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Garrosh Hellscream, once a warrior, a champion, and a Warchief, has found himself humbled before, but never quite like this. When Head Dark Shaman Kardris Dreamseeker, fears that the Enemies' numbers will prove too great even for the Kor'kron, she, with the aid of her colleague, constructs a mysterious rune with the ability to teleport the user to a far-away place of which even she knows not. After presenting it to the Warchief as a mere trinket gift, she relocates back to Grommash Hold where she ultimately meets her fate.

Later, when Garrosh and all his loyal forces are utterly defeated, he is given no other choice than to use this rune for his escape. Now here, in this bizarre new world, and guided by an old and good friend, he must undergo new challenges, meet countless new faces, and conquer new obstacles (including himself.) However, the most paramount quests our "beloved" Warchief will ever have need to complete are these: To learn to live in this strange new land, and to make his father proud.

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