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Izzy is best pony.


Hitch has always loved Sunny.

The circumstances never allowed him to say anything.

And now it's too late.

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Two weeks have passed since Sunny convinced the pony races to work together. Two weeks since magic returned to Equestria and ponies began learning about friendship.

Now, a strange weather phenomenon calls for an urgent meeting, and the five friends, along with every pony in Equestria, meet a pony that came to answer some questions and kickstart a new adventure. Turns out, activating the three pony crystals was just the beginning and there's a lot more to do.

As they travel to complete their quest, they will meet new friends and new dangers. Turns out Ancient Equestria was a lot more dangerous than they thought.

This is my first adventure fic! Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Proofreading since chapter 2 by Arbarano.

Cover art made by whizmi. This is temporary while I get a new cover art. I can't draw ponies to save my life, so I'll be looking for an artist.

11/11/21 - Featured! Holy wacamole! Thanks a lot!

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Sunset Shimmer, prized pupil of Princess Celestia, has taken the most brash decision of her life. She will now have to live in the human world for years before being able to return. Fortunately, she has the help of some natives to endure this experience.

Fair warnings:

This is a different take on Sunset's story pre Equestria Girls, where things happened differently. This story will contain Sunset exploring everything she possibly can about the human world, leading to subjects some might find uncomfortable. So you have been advised.

There is no sex in this story, but there will be talk about sex, although it'll be later on. Nudity will be common but not in sexual situations (at least not early on).

This story will also deal with bullying, but not too dark.

I will appreciate greatly all forms of feedback :3

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This story is a sequel to The Shimmer of Magic

Sunset and Trixie begin the new year with goals and ambitions. Their feelings for each other are stronger than ever, and they are sure they can face anything life has to offer head on.

And now, with the help of their friends, they'll have to face a challenge bigger than any of them could have ever foreseen when they are approached by the last person they expected.

Edited by Crow

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Trixie is infatuated with the most gorgeous unicorn mare she's seen in her life. She'll do whatever it takes to be her special somepony. Even if it means stalking her a little. Nopony minds a little stalking, right?

Proofread by: crowscrowcrow.

Cover art by yours truly.

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The sirens, defeated and powerless, find their only goal in life crushed. And now, stuck in the human world for the rest of their eternal lives, not only must they endure the burden of their punishment, but also bear with the remorse of their misdeeds and the fear of the future.

Will they be able to stick together like they've been until now, or will the torment of their past destroy thousands of years of partnership? Only time will tell. But what is time for immortal creatures, exactly?

Edition by: 0_0

FEATURED 04-04-15 Thank you so much!

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After Sunset is blasted by the Elements of Harmony and left in the human world again, she struggles with the consequences of her actions. But even if everybody hates her, there are five girls willing to help her redeem herself.

Meanwhile, a certain blue-skinned magician is more than interested in Sunset's knowledge of true magic.

Edition and Proofreading:
Parchment Pen
Special thanks to crowscrowcrow.

FEATURED 09-12-15 Thank you so much!

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Daniel is a normal guy, he takes lessons of archery after school, go home and repeats. But one day of winter, he suddenly appears in a world of overcolored magical talking mini horses. He now must learn their culture and fit in, because there's nothing else he can do.

(Rated sex for innuendo)

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