Rainbow develops her winter floof, but it’s bigger and fluffier than ever this year.

Chapters (2)
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So I'm the first everything apparently. Fantastic story, always gonna love me some floof :D By the way, a little story idea, kinda like My Little Dashie, except it's Fluttershy in a box, and it's a story about cuddles and it's not sad :D

I admit, this is probably pure clickbait, plain and simple, but damn if it isn't adorable! We need more Twidash stories, really...

Take a shot every time the word floof is used.

5 minutes later...


Man, you'd get pretty messed up haha.:rainbowlaugh::twilightoops:

Reminds me of a picture where Dash has Fluffle Puff levels of fur. She looked about as happy about it as here.

Wanna find it and link it here? Sounds like something I'd like to see.

Someone already said that lol.

I'm kinda jelly ofvTwilight now. I WANT A FLOOFY PONY TO SNUGGLE WITH, TOO!

Lol not gonna argue that. XP

I am not surprised that Dash made such an error. Now the question becomes how long will she keep quiet about her new relationship with Twilight?

I want that pony to be my pillow.

Literally the epitome of floof 🙌

Heh, get in line, bud! You're not the only one that wants that.

I'm jealous of twilight I want to snuggle the floof

I love me some floof ❤

“Why does your floof have to be so soft and floofy?”


The Floof has earned you a follow.

All hail the Floof.

Heh, thanks. I've got a bunch of other cute stories if you wanna check those out; I got a little bit of something for everyone. :)

*floof intensifies*

Well, ain't that freaking adorable?

you...... are da best!!!! :heart:

And thus we fall into The Abyss which is saturated with endless amounts of floof

Imagine how chrysalis would react if fluffle puff used that body wash. Make the already the already ultimate pink, fluffy and poofy pony and add some floofy to the mix.

It’s the one Allstar posted.

Clicked on the clickbait, no regrets. Thanks for adding something fuzzy to my day.

SO...FLOOFY!! :rainbowkiss:
This is adorable Twidash fluff; thank you for writing this. I really needed some fluff-without-plot right now

I could have seen this extending an extra chapter or two TBH ^^

That was adorable!
Indeed, floof is awesome.


If there's THAT much floof then I have to read this.

Floooooooooooo- *inhales* -ooooooooooooofy

Really cute chapter!

If this is your first Abyss fic, boy are you if for a treat.

ARGH! I don't have a floofy pony to snuggle! I guess I'll just have to go snuggle my cat. She's pretty floofy.

I've counted 22 instances of floof in this story, including title and description. It's definitely a very floofy story.

I'll give you an upfloof for this.

So much floof in this story.

Floof is my new favorite word

Cute story. Love me some fluff. Wish I had a floofy pony to snuggle with. Kinda reminds me of my English setter back home, he's got such a soft, floofy chest and belly to snuggle against, sometimes I like to just bury my face in his fur and relax.

I have the dopiest grin on my face right now. Have a like and follow.

The Floof is all-encompassing!

This was a quick simple read but very adorable and loverly. Definitely worth a fav and a like. :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

When I'm legal in 4 months, I'll come back and try this

Yeah... don't do that.

I see a new story from the Abyss, I upvote.

I’m a simple man with simple needs.

It's like destiny. I have a "Floof stories" boockcase. This is a floof story. Everything fits.

All bow to the almighty floof!! :yay:

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