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For the longest time, I'd considered the word "universe" to be accurate when describing mankind's plane of existence. While I was under no delusions about us being the only sentient race in the cosmos, I, like many others, believed that the way our universe worked and the way physics behaved were the only way things could be done; after all, we had never experienced anything else, and everything we knew about the way our universe worked and the laws of reality revolved around our specific set of physical laws.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case may be), we were very wrong about our choice of how to name our reality: "universe" was largely inaccurate, since there appeared to be more than one...and both forces and creatures considered to be of myth and legend existed in another plane of existence, too far away to ever touch until now.

Rated T for adult language, use of alcohol, and implied sexual situations and mild sexual descriptions.

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5136345 I seriously laughed aloud when I saw your name and avatar. Thanks for that.

The story seems promising.

Well I loved it. And it was hilarious.

Not big into anthro though..

Oh well. Story first, brain!

Hmmm. So not really sure what this story is about, can you enlighten me please?

5138869 So far, what you see is what you get. More background will be revealed in the next chapter.

Interesting start. I half expected a merging of the two worlds, but from Vinyl's demeanor when Alex talked about their home I'm guessing the reason they're on Earth isn't as desirable as that. Maybe they were forced from Equestria by a malevolent force? A spell gone wrong, perhaps? I look forward to finding out.

5139070 I haven't read it yet. I was just wandering but I guess I'll give it a read

Hmm, the way the intro explained why Alexander is so welcoming to strangeness and why he isn't an asshole for not helping all people put me off, but I persevered. The rest is rather likeable and I wonder if the intro would be necessary at all.

5139334 They weren't not the least surprised by meeting a human, also speaking and writing the same as Alexander. So this seems to require some foreknowledge on the side of ponies.

5151360 I put the intro there simply for a lead-in, nothing more. If I felt it were completely needed, I would have lengthened it and wrote a prologue chapter. I'm just choosing to write this entry a bit different compared to my others.

So the ponies have known about the imminent collision before it happened. And from the sounds of it, most swapped will die because of environmental dangers alone and not just being turned into dragon chow. "How to depopulate planets in easy step!":fluttercry:

And now I can see how this story can create an entire new universe where many stories can be based on and branch out

Like the chapter.

Me like.


I love Celestia's portrayal in the story. Didn't expected her to be such a badass ruler? It seems that she would join Vinyl and Octavia as a main character. I do hope that the next chapter comes soon.

5248040 It's never said in the canon that Celestia and Luna were always royalty, and though it's clear they've done quite well in governing an entire nation, that doesn't mean they've lost who they were beforehand. I think the portrayal that Celestia has always been a loving and calm ruler is overplayed, and personally I think it's far more likely that with the power and experience she has at hoof (or hand, if it's anthro), it's far more likely she was once a great warrior with her sister that carved out a land for her people through force against the dozens of other sapient beings on the planet. Diplomacy can only go so far, after all, and oftentimes enemies or acquaintances aren't willing to talk peace unless they're sure they can't simply overpower you. Celestia and Luna proved that point many times over to the strongest their world had to offer, thus safeguarding their people's future.

Good addition bro.

Ooooooh, I didn't think you were going to throw Celestia into this as well. Must say though, I like the whole warrior image, she's gonna be useful if any baddies show up.

Hm, a potential problem might arise when she awakens. For the purpose of the story, you need to keep Celestia at the cabin with everyone but, as a caring ruler, her character would most likely want to head out again to help her kind. There are several ways you can get around this. Firstly, her injuries could take a while to heal leaving her inept, but this would make her a difficult character to do anything with. You could also have her adopt a more passive role, as in, "There's nothing that can be done until the merge is complete, so might as well chill here.". Lastly (perhaps my favourite), have them actually accumulate ponies at the cabin. With it being a sizable collection of ponies on Earth, it would be reason enough for Celestia to remain and defend it. The only problem with this solution would be the size of the cabin itself and writing for so many characters which can be tiring.

One last thing, they're in the snow laden countryside, in a isolated cabin. Dude, you have to have a nearby natural hot spring for the ladies (and guy) to have the occasional soak!

Keep up the good work! Moar I say, moar! :pinkiecrazy:

5250938 While it's true Celestia will want to do all in her power to safeguard her people's arrival on Earth, there is still one critical piece of the puzzle missing: Celestia's story. There is much in her explanation that is going to drive the story forward, and while it would be rather easy to have her be an invalid and use that time to bond with the others, that just wouldn't make sense to me.

