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Yes that is me DJing. Which is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Want to hear a tune? PM me, I will be honored. I also write as a hobby, so that's fun.

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Two alts I have were banned for a day. · 12:08am May 27th, 2015

Due to roleplaying, two of my alts are banned. This is basically letting the admins of this site know (if they find this) that they were alts, this was the original account. If you'd like to ban this for just as long, I'd understand. Still, I want to know from someone why roleplaying is so bad on this site. Either way, I guess don't do it guys... or... this will happen

Can confirm, that shit hurt

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1791787 well never say anything.

1791770 Naturally you would. I do to though, not too much however. Too much of anything is bad

Hey i like siren stories...

1791746 Oh.. so THIS is what I signed up for. Soon enough all my stories will be taken over by Siren related topics.. oh well! -flops-

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Message to my readers

You know, you guys do mean a lot to me. I'm just a random guy who writes a story here and there. I am starting my first chapter story which will most likely suck. But, to stir up attention on the story. I will hold a contest. Who ever can find the Easter egg hidden in the next chapter to come out for Hope (Chapter One, after the Prologue) Will have their OC in the story, as well as on my new song EP cover. If you wish to not have your OC used for anything I'm sure we can discuss a reasonable prize, but just know if you do let me use it. I will have minimal copyright to the character for only those two uses. Enter by just messaging the easter egg to me via pm DO NOT POST IN THE COMMENTS!

1st prize (1st person to find it): OC in a few things stated or discussion of a different prize.
2nd prize (2nd person to find it): Will receive an honorable mention in the story.
3rd prize (3rd and last person to find it that will receive anything): Will get a follow and favorite (lame, but it's 3rd prize y'know?)

Each will get a personal congrats PM as well as early Access to my new EP