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Sunxie FTW! And also Twily


Trixie is infatuated with the most gorgeous unicorn mare she's seen in her life. She'll do whatever it takes to be her special somepony. Even if it means stalking her a little. Nopony minds a little stalking, right?

Proofread by: crowscrowcrow.

Cover art by yours truly.

Chapters (1)
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Cute. Cringey. C...an't wait to read some more.

Trixie has a week to passionately pursue her first crush. That's a lot to learn and not a lot of time to do it. I'm pulling for her, though.

I want to see her REALLY fight for it. Not just work with some pony she makes friends with to learn about herself... I want to see Trixie, in the face of her own failures really try to see who she is and who she wants to be. I want to see more of that odd, sincere naivete.

I want to see Trixie really work through some heavy opposition. I wanna watch her EARN it... Even if she doesn't get it. Is it so bad to want to see a sincerely struggling Trixie? I hope not, because I love seeing that. XDDDDD

Thanks for the chapter!

Hee, hee. You really love this pairing, don't you?

I'm of two minds about Trixie's constant description of Sunet's looks. I get that she's enthralled, and that's the first step in a relationship, but to keep describing Sunset as a living goddess got a little much towards the end. However, it does nicely highlight Trixie's enamored state. I suppose just as long as it evolves from here, it's fine.

I have a feeling Trixie is going to be her own worst enemy in this setting. :facehoof:

6794262 Thanks for reading! I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised in the following chapters.


You really love this pairing, don't you?

What gave it away?

I have a feeling Trixie is going to be her own worst enemy in this setting.

You have no idea.

I like it. Reminds me of my Trixie/Mac fic, only with Trixie being not quite as arrogant.

Well the one moment Sunset was angry at Trixie, well I felt bad for her, everything else was really funny.

6794262 I think I can agree with the idea.

Trixie's outburst made me close my laptop and shake my head in disappointment for a full two minutes. :facehoof:

Writing is solid, the ship is pleasantly unexpected and the execution is fine.

My problem is Trixie feels less like the character from the two episodes of the show and more some kind of flanderized caricature regurgitated via the fandom half a dozen times. I'm half surprised that you didn't throw in the wheels meme too but then it has been a while since that was a popular gag.

Apologies if you feel that's harsh but it really threw me out of a fic that by all rights should be really promising.

Damn Trixie got hit hard.

This had me laughing my flank off and I'm so happy to see it's a multi-parter and not a oneshot like I thought when I marked it to read. Well done, good luck.

6796904 I had a similar reaction. :facehoof:

It's disappointing this story hasn't continued. It had a lot of potential.

I would like to have a new chapter please.

What is with Trixie's weird obcession with Peanut Butter & Crackers??

Also, this is definitely turning into something interesting! I can't wait to read more! <3

Comment posted by zalla661 deleted Mar 13th, 2017

I am highly disappointed in Trixie. It was getting good!

just wondering if you are continuing this, it seems really awesome

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