Also, I will admit it is extremely tempting to make Celestia into a tsundere-type and have some run-of-the-mill anime situations for our male protagonist -- such as an embarrassing hot spring situation -- but there are already too many stories out there with similar situations, and it's just not where I want this development to go. The idea behind this universe is to allow many different writers to create many different personal stories, whether they be pony-on-Earth or HiE. The potential is nearly limitless, and the timeline until the merge is complete is going to be years. Besides all that, this is a pseudo-apocalyptic scenario for both worlds, which means both Earth and Equestria are going to be irreparably changed up until and including the dual-verse merger.

So, my recommendation for your idea is to choose any one of the other characters out there and make your own story. There's some more information dumping in the next chapter though, so I wouldn't recommend jumping into anything just yet, but start playing around with some ideas.

if i was old enough to get a job i would do it to pay you to write more

HA! This chapter was awesome. I do like your Celestia. Not quite the nurturing mother most make her, but the Blazing Sun that warms her people and scorches her enemies. Her crown was just a layer of clouds that held the worst of the heat at bay. Now the Sun is unveiled...

Hey, that was almost poetic.

OK, this chapter was awesome. It's refreshing to see the rare "platonic Vinyl & Octavia" and your characterization of Celestia stole the plot. It's amazing to see that such a peaceful woman could prefer to be a direct, proud lady if war who is unhesitant to defeat enemies by herself or flirt shamelessly. I also liked your depiction if the other Princesses and their powers. I hope the next chapter comes soon because this one was epic.

Where did the warm water come from? Even if there's electricity it seems unlikely he would have left a hot water heater operating unattended for six months.

i hope humans dont rely on the ponys to do our battles for us humans would make a secret service type thing for that specific threat

I love warrior Celestia!

Wonder if he'll get any special training...

Well with the threat of dragons and the like around the world, hopefully it will bring the ponies and humans together quickly. "Enemy of my enemy..." after all.

Well damn... That's another one of your stories that have me hooked...

You're doing this on purpose aren't you? Crafting quality stories that garner my interest and captivate me so. :trixieshiftright:

I'll just say that I am very eager for the next update. Whichever story it be to.:raritywink:

Damn love the story this far. Love how the characters were characterized and wonder how the humans and ponies will work together to combat these new threats to Earth also I wonder how human tech will be engineered with the introduction of magic and those that can use it.

Sorry but I can't resist:

5252643 While I appreciate the sentiment, there are far more productive things to spend money on, and I don't write for popularity anyway.

5263655 I can certainly understand the "loving mother" type of Celestia, the great thing about characters like her is that not much is known about them in comparison with characters like the Mane Six. Because of this, I wanted to turn this version of Celestia into someone that while familiar, is also radically different from most interpretations. The idea is to have the reader be surprised at her demeanor and her personality, while still being able to say, "Ah, I can see that being possible though."

5263740 I like warrior Celestia. The idea that one of the pinnacles of pony biology needs to be protected and saved usually doesn't sit very well with me, so I wanted to paint her as someone that we all recognize, but who we have come to know was, in fact, mostly a facade. This story is going to give background into what Celestia's story could be and how she became the way she is, as well as who she really is underneath the crown.

5265357 Ever heard of a power shower? It's a device that's usually installed in places where natural water pressure is lacking, and allows greater control of both the strength of the spray, and temperature. While not originally true, most higher-end models include an as-you-go electric heating system that heats the water as it comes out of the pipe. This system can cut down on the need for a strong water heater tank, but will also increase the amount of water used by the shower.

5265446 Ponies aren't going to be the necessary go-to to fight all the battles with the monsters and beasts that have come over, but they are going to be the ones who will teach our people how to fight the oncoming threats. Keep in mind that a large amount of people are now dead or missing because of the merging, which means every possible sector of the world's bells and whistles -- farming, electricity, and military among them -- is going to be vastly understaffed, and some may even have to start completely from scratch. Unlike ponies, humans had no idea this was going to happen, and so we've had no time to prepare. We were caught with our pants down, and the ponies are going to be pivotal in picking us up off the ground and showing us how to survive in a suddenly-dangerous world.

5268913 Alex is not going to become a paragon of badassery by any means. That's all I'll say at the moment.

5279131 Keep in mind that while it's true that humans are vulnerable to these new threats on Earth, they survived on a hostile planet and became the apex predator without magic. Ponies, while naturally more resilient in many ways, never had a need to further many of the defensive technologies that we have, since they had magic and the ability to fly. There is much the two races have to offer one another, so long as neither side does something exceedingly stupid to damage ties before they even begin.

