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The Abyss

The best gift you can give to someone is your time for you are giving them something you will never get back.


Every one thousand years, alicorns release a pheromone that makes everypony around them become obsessive snugglers, and since this is Twilight’s and Cadence’s first time, Celestia summons them to Canterlot. Upon their arrival, Celestia is horrified to see her sister magically seal them all in her bedroom, but she is quick to discover that being locked in a room with three snuggling-obsessed alicorns isn’t that bad.

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Well that will be an awkward moment for Celestia. Still I bet Twilight would have been happy with her friends and Cadance with her husband...



Where was Flurry Heart? Shouldn't she have gone through this as well?!

Shh.... that's the bonus chapter. :pinkiehappy:

I had too much fun writing this, so I'm going to write Shining's experience with Flurry Heart back in the Crystal Empire lol.

Why did I expect this to be written by CategorialGrant?

Man, everything to come out of the abyss is simply pure gold. I kinda want to dive into the abyss to see its unreleased ideas and land at the bottom of the hole and drown in adorable floofiness as it washes over me.


Because he and I have similar interests.

:twilightsmile: cute, love it.

Wah! Cute! Adorable! Cute cute cute cute cute!!!! I love this!!! Once again you are proven to be an excellent writer of Snuggles!!!😍😍


This story was what I needed after a long Monday. Thank you.

Wait, yeah, what about flurry? Hehe, that would be interesting to see!


Look at the second comment on the story. :twilightblush:

Extremely cute. Offensively so. *snuggles cat while typing*

Ho baby, really excited to start sinking my teeth into this story!

Haha I was wondering when you were gonna show up. XP

She became shining armor problem or due to the fact that she is so young it doesn't happen.

Loved it. Wish there were more fics like this.

Well, feel free to check out my other stories. I love writing about ponies snuggling haha.

Loved how Luna was really into snuggles. I want to be her snuggle buddy.

You and me both haha.

2Cute4Me... but I still loved it regardless. We need some cuteness and snuggles in this world.

They don’t need to release pheromones to get this dragon in the snuggling mood! :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

I really need more of this. Perhaps a sequal?

I feel... I don’t know how to put it. It’s like feeling flames made of pure floofiness burning my skin. That’s the best way I can describe it.

Floofiness, not Florine’s. C’mon autocorrect. Gimme a break.

Or due to the fact she is so young, wanting to snuggle with her is a default state. Cuddling and holding babies is kinda a thing we like doing and I suspect the same is true of ponies.

Maybe, though I have this image of him getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and as soon as he gets to the door in a flash of light he has her stuck to his chest. His own magic zapping her there by itself and by the time the pheromone wears off and he can use the bathroom without his magic rebelling he looks the same as he did when Twilight first showed up to see Flurry Heart in the show. Bloodshot eyes exhausted, and lesson zero levels of twitchy.

This made my heart smile:twilightsmile::heart::derpytongue2:

The only proper response to this story is...


Not sure if it was intended but Mr. Abyss here has made a great satire.

(Of estrus clopfics of course)

Where did you get the idea for such a 'daw'ing story? This is waaay better than I expected, and I still left out a few 'a's!

This is going right into my “Cute stories” folder.

very cute... though I would have loved to see Twilight get mobbed in ponyville with snuggles :twilightblush:

Awwwwww. This was so cute. I loved it!

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