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Lily is hungry, but the only person around to feed her is her sleeping father. So, what does any child do when they're hungry? They wake their parent and ask for food.

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This is absolutely and incredibly adorable! I salute your powers of description.

6901910 Thanks!
How did you find it? It's not even accepted as a submission yet.

I have a suggestion for an extended name, you could call her Lily stargazer, or you could change lily to her last name and have raven as her first creating, raven lily. I have so many names in my brain, another cool one is Lily Moondancer.

6902106 I found it from Deviant Art. :)

6902502 Oh! Duh, yeah. I forgot about that. :rainbowlaugh:

6902552 Hahaha! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

Lily Petals lives with her Daddy.

From the short description.

This is Lily Lullaby,

From the summary (or long description, as you'll see it in the edit screen).
Pick one. Otherwise, cute story.

6902608 Fixed. Sorry, I didn't see it.

6902689 i couldn't help but think of this when you said that (the first part at least)

I just got diabetes...twice.

I love stories like this that make me melt from inside
I went aww about three times because it reminds me about my puppy "Hercules" he was always woke me up to feed him with the spare baby bottle from my aunt. I fed him before school and before work. Which is exactly 6 times a day I would feed him.

This is cute.

6903298 Why am I not surprised to see you here? It's like sugar instantly summons you.

6904004 I'm already working on another set of stories involving her. :raritywink:

This is cute. But the Luna tag doesn't seem to belong here.

Awww that was so sweet. Lily best batpony!!!!!

6903974 I need my daily dose of Adorable or else I'll devolve into a cranky old man...

...and nobody wants that!:unsuresweetie:

6904207 I'd thought about making a followup chapter with Luna in it. I'm still thinking of how I want to do that. Until then, This works as a one shot.

And suddenly: I want a tiny li'l batpony to hug. Why can't they be real?

and these are the stories of her foalhood

it looks like it is already finished.

How the actual BUCK can anyone DOWNVOTE stories like this!? What is WRONG with you people!?

6906919 I plan to add more chapters to this, but each one is a stand-alone that doesn't need the others; in case I ever decide to not update this, I don't want it to leave it unfinished. I hate unfinished stories.


Great, I need to listen to some Sabaton, maybe A7X and shoot something to get my manliness back.

*jumps up from chair* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH * instantaneously on the ground dead*

Daddy's hands
Were soft and kind when I was cryin'.
Daddy's hands
Were hard as steel when I'd done wrong.
Daddy's hands weren't always gentle.
But I've come to understand,
There was always love in Daddy's hands.

......we need more batpony stories.....that is all....

6912309 Dude, that's beautiful! Did you come up with that yourself? I'd love to put that in the author's notes (with your name on it of course).

6908461 becauase not everyone enjoys. Ppl are entitled to their own opinions

Agh! I shall go find a bat-pony =_= I don't how they will react to a cow-pony but ayy! *runs to find the adorableness*

loved it ;w; even though it was a short read it was cute and pleasant ^-^

6914197 I'm in an editing pass for another chapter. I hope to have it up very soon.

More of a pet cat than a pony girl.

6914897 Yeah, but too, she's an infant and much more feral than your normal pony; being a bat pony and all. I like the idea of them being more animal-like than the standard pony.

My feelings can't take much more of this.

This was too adorable for words. I didn't even expect a second chapter but this has certainly a welcome addition to the story. Are you planning to continue this further? Just so I know whether to move this to Tracked stories instead of finished ones.

6915723 I'm probably not going to add any more chapters unless I get a spur of inspiration. I'm working on a different set of stories, one involving Samuel before Lily, and one involving Lily and her sitters. I'm looking forward to that last one!

let me guess? samuel X Luna?........makes it happen.....or i will make it happen...

6915956 I'm honestly not sure. I've thought about it, but I guess it really just depends on how the other story goes. :raritywink:

Besides, isn't using another person's original character in your own work without their consent plagiarism (stealing)? You can get banned for that, I've heard. :applejackconfused:
And I'm pretty sure there's plenty on Luna x oc stories out there. I read one about Luna/NightmareMoon and an angry-anon that I really liked. It was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

Good chapter. Too bad it ran out of words...

6916807 :rainbowlaugh: Yeah. My creative process decided to run out, otherwise I would have kept going.

My mouth wide, baring fangs until, at last, landing on the pitiful creature as I sink each pointed tooth deep into its flesh.

Judging by the cover photo, I'm soo scared.

"Let's get you some food. But this is the last time tonight. Seriously, Lily. You're getting a pudgy belly, Ms. Pudgy Belly" he teased and tickled her tummy with his fingers.

Do you have a license for this much cute? It's a controlled substance for just this reason.

When found it, he pushed it and a light came on over head. Lily couldn't understand why he did this. She could see just fine in the dark, couldn't he?

Isn't she sensitive to bright lights?

But, daddy never forgot about Lily, so, maybe dreams of feeding Lily made him forget.


Clouds of cold air falling on the floor when he opened it only to stop once he closed it.

It is a freezer or a box of dry ice?

He eats weird stuff sometimes.

Does she eat raw meat, or cooked?

Her hooves were like everypony else's. But Daddy's hooves were special.

Thumbs are priceless.

"Daddy." Lily cooed softly, happily, before she fell asleep and went to play with her blue, starry-maned friend.

She I be scared that Best Pony is going to show up and take My Little Lily away?

If I nearly died from that description, I can't wait to read it. Hopefully.

6922382 No, she's not sensitive to bright lights (i'd have said it was bright if it was), I'm not sure how true it is but most bat ponies i've read about have some kind of night vision. I like to think it's more like a cat's, works well in low-level lighting. So, she doesn't understand why Samuel needs more light to see because, like all children, she assumes certain things are the same for everyone else as they are for her.
Next, "She I be scared that Best Pony is going to show up and take My Little Lily away?" I'm not sure I understand. What do you mean by "Best Pony"?

It twas very heartwarming.

Oh, you're having on of those dreams

Should be "one".

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