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A week after transferring to Canterlot High, Twilight meets Trixie and immediately develops a crush. However, even after overcoming some of her social anxiety with the help of her new friends, the shy girl still struggles with confessing her feelings to the magician, let alone pursuing them.

Will Twilight be able to get together with the girl of her dreams?

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Her new friends are okay with it but what about her family.

Intriguing. Go on. :trixieshiftleft:

6617498 I plan on addressing that later on. Still putting together how I'm going to write their reaction.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - continues squeeing -

Looks like mommy dearest has a hunch. Heh heh heh.

Turning out nice. I liked that touch of hostile defensiveness in Trixie, lashing out preemptively because others have taken shots at her before. It'll be interesting to see how Twilight will deal with her.

Human Twilight x Trixie. Unexpected, but not unwelcomed.

Telling her friends: Check!
I wonder if her dog knows.

I only didn't laugh out loud because I'm currently at work. This was hilarious :twilightoops:

The path to romance is never an easy one. And when you're writing a longer story, you'll want complications or the fun will be over too soon. You're definitely doing well.

6648684 I'm happy that you liked it!

6649144 That's good to know. I was afraid there was a bit too much drama.

We've ain't to foreign
Either I don't know English as well as I thought I did, or this phrase makes zero sense.

Velvet will love Rarity coming for her daughter at 4:30, I'm sure. :rainbowlaugh: Especially given what she apparently thinks about them.

Two steps forward, one step back. Cha-cha-cha.

If Lyra and Bon Bon can accept their sexuality and relationship then so can Twilight.

Who doesn't love some marshmallow with their hot cocoa?

And now begins Trixie's turn to be in denial of her sexuality.

We know Trixie wants a rabbit.

The POV change works well.

Look on the bright side Trixie, maybe Twilight can be your pet bunny.

Maybe add in the "sex" tag just to be safe.

6735636 I'm glad it went over well :twilightsmile:

6740352 Now I'm not saying that's going to happen...

6734403 Elaborate?

6747475 Took your advice. Never hurts to be safe

6748936 She wants a pet rabbit.

"What's the worse that could happen?" she said.

Two girls that have a crush on each other and are at an age where they have wet fantasies. Also 10000 points for the adorkable moment with twilight sparkle and twilight velvet.

Then Future twilight comes in and goes yippe Kai yay motherbuckers.

The cute level of this fic is growing exponentially.

Happy New Year!

“just wishing I chose didn't sleepwear for tonight.”

probably needs revising

Great story. Keep it up.

Things were going so well too...:applecry:

6787622 Whoops. Thanks for that. Fixed it.

Twilight started to stammer with Trixie in such close proximity and her rising guilt that she was desperately trying to find something to say. However, Twilight unfortunately remembered Pinkie's advice.

“Because you're so phat!”

*starts slamming head against the wall*

Really liking this story so far. It's amusing just how bad Twilight continues to fail, despite always giving the right scenario's to work with. Trixie's kinda crush on Twi is a little off, mostly due to how short of a time they've known eachother. And added to that is the fact that nearly every encounter between them has been utter failure on Twi's part. But I've seen much less explanation for a crush before on a story. :pinkiehappy:

This group is really bad with their phones, I wonder if that is going to continue to be a running gag?

My assumption for next chapter is that Twilight will run to Trixie's apartment to try to make everything right and end up setting it on fire. :facehoof: She's just that bad at romance. A for effort though.

Trixie's apartment wasn't to far from Pinkie's house and she figured the others wouldn't follow her into the building.

So, Trixie got dressed in Pinkie's pajama's, and then ran home...I...hope she didn't lock her apartment door. Most people don't carry their keys in their pajama's. :twilightoops:

This, and especially last chapter could really use some editing. Lemme know if you want me to go over them and I can e-mail you the issues. :pinkiehappy:

6800783 I can admit I could use an editor. If you're willing to take the time, I'd appreciate a once over and gladly fix my mistakes.

Silly Rabbit Trixie is for .... um nevermind. :twilightoops:

Almost thought this was a stealth Raritwi or Twirity or whatever, what with Rarity going above and beyond to help Twilight. Half expected Twilight to get rejected and Rarity would be there to console her 'friend'.

“Darling, you're not the first homosexual to walk those halls,” Rarity laughed as Twilight scrunched up her face.

"...Rainbow Dash?"

"Actually she's one of the few straight girls in school... why, what would make you think otherwise?"

"Well it's just the, um... she's kind of... nothing, nevermind."

“Oh, it was my pleasure. I've been waiting to get my hands on Twilight for a while,” Rarity stated proudly.


She never could wrap her head around how humans could put so much importance into sexuality. Heck, they didn't even have a word for homosexuality in Equestria. It was just called love. However, Sunset thought that she should say something.


Like the Na'vi, then.

I'm just... kind of annoyed when someone makes Equestria into this. Having morals too progressive to comprehend human society doesn't make them better, it just makes them unrelatable. Literally they cannot be related to. It's what we call a Mary Suetopia.

"Now, now, she may try to cause more commotion than a fox outside a hen house, but she ain't that bad,” Applejack offered. “At least she's gotten better since the Battle of the Bands.”

Well, given that she's not being influenced by the Sirens now and she was back then, I'd have been quite surprised if she wasn't.

“Well that depends,” Pinkie started as she moved next to Twilight. “Are you some closet nymphomaniac with a bunch of weird kinks?”
“No!” Twilight shouted as her face turned red.
Pinkie frowned. “That's disappointing, but you're still invited.”

Okay, that line got a chuckle.

The bits with Twilight's mom really are the funniest parts of the story so far.

Given her reactions to Adagio, I suspect Equestria Girls Trixie will react relatively positively to a cute girl showing interest.

“Hey girls, we have another the fun tonight,”

This sentence is missing something.

Always a joy when this little gem updates.

Can't wait to see what happens next. When's the next chapter gonna be released?

Oh, this is going to be absolutely glorious.

Hey, we all understand that life gets in the way, so don't think you have to apologize for being late with an update.

Fantastic chapter as well. You have a few errors here and there, but who doesn't make a few mistakes, after all, you're only human. I predict that there's going to be nonstop red faces next chapter(mostly from Twilight).

There's going to be an ass-load of flirtations and innuendos come next chapter.

Glad to see that this story's back. Don't worry about absences, good writing's worth waiting on.

And I do like where this is going. Trixie's the best when she's got a plan.

7041803 You're right. I should have put an apology in the author's note. I guess I was too eager to get the chapter out and let it slip my mind.

7041192 I'll try not to disappoint!

7042043 I'll have you know that I am a mature and dignified writer who wouldn't dare do something like that :raritywink:

7043297 Thanks. I'll try not to make the wait as long :twilightsheepish:

The Flirtatious and Enticing Trixie might end up causing the Merk and Probably depressed Twilight a nosebleed.

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