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I write Hopepunk stories (the opposite of grimdark), the world has felt too dark, too cynical, too jaded. Time to bring some light and hope into this world and make it all seem less bleak

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Twilight Sparkle is a normal pony.

As normal as a pony can get as Princess Celestia's personal protogé, The Element of Magic and being the Savior of Equestria twice over that is.

She lives in Ponyville and is the librarian of Golden Oaks Library, she is the best of friends with five of the greatest mares in Equestria.

She is not some extremely powerful unicorn who has to closely monitor how much magic she has so as not to destroy anything by accident, she is not somepony who has infinite arcane knowledge at her disposal.

And she most certainly does not have Runes covering her entire body from horn to hoof.

This idea just randomly popped into my head when I saw the cover art, I have gotten permission to use it so YAY FOR ME~!
Tell me what you think of it! =^~^=

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