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Exploring new worlds, moons, and systems in a high-speed space craft is fun, right? Well, it was and everything made sense until now. You've just come across a black horse on the surface of the moon you landed on. It's smiling, so, that's good, right? She's a friendly alien horse... right?

Inspired by a picture of Luna on an Elite: Dangerous screencap.
Original image can be found here - SFW

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Lily is hungry, but the only person around to feed her is her sleeping father. So, what does any child do when they're hungry? They wake their parent and ask for food.

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Gather 'round and experience the life of a young pegasus as he learns life's hard lessons and purest joys. His friendships will be tested. His life will be turned upside down. And through it all, his virtues will be strengthened or shattered. Join this young colt in the greatest adventure he will experience, life. He will discover a love for music and a talent that could put him on the biggest stages in Equestria, but, will that talent come at the cost of his friends? His family, too? Only time will tell, and a little hard work and integrity.

Though this story does not directly feature the background ponies listed, they will appear frequently. Not all the background ponies in the story can be listed, unfortunately, as I have plans to include many of them and to varying degrees.

Minor Note: So far, this is a first pass and hasn't been proof read. I'm testing myself to see how well I write before editing to a final piece; as well as story flow.

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The princesses have lived for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. They've loved, lost, and loved again. But what could keep such a magnificent being from losing their sanity and stop them from becoming uncaring? How about a friend. Just a simple friend who has and always will be there to help them through all the tough times in their life.

This is inspired by the pony simulators drawn by DoubleWBrothers on DeviantArt.

I recommend copying the text rather than downloading. I can't get the bold or italics to work from the downloaded versions.

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