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dude, your story is amazing!

I Love A hero return its comedy gold. :heart: Hope to se more soon need a good laugh

1996129 yeah i was editing the new one and I accidentally hit publish instead of edit I'm sorry to everyone that my hands accidentally trolled! But I just want to say that the new chapter is in the works and just to be a little more patient, schools just been a bit of a bitch right now and I haven't had the time but I'm gonna buckle down and get this done...I swear on my honor!!!!!!!!

Weird. My favs say this story updated but I don't see any new chapters. Did you edit a chapter or something?

Weird I really don't know how it got there? Still figuring out all the buttons and such, there is a new chapter in the making, what might've happened was that I accidentally pressed publish then unpublish sorry for the mix up

  • Viewing 3 - 7 of 7
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