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Boring~~ · 5:43am Mar 2nd, 2013

Nothing happening today, I'm just posting this to tell you all that I still exist and I still have writer's block... :x

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:pinkiesmile: Huh, you know, I'm struggling with my story... you think you could help me with what happens next? I read all of your stories (super awesome, by the way :twilightsmile:), so I know you do only Slice of Life stories, but I get writers block a lot, and that's probably why I only have a Prologue and one Chapter. :facehoof:

337341 No appologies needed :) More comments just makes me feel popular lol :twilightsheepish::twilightsheepish:

:twilightblush: Still getting a hold on replying, sorry!

>>PxDnNinja I can't wait! :ajsmug:

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