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An injury has robbed Rainbow Dash of her flight capabilities, and thus, her ability to rest properly. Hoping to calm her body and mind, she decides to walk the quiet streets of Ponyville, but is unprepared with just who she finds doing something similar. What began as a way to simply wear out her jittery body becomes something entirely different, and she comes to enjoy the night quite a bit more because of a special pony.

Hay, maybe the night is for more than just sleeping, after all.

Rated T for the allusion to sexual material

Honestly, this is just an idea that's been noodling around for awhile, and I wanted to give it a go. So many of my stories feature these two ponies, but until now, I've not touched on exactly how a friendship between them might form and grow. Depending on what my readers think, I may continue this, while also adding a Romance tag. For now, though, it'll simply be a nice one-shot, so enjoy either way.

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I actually really liked this, and especially how you wrote Luna. Strangely enough, the whole 'be in thousands of dreams at once' never even occurred to me, but it does make a lot of sense considering how many ponies there are in Equestria.

However...the whole part about her not dreaming is a bit confusing considering she has been shown dreaming in the show.

8005692 There was the tantabus, yes, and that brief scene following that, but what's to say it wasn't a place within the dream realm? Also, the tantabus was a spell of sorts, so that hardly counts as a normal dream as we know it. However, remember when she hesitated before answering? Why did she hesitate? Something to think about.

I have always been a big fan of the LunaDash friendship route, ever since I read Austraeoh.

I'd love to see more of this :heart:

We need more Lunadash friendshipping on this site

Aww this was really cool! LunaDash yay!:yay: cute story! Awesome job!

The guardian of dreams can never dream herself? That's kind of sad, but maybe Rainbow can once again give her that chance.

I really enjoyed this story. It seemed rather accurate on a meeting between the two and I loved the concepts you put in here. I also want to see a story now where Rainbow Dash is Luna's student. :twilightsmile:

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