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Lord Destrustor

So long and thanks for all the fics!


Most heroes aren't born; they are forged in the fires of tragedy and quenched in a pool of vengeance.
Witness the beginning of the Sharkmare's legend, and ride the wave of excitement as she battles her greatest foe.

(The gritty reboot of the legendary Sharktavia franchise, part of the Sharktaviaverse)

Pre-read by Derpator, that sexy beast.
Cover art by Lord Destrustor.

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Sharktavia lives!


This will all end in tears.

Either pronunciation.

Well then. This is apparently a thing. I'm reminded of a recent Writeoff entry, though this seems rather more sane. Relatively speaking, anyway.

... Wait a second, there's a group for this!? :rainbowhuh:

hi i'm fire strike


... Wait a second, there's a group for this!?

Eyep. Figured it was worthwhile to have a place where they're all collected together.

It wasn't dark enough. I could still see what was going on.

*turns the screen brightness down to 0*

There, now it's good and proper BvS dark! :trollestia:

So... does this mean you're back and we can expect more adventures and feels from our favorite undead princess?

The only reason I wrote this was because I was hit by a flash of inspiration powered by the fresh, unfathomable silliness of this idea, and even then the best I could do was a somewhat lazy rehash of Batman but with Bruce Wayne and bats replaced by Octavia and sharks.

If it took that much silliness to get me to do so little, I don't see it happening again anytime soon. It's not everyday that you come upon such an inspiringly stupid amazing idea.

Because this is the greatest thing I've ever seen. I'm favoriting it and following you because of the first fucking paragraph.

Sharktavia Begins! :moustache:

Author Interviewer

Oh my god. I was not prepared for superheroes.

This was fucking amazing. This is what perfection looks like, people.

Wow, I really didn't expect such praise, especially not from this, of all things.
...Thank you?!?!?

Author Interviewer

I fuckin' love superheroes, shut your mouth. V: Also this has given me terrible ideas for things to do. You may hear from me again down the line.

Oh wow, this was better than I'd assumed...

She then left the room and the butler in it. As she walked away, she muttered under her breath, in an exaggeratedly-gravelly tone. “I’m the heavens-damned Sharkmare, after all.”

Fimfiction needs a sharktavia emoji to go along with this magnificence

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