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The Trick to Success Begins! · 8:52pm Apr 28th, 2017

The chapters are not done yet, and publishing will be like a normal fic. BUT! I'm really excited about this story!

Please check it out over here and leave a comment!

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The Trick to Success' progress. · 5:16am Mar 16th, 2017

Hey! I've been a lil quiet. right? I just want to let you know guys I haven't abandoned the fic.

The beginning of the year was... weird, so to speak. After finishing The Shimmer of Magic, I didn't really know how to continue, y'know? I mean, one of the reasons I accepted to divide the story is because I didn't know just how to write it.

I wasn't convinced about my own story anymore.

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The Shimmer of Magic's end and sequel! · 4:19am Jan 13th, 2017

Whoa, it's been almost three years since I started writing The Shimmer of Magic, and you've been really supportive. Thank you very much!

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New Story coming soon! · 6:12am Nov 6th, 2016

Does anyone even read these?

If so, then I'm excited to say a new story is in the works right now! Like with Ruminating, it'll be a short story, but with more mature themes (No clop).

And, no, it does not feature my OTP. But still, I believe you will like it, as I'm doing while writing it.

If everything goes according to the plan, the first chapter should be ready somewhere during next week. If not, you can expect it no later than next weekend.

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Sunset and Trixie's Mall Scene. · 1:11am May 30th, 2016

Remember when I said that I asked a friend to draw a scene from the chapter where Sunset gets her new look with Trixie's help?

Well, here it is!

Also, next chapter is half written. Expect it soon-ish!

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The return! · 11:43pm Aug 18th, 2015

So after quite some time, I was really considering the idea of cancelling The Shimmer of Magic. Why? You might wonder, and the reason is simple: I had no freaking idea how develop my ideas.

I was really excited of how I was going to end the fic (in probably 10 or so more chapters), but I didn't know how to put my ideas into words. And the more I thought about it, the more drepressed I felt.

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Fangirl level is over 9000!!!! · 3:20am Apr 1st, 2015

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Updates · 6:04am Jan 5th, 2015

So I decided to start using this blog to update whomever reads this in the development of my stories, my plans for the future and other stuff. I also look forward to talking with you guys through here!

As you know, my most recent fic is called Ruminating, in which the Dazzlings are the main characters. Well, chapter two is currently in Edition process, and will be up whenever my editor can check it out... I hope he doesn't abandon me too...

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Three days · 12:31am Nov 27th, 2014

It has been three days since I wrote my first sex fic in about 8 years. At first I wasn't very sure about it, since the idea just popped in my mind and I said "why not?".

It has been three days since I published it. And it already surpassed The Shimmer of Magic, which I've been writting since May of this year (and honestly, is my favorite one).

It has been three days, and I have no idea of how I feel about it.

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