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Sunxie FTW! And also Twily


This story is a sequel to The Shimmer of Magic

Sunset and Trixie begin the new year with goals and ambitions. Their feelings for each other are stronger than ever, and they are sure they can face anything life has to offer head on.

And now, with the help of their friends, they'll have to face a challenge bigger than any of them could have ever foreseen when they are approached by the last person they expected.

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Chapters (14)
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And here we go again.

What is wrong with Sunset's human counterparts? Yes. Counterparts, plural. I can't find a single fanfic with Human!Sunset (God, that sounds weird and wrong!) being a normal person...

Okay, I found two in which she is normal. But there is always a few exceptions that prove the rule.

I am not saying it's bad or that I don't like it... But, why most of the time it is assumed that Sunset's counterpart is either a worse version of the Sunset we know? If it is because of how Sunset used to be, man, that proxy bullshit is getting old.

Sorry if comment is a bit abrasive. Some clieches and common trends/cannons are getting on my nerves lately.

Still, a bit of Suntrix may cheer me up.

8127156 Don't sweat it, I think it's just you wanting something different, right? I do hope you enjoy how I plan Shimmer's character to develop throughout the fic!

8127184 That is... Pretty much on spot. I kinda want to read something different regarding either Sunset. I don't mind the EVIL dopplegangers that remind Sunset of her past as an alpha bitch nor I mind well written drama and conflict in fanfics. But it can get repetitive when you read many stories that go with the same tropes.

Yet I love that I rarely see similar developments and/or finales.

And about Shimmer... Well there is only one way to find that out: reading the following chapters.

I can't wait to see more of this :D, I really liked the first part Shimmer of Magic, let's see how this goes.

8127298 Let's see!

8127677 I certainly hope you liked this second part!

Your style has improved significantly from what I remember from Shimmer of Magic.
Good job.

This bitch already? And we're jumping Starlight to the sirens? Wow! This is already tense and it's only the first chapter!

I will admite Trixies outfit is kinda Sexy

8127156 There's a lot where she died as an orphan, a few were she was stillborn, one where she was born blind, and some where she's in another country.

There is one where she's a normal student at Crystal Prep with parents and everything. It's a SunsetxSunset romance story though. I think it was You Can't Help Who You Love.

Also a few writers recently have started exploring the idea of the Sunset we know being the Human Sunset who somehow grew up in Equestria.

8147588 Huh, that SunsetxSunset story somehow just got into my Read Later shelf...

Evil Sunset knows that Selfcest is the best, so you must put yourself to the test =P

Well now, this is certainly rather interesting! Looks like the Sirens are making a comeback, unless somehow it's changelings. Either way I am rather curious as to what is going on o.o

Lastly, it's GREAT to see a sequel and I hope that we can get more chapters soon <3

Yay more of this, im really intrigued about how the Dazzlings are going to be, especially Adagio... Is she going to seduce everyone? XD

I know shimmers a bitch but man I love her dialogue its so fun

Sunset gulped. “Legend says that if a siren isn’t stopped before getting too strong, they transform into Windigos… And unlike Equestria, there’s no way this world can survive a windigo attack…”

All these years later and I'd never tied these two different creatures that both breed and feed on disharmony together before.

Down for dazzligoes, though.

I really hope Trixie didn't kick the guy I think she did. There's no way he could be that scummy

Yay ! I'm so glad your writing a sequel! :yay:
I loved every word of the last one and this one is no exception. I would have never thought to ship these two but now I can't imagine why I didn't before . Keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

Shimmer made a face, and after a while, she turned to Sunset with a questioning look. “Where did you find her? I want two.”

You should have thought about that before putting a knife in her gut you stupid fool and also Pony Sunset could wreck you because unlike you she understands subtly. The bad things she did were carefully planned not directly stabbing someone, that is reckless and foolish how did you ever rule a school without understanding that simple fact Shimmer.

I'm so glad I found this. Although I am a little worried since it's been about four months since your last post.

I've been worried too! But I'm organizing so I have a few minutes a day to write! Next chapter should be up in the following days ^^

Oh thanks for the info. You can't imagine how many times I've seen stories I really like and at some Random point they just stop moving all together for extremely long periods of time or if ever.

In retrospect Starswirl probably shouldn't have set up a permanent portal to the same dimension he was using for universal exile.

So, like, I'm tots not dead.

Pleasantly surprised!

I'm so happy that the fick is still going strong. And I do hope Trixie gets her wish od a double sunset three way

Damn it, Starswirl. This isn't your dumping ground!

Great writing as always :unsuresweetie:

Also I love how sunset has a love/hate thing going on for shimmer it really adds depth to the story


Great chapter, and wow I'm starting to hate Shimmer even more than I already did. Sunset, just ditch her, she's your worst side. You don't need her.

Nice new chapter cant wait for more. And the Narcissist thing so fits shimmer and really funny.

Oh boy, this version is going to have things get a might more intense.


Breaking and entering, huh? The things they'll do the save the world, I guess.

Also, classy, Shimmer, just....classy.

Shimmer raised an eyebrow. “Cheveux?” She repeated, blinking, then grinned and spoke with an almost flawless french accent. “Alors, tu parle Francais? Es-ce que tu veux avoir un ménàge a trois avec moi et ma soeur dimensionelle?

So, besides asking if Rarity speaks French (I don't, but it's easy to guess that first sentence from context), Shimmer asks "Do you want to have a threesome with me and my sister?", according to Google Translate. Guessing Shimmer's talking about Sunset? Still. Classy.


Shimmer is just as bitchy as ever.

why do I feel like this is going to be a trap, and they'll get caught

Fair Warning: This fic might get a lil darker than the first one =D

The last fic had the portal get smashed and Trixie get shanked in the stomach.

How much darker can you go

Oh, you'll see =D

I don't mind dark. Just as long as we get more SunTrix Fluff in the future too

Lol loved the threesome thing
Also great writing as always!
Is shimmer setting them up ?
Are you subtly shipped shimmer and twilight?
What happened in the coffee shop?
I need answers!!

Drug use, probably going to edge on bad end territory at some point.

Oh my, the edge gets thinker and sharper.


As usual, Shimmer comes off as a bitch. When is Sunset going to give up on her?

No suprise Sonata's room was the most childish

Something tells me Sunset's gonna get through at a most unexpected (by her) time.

She's mentally ill and on meds.

Ooooooh !!!!! Shipping...... I like it. I’ll be cheering Shimmer on :duck:
How do you get your writing to be hilarious and edgy at the same ? It is so free flowing

And thus, the powers of us needs are validated! We decipher your enemies ancient language!

Stupid page breaks, getting in the way of the action :raritywink:

Looking forward to when this eventually starts updating again. :twilightsmile:


Nice chapter.

Always a pleasure to see more of this. :yay:

Things will get darker in the next chapters, so reader discretion is very much advised!

If attempted kidnapping is the part you're willing to warn us about up front... well, there's only so many possibilities that would be even worse.

Trust me, that's only the tip of the iceberg. :pinkiecrazy:

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