"I, Celestia Solis, sun incarnate and former diarch of Equestria and its territories, do hereby bestow upon Alexander the right to look upon the royal flesh. If he does not accept such an honor, Alexander's title will henceforth be 'Pansy-boy' and he may be mercilessly teased for being a homosexual."

Finally, my eyes shot open from the shock of what I'd just heard, though my gaze stayed glued to the ceiling. "What. The. Fuck. I refuse to believe you were in charge of an entire nation."

"If you don't look at me, you're gay." Celestia deadpanned, completely ignoring my comment.

So much win.

5265357 instant water heaters aren't uncommon.

5315705 I take it you like Celestia's characterization then?

5316266 This is, by far, one of my favourite Celestia portrayals. I should probably start a top ten list...

OK, I'm going to say this: I love this portrayal of Celestia. I've seen Celestia acting sultry in other fics, but this is the first time I've seen her being openly flirty in front of two of her non-Mane 6 subjects, having immense pride on her body to the point that she finds it offensive when people don't stare at her, and childishly calling a guy pansy/gay/homosexual in a dramatic flair for being prudish. Definitely one of my favorite portrayals of anthro Celestia. I love the dynamics between Alex and Celestia despite their first meeting (flirty woman with a prudish man that occasionally returns fire to her teasing). Why do I have the feeling that Celestia would somehow find a way to use the bath, Vinyl, and Octavia to make Alex more flustered?

"A perfect handful."

More than that is wasted anyway.

"I, Celestia Solis, sun incarnate and former diarch of Equestria and its territories, do hereby bestow upon Alexander the right to look upon the royal flesh. If he does not accept such an honor, Alexander's title will henceforth be 'Pansy-boy' and he may be mercilessly teased for being a homosexual."
Finally, my eyes shot open from the shock of what I'd just heard, though my gaze stayed glued to the ceiling. "What. The. Fuck. I refuse to believe you were in charge of an entire nation."
"If you don't look at me, you're gay." Celestia deadpanned, completely ignoring my comment.

And Celestia is now my current favorite character in this story.

Damn reading this is making me want to puty stories on hold and focus on one for this universe well now that I think of it I will and use making a story in the trans-comic universe as a way to better my own writing.

5320642 Post it in the group; I wanna read it when you start.

5320782 I will, I have setting my OC's so far still thinking about the rest like how I'll start and the such.

I don't want to sound pushy, but how is the next chapter doing?

It's nice to see this story again. I missed watching Celestia's flirting attitude, but it felt nice to see that she wants to open up with our protagonist and develop a friendship with him. I also like the character if Jenna as her personality complements Alex's. I also liked watching Alex react to Octavia and Vinyl's bodies and sense of humor. Thanks for the great chapter.
P.S: Why am I not surprised that this version of a Celestia had harems or is bi?
P.PS: The P.S was meant as a joke.

Is the entire story going to be them staying at the cabin?

5497066 Of course not, but it's also only six chapters in.

Love it sofar, and will have to finish one of my projects to get on to my current In planning project.

Consider rewriting the short description a bit. Even after reading it, I have no idea what the story is actually about in any sense but the vaguest. Like, in the sense of what characters will be involved and what will happen to them. It might be a documentation about the influence of interdimensional leakage on plankton for all I can tell right now. That's a bad way to pull people in.

Ooooo cant wait for the next chapter of this:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Every chapter of this story just makes me even more enthralled.

Hope to see more soon. :twilightsmile:


"With one well-placed strike I can end a full-grown dragon, regardless of how powerful they are. Explain to me how your military would plan to destroy a monster that is immune to the hottest fire and is covered in scales that can be stronger than diamonds. You tell me how your military would deal with a threat that is so great, their strongest conventional weapons would only anger it."

Oh great, another 'authorities can't do shit, so Oh-so-powerful-we are dealing with it.'
Really hard to find good military fic nowadays... Better search more.

5498105 This isn't a military fic, so you would have been disappointed anyway.

5498489 I defiantly want to see a spin off fic of this universe. I hope they have a plan in case Cadence didn't make it.

edit: I just discovered the group as soon as I posted this

Gods I love Celestia in this story. Gonna miss her when she leaves.

Yeah...we just have to wait.  

Especially for another chapter

what gonna happen next?

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