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Trixie has always invested herself in appearing as cool as possible. To all the other students at Canterlot High, she only ever shows them her absolute best, and she hides all of the nerdy things she'd otherwise be ashamed of.

When Twilight Sparkle catches her eye, Trixie just can't help but invite the nerdy girl over for a bit of flirting. But what happens when your crush discovers your horrible secret? When she finds out that you're not nearly as cool as you pretend to be? Trixie is about to find out, and what happens will change her life.

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A bit abrupt with the romance (I'd actually prefer a friendship in this case), but a very sweet take on the Twixie angle. Imma sucka for a fluffy piece like this.

THAT's the end?!?!!?

I'm not usually a Trixie fan, but you wrote her in a believable way that I could relate to. Those two would be really cute together. Thank you for the story!

That was sweet. Almost gave my teeth cavity. Not complaining - it was still very enjoyable :twilightsmile:

Also I was quite surprised when I saw the age rating on this story since your name figured on it :rainbowlaugh:

Either way, lovely, lovely fluff there.

The End.

Is this truly complete, then? The story is marked as "Incomplete".

I enjoyed what you've presented here very much, but I certainly won't complain if it continues.

As said bstreetninja, this is marked as incomplete. Therefore I'm calling shenanigans on that "the end" and following this story. Cute as fuck, yo. :coolphoto:

It was really good, but since it was Twilight or the shy Twilight, I was a bit suprised that she probably already did it with Trixie.

However if this was a one-shot, then it is okay since it is supposed to be over.

Twas alright.

7526283 Thank you for the comment! Glad you liked it. :)

7531822 Yep, my bad, I forgot to mark it as complete. Fixed! Thanks for the heads up.

7534787 I fixed it, it is indeed complete. :) Barring the person that commissioned it wanting a follow up chapter, of course.

7526743 Haha, yeah, I can't say it's every day I'm commissioned for a story that isn't dirty. :) Was a lot of fun to write, though, and I'm glad you liked it!

7524817 Me too. :) Despite the crazy hardcore stuff I usually write, I'm a sucker for fluff and F/F heavy romance.

Aww. That was so cute X3 I like EG Trixie and Sci-Twi ship. So cute

Having read a lot of your other, considerably saucier stuff, it was interesting to read something sfw for a change. It can be said that amorous material that is essentially "crush porn" is just as alluring or arousing, I suppose, as the explicit smex. Here, you managed to be both titillating and cute, which is no small accomplishment.

That being said, I struggle to see how this keeps itself Rated "E." I mean, I suppose it's not that big of a deal to nitpick. But the pantlessness and rather pointed references and re-references to Trixie's panties kinda... demands a "T"-rating, imo. To me, "E" is basically the same as the canon MLP:FiM/EqG material, and we never see underwear exposed in EqG... do we? Especially if it's preluding what's essentially a makeout scene in one of the protagonist's bedrooms.

F'naaa. Again, not a real big deal.

I was a bit put-off at first by Trixie's lack of third-person dialogue in the first half of the fic. But then, after shit hit the fan, she reverted to the typical Trixie persona. So, in other words, she does the third-person thingy when she feels as though her ego has been slighted. Kudos to proper character portrayal. It's nice to look back in hindsight and see just how relaxed Trixie is around Twilight in the first half of the fic. It highlights just how much is *lost* when she overreacts due to embarrassment and essentially banishes Sci-Twi from her home.

I also like how Trixie's adorasexy gesture of offering the cake bite to Twilight is instantly repeated by the far more pensive girl, albeit in an awkward and clumsy fashion. And this is what leads to the eventual emotional disconnect later on. It makes for good structure... or something.

Anyways, thanks for this. I feel that this is the sort of story I would lurve to write, granted if I had the talent and patience.

A secretly nerdy Trixie? I sooooooo approve!:yay:

7651290 Yeah, I have to agree with ya there. There were some parts that left me thinking "This is a E rated fic?":applejackconfused:

"An E-rated fic? In my DraceDomino?" It's more common than you think.

Meme silliness aside, I love this so much. The fluff is thicker and floofier than Pinkie's crazy mop, and how Trixie reacts about being found out to be such a neeerrrrrrrrrrrd is surprisingly relatable. If I was a friend of hers, all I'd do is point out how some of the coolest people in the world are total dorks at heart. Vin Diesel? Actor, all-around badass... and a hardcore D&D geek who even has the name of his favorite character tattooed on him. Brian May? Musical genius who put the words "Fat-Bottomed Girls" in Freddie Mercury's mouth, played God Save the Queen from the roof of goddamn Buckingham Palace... and gives lectures in the Imperial College of London about astrophysics. Dexter Holland? Punk rocker with a knack for aggressive music and a wit sharper than a syringe... and is an aeronaut who makes his own planes.

Then again, now she's got Twilight to help make such interest not seem so bad anymore, and it just makes this story feel so great to read when you know that the two of them see their futures looking better; even if they're dorks, they're going to be dorks together. Personally, I wouldn't consider Trixie in the magician getup to be uncool at all, you gotta have confidence if you're busting out your prestidigitation skills in front of a crowd while wearing something like that, but that's me.

Fun stuff, and even if the scene in Trixie's bedroom puts it pretty solidly in PG territory, it's still a warm, fuzzy break from all the cum-laden smut you normally put out. Nice job, and it makes me think that safe-for-work is something you should practice more.

I also agree, story has some T rated stuff in it.

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