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Returning, and a thanks to Burnt Toast · 6:05pm Jul 7th, 2018

I pulled my stuff after being mostly done with pony things and feeling conflicted about being a clop writer in the first place, especially stuff as dark and crazy as what I write. But today I saw BrownedToast on Pixiv had made an entire SERIES off Hazy Adventure (I think Fimfiction bans linking porn now? Just search こんがりトースト on Pixiv, you'll find it). So screw it, it goes back up. Will be a bit as I guess it's site policy to restore rather than resubmit, and that happens manually.

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Well, I'm out.

Been a good run, but this place is yet another place that won't stand up for the principles necessary for a free society. Can't be neutral anymore. Got to pick a side and fight for it. And if you're not on the side of freedom, you're not worth hanging out on.

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The tragedy in New Zealand wasn't created by people being edgy on the Internet, anymore than DOOM caused Columbine. It happened, in large part, due to multiculturalism: a system that welcomed outsiders with dangerous and incompatible ideologies into its community and then refused to protect its own people when those outsiders assaulted and raped women, drove vans into innocent crowds, and murdered cartoonists and humorists for being mean to Muhammad. For telling a JOKE. Sound familiar?

Yeah, you won't be missed.

Get the fuck out, mass shooter apologist.

No, I'm probably done writing pony, at least for now, and I've never been a requests type anyway. Thanks anyway though.

I know this might be a bit much, considering only one story of yours is currently on here, but would you be willing to take a fic request?

Comment posted by Merek deleted Sep 28th, 2017
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