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After a long day’s work, Celestia loves nothing more than to get her belly rubbed by Josh, the Royal Belly Scratcher.

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Sounds nice to read.

I gotta do some more hardcore belly rubs stories.

Aww, so cute adorable Sunbutt belly rubs!

Tfw you read a great snuggle fic involving Tia


Tfw you realize you'll never be the royal belly scratcher for anypony


Yeah, I can see why that so many ponies are jealous of Celly's royal belly rubber. Yeah, I can see why.:rainbowkiss:

Poor Luna it looks like the royal belly rubber/snuggler is for Celestia only. Either that or Celestia needs to do this in public so her subjects understand she has some needs.

So much ad'awwwwable! Just, first momlestia helping out her guards, then cute, adorable belly scratches and Snuggle time!

Poor Luna, why she no get her own royal snugglebuddy?

Just imagine your hind leg thumping against your throne whenever I find your tickle spot!”

And this line... this line was just.. so so incredibly perfectly funny and sweet.

Seriously this is just... all of d'awwwwwwww!

Same. I'm working on developing a snugglefic showcasing Daring Do and Ahuizotl, and yes, the idea works haha.

Sunbutt needs all the belly rubs and snuggles!

Yeah... Now you've got me all depressed! Meanie! :pinkiesad2: lol

Yup, it's for Celestia only.

If this does well enough, I might write a sequel where the two sisters fight over Josh.


Poor Luna, why she no get her own royal snugglebuddy?

Because there's only one human in Equestria and she doesn't wanna share.

Thanks for reading! Glad you liked it.:twilightblush:

Luna the wet blanket.
a grate little story.

“Uh... I-It’s not what it looks like?”

That never works.

I can't help but see ponies more like cats than actual ponies when I observe all these images of them swooning over their bellies being rubbed.

Something tells me that the following discussion will end up with Luna asking Josh to snuggle her while in the dream world…or him offering, that he takes a dip on that mirror pool, create Hosj, dile his hair white and ask Hosj to become Luna royal belly rubber.

Cute story, one of the first ones to make me actually go "aww". funny ending to. thanks for something to read for a few TheAbyss


one of the first ones to make me actually go "aww".

I've got a lot of other cute stories. Maybe give those a try to up the 'aww' counter? :twilightblush:

Same. I think it's cute to see them given in to their body's needs, aka snuggles and belly scratches haha.

And Josh will treat them to put an end to the belly rubbing and snuggling, until they accept to their demands because they are more than aware that.

a) They are good and peaceful so they wouldn't be never be able to bring themselves to force him to do it, and even if done it will never be the same, and it could even be bad if try.


b) They well aware that if not Twilight, it will be Cadence who will jump at the chance of have him if they kick him out.

Man Josh is nice but if he play is it, carefully he can be the voice of reason for those two.

P.S: If Luna didn't knew of that happening, and its surprise why did she smirk at her sister?

Luna knew of the royal belly scratcher, but had no idea that Celestia was going to snuggle with him.

i approve.
have a like and fav

Thanks! I have a bunch of other cute and fluffy stories, btw. Maybe go check those out if you want some more coot?:pinkiehappy:

Alright this is to adorable to not favorite this! Thank you for a wonderful story! :twilightsmile:

Of course! Glad you enjoyed it.

eeeeeeeeee love it!! your my new fav author!!! :D

Your welcome. Also you might have inspired me to make my own story with a different character. I would have you to thank for.

Aw. I want to be Luna's royal belly scratcher/snuggler.

Oh no! Luna's little spoon spot has been poached!

11/10, brilliantly executed cuddling.

As we all know, Luna is a super-jealous cuddler. I now expect political intrigue to develop as a consequence of Joshboi's actions.


Nice little vignette. The premise deserves more.


I'll meet you on the field of honour, sirrah.

I've read a few of your other stories,and i think one of my favorites it's your "my filly nightshine"

Aww, she's so cute ^_^ I want to give Celestia a belly rub

This was a nice heart warming and bubbly snuggle/scratching fic. This could continue if the author wants to. But it is also left at a nice comedic ending as well if need be

As snuggly as ever Abyss!

“Uh... I-It’s not what it looks like?”

No, It's exactly what it looks like.

I am filled with an intense jealousy and hatred of Josh. :trollestia: :raritywink:

Seriously, this brought that good ol' fashioned Brony HNNNNNNG. :raritystarry:


That was a cute little read. :twilightsmile:

Dang this is one of the first times ive followed someone because of a short story. Well done you have earned my respect.

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