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The Abyss

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Oh Luna, you silly filly.

Aside from the reveal at the end being as predictable as can be, I felt this was a genuinely fun and enjoyable read. Got a few amused chuckles out of me. Nice.

No step on Swan.

Sure that nip on the dock was innocent Luna.

That was too cute. I definitely liked how silly this was and how Celestia-. Oh right... better not spoil it xP

This was nice and cute.

Wanting to be close and snuggle in Celestia's bed,
Turning into a swan when she was denied, just to get closer,
Nipped at her sisters dock,
Stalked her throughout the morning,
... Obviously, Luna has adopted the policy of 'Princest is Wincest'

Fowl play by Woona!

Ok i AM curious... !
This reminds me a lot on https://i.imgur.com/jwg2GjC.jpg
Could it be this is what happend right after^^ Celestia made a 'mating call' by freak accident XD ?

Lol, I see what you did there. Very nice.

I think it's safe to say that Luna always gets what she wants.

Ah, I wondering when your swan song would come up.

>the swan wasn't Zeus


No joke this stuff acc stops me from self harming, love it :scootangel:


... The Greek god? Who "seduced" Hera by turning into a bird, who had sex with a woman in the form of a bull, who- and this is key- seduced a woman in the form of a swan?

Oh, him. Yeah, this story has nothing to do with Greek gods. I based it off the picture I used as cover art.

Not bad, even with the "twist".

Pretty good.

Oh jeeze, first there was an annoying goose. Now an annoying swan.


yeah, it's just the swan in the image is a bit... frisky. Clashes with what you made the story actually about a bit.

*starts reading*

I bet it's actually, like, a prince under a spell or something.

*gets to the end*

Oh, hey. I was almost right.

:facehoof:.... Alright, play it.

This was lovely!

Though all the swans I have met have been bastards. So I pretended it was a big friendly goose instead.

Oh that joke's ducked up.

Seriously, goose-en up, man!

But the goose came back
the very next day
the goose came back
thought she was a goner but the goose came back
she just couldn't stay, away-

We should probably stop. These puns aren't all they're quacked up to be.

This reminds me of that episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog, where the Goose God fell in love with Muriel

That's drawing by Yakovlev, right? Those fluffy ponies are his trademark

A nice, short and sweet little story. Loved it :twilightsmile:

Saw the twist coming from the get-go. Still, enjoyable, even with knowing the swan was Luna. Good job.

Ahem. The Swan Princess. That is all.

Now that was just adorable to read. Thank you Abyss. :twilightsmile:

Why was my first thought that the Goose was Zeus?

What. Someone else knows this song!!! This helps complete my meme life.

This story is named misleadingly

This was a very good one-shot.

This story rocks.

So now even equine beauties not safe from him? Or as long as you can stick a dick in it fine for Zeus? :)


He turned a woman into a cow and then had sex with her, so no, absolutely she's not off the menu, so to speak

Snickers, "Ok, when I saw the description, I figured it'd be a silly thing about a swan falling in love with Celestia, not that I could blame it considering her majestic wings. That would've been silly, but the idea that it was Luna pranking Tia is even funnier. Nice work, had me rolling the whole time."

Thanks lol. You should have seen me when I was writing it; I couldn't stop grinning the entire time.

I sung it in kindergarten. Heh, that really takes me back...

Who the heck comes up with this sort of thing? This is bizarre.

Celestia rolled her eyes, letting her head unceremoniously fall back to the pillows. She closed her eyes as the swan squawked softly, the noise muffled by its wing. “Oh, if you insist...” she muttered.

You've already lost. If you give in once, you'll never see the end of it.


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