are, I'm disappointed.

Brilliant, especially the denoument. And the description of his equipment was priceless, especially the dialable fantasy sword and the top-mounted Xelee starbreaker. (I figured he was going to destroy some astronomical object with that one, because, well, that's what they're for. In fact I'm a Baxter fan, and the starbreaker was one of my inspirations for my Luna's gravity lance beams -- though hers in merely flesh form aren't nearly as powerful.

Oh my, that was a good ending, not to mention the spike heroism.

Unfortunately when Displaced apologists say that good displaced fics exist and are asked for examples they'll probably invoke this.

so the joke is that displaced characters are actually not wanted on earth so they get ported to equestria and immediately put into stasis?

No, that's just the ending. There are lots of jokes in the story.
Also, might I persuade you to edit some spoiler tags into your comment?

Just call me "crazy diamond"...

"I'd like to start a religion. That's where the money is!"
-- attributed in various forms to L. Ron Hubbard

It's a wonder why so many people dislike the ponies, as kind as they are.

See: damning with faint praise. :trollestia:

Or the backlash could be worse than when I made fun of "Conversion Bureau" stories. Who knows?

Well, I wanted them to be able to make more sandwiches...
(See my recent blog post about these stories if that doesn't make any sense.)

Don't worry -- there are plenty of folks who will downvote it for you.

Garfunkel? :derpytongue2:

Probably a few someones, I suspect...

Remember Jolt Cola? I drank a 20-ounce bottle of that once. I was vibrating.

How's the gloriosity?

It's a cheesy movie, but I'm still a fan.
P.S. Firemares can cross a thousand leagues in a day.

Now that you mention it, I'm kind of thirsty... :raritywink:

Baxter's stuff is kind of depressing, but damn is it brilliant!

As I mentioned to someone else, the Most Holy Order of the Paladins of Spike weren't my primary target, but I couldn't resist getting some digs in. Especially since there had been some of that "poor, pitiful Spike" stuff in one of the recent stories covered in Rage Reviews.

The vision would be even more perplexing if the target of the beating was just a gooey paste on the ground, so I took some artistic license. :raritywink:

I now feel closer to Pinkie Pie, thank you. :pinkiesmile:

Very kind, thank you. :yay: And yeah, it just didn't seem right having the story end with just an orgy of destruction... especially when having an epilogue of sorts gave me an opportunity for more commentary.

Nifty. It's a bit funny when a parody of a Displaced fic is loved by fans of the same sub-genre.

If this is a parody of the Displaced type stories (Which I'm fairly certain it is), that is a clever fucking title right there.

Honestly, I was expecting nothing but hate from that direction...


If this is a parody of the Displaced type stories (Which I'm fairly certain it is)

Indeed it is.

that is a clever fucking title right there.

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Truly a magnificent work of art.


Even if the ending does remind me of 'For the Man Who Has Everything.'

Wonder Woman - "I wonder what he's seeing?"
Batman - "Whatever it is, it's too good for him."

Animated Justice League, right? I could be mistaken, but those lines of dialogue do sound familiar...

Elric, you magnificent bastard!

6561508 I just fucking got the joke. I'm...I'm going to go sit in a corner for a few minutes.:facehoof:

From Dat Place to Dis Place

Clever title is clever.:trixieshiftright:

Not sure if the telling and not showing is because of this being a Displaced story, or that is just how you write. Probably the former... No it's definitely the former.

Usually I don't read parodies, but this caught my eye because of the title. I only read a couple of Displaced stories, and I can vouch for this being almost dead on for what almost everyone of those stories is like.

I don't care if anyone likes the Displaced, it's just not me. Especially since it would be more interesting to use the actual character that's getting crossed over. The concept is just too stupid to work with without it being a comedy.

Well, onward to the next chapter.:rainbowdetermined2:

Looks like the butthurt is growing. Time to step it up a notch.

Story added to the Displaced Group.

Yes I read it.
No, I couldn't give a shit that it exists.
Yes, I think this was decent writing.

As for this in general, its not really an insult because, they're cleaning the folders and such. They're promoting new creativity.
Yes, I think some of the typical Displaced cliches are stupid, but, you guys are overly cynical. What if pointed out the flaws in any groups you're in? Instead of being an ass(not you specifically Elric) why not try to help solve this problem?


What if pointed out the flaws in any groups you're in? I

What? Like how the Human in Equestria group has run out of ideas? Or the Shameless Self Promotion Bureau is full of attention whores? Or that the Humans Are Superior group tend to have nothing but military porn stories?

No need to flame comrade. No one is perfect.

I was merely pointing out something that has been bothering me. I find anyone who can direct a way to fix the flaws they so cheerfully decide to point out worthy of respect.

Finally, something struck me that I wish I would have thought of earlier – I could fly. If I had remembered that, it would have saved me a lot of walking.

I want to say through all the nonsense that went into this fic, I'm pretty sure you forgot he could fly so you just remembered that at this moment. Or your just doing as the Displaced do. Either way this was a enjoyable chapter, especially the end.:rainbowlaugh:

"Honestly, I think that's why they're sent here. Not to learn, because they've shown they can't do that. I think they're sent here so that other worlds can simply get rid of them."

That is the greatest explanation as to why the Displaced are... well, displaced.

This has been a very enjoyable, hilarious, and well made parody. A lot more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be. For that I bestow upon you a upvote. May you have a wonderful life you majestic bastard!:twilightsmile:

I wanted to demonstrate that bit in the story description about him being not very bright, and forgetting powers was a good way to do that. Plus, if he had started flying at the start, he wouldn't have had quite so many pointless encounters with monsters. :pinkiehappy:

As a writer, it was kind of hard for me to forget he could fly, considering how many power rings he had on that could provide that power.

6562139 Good point, those pointless encounters are what really sold that chapter to me. I especially liked the part were he brought down a meteor from the heavens onto Fluttershy's cottage.

I just had a thought just now; I would love it if someone would draw the protagonist to this story. That would make my year.


I would love it if someone would draw the protagonist to this story.

Oh, you and me both! :pinkiehappy:

That would make my year.


First, we had the Generic line of stories, Diamond Tiara Systematically Hunts Down and Murders Bad OCs, The Canon Squad, and Wrath of the Beholder Mare (the latter of which could use some work now), which parodied red-and-black alicorn Stus; then we had Fall of the Caribou (the one-shot one, not the one featuring a human protag); now we have this divination of a story.

I'd try to do a coverart for it, but it would come out like a total clusterfuck, and that's coming from someone who's drawn and written clusterfucks before. :D

One fave and upvote; the only Displaced fic I approve of.

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