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It’ll be the first Christmas for Sunset, Trixie, and Adagio, and each of them want to commemorate the event by giving the best gift possible to their partners. Nothing will stand in their way to their objective. Not even the law.

sex warning if for suggestive themes

Written for the many times amazing Dewdrops on the Grass as part of Hearthswriting 2021.

Original prompt:

Sunset, Adagio, and Trixie on a holiday date when shenanigans ensue, and they get into some kind of magical trouble involving Hearth's Warming presents.

As always, I kind of went my own way with it.

Thank you to Bicyclette, and daOtterGuy for prereading.

Happy Holiday!

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tbf, this reads very much like a Bicyclette story.


I am a total slut for this ship. Sunsagio alone is amazing, Suntrix is incredible, Adagitrix is hilarious, and all three together? Magnificent.

But then, it's what I asked for.

I loved the dialogue with Adagio and Starswirl, the way Starswirl kept being a complete dick. Twilight and the running gag with the cookies was hilarious too.

Though really just all of this was great all the way to the loving gift exchange. Where one of the gifts was a trussed up Trixie for the other Trixie.

Thank you a ton, Sleps. You're awesome.

i wish i could write something this good!

It'll always be my pleasure making a story that bring you joy, and I'm so happy it did. This exchange for Heartwritting has been awesome.

And you're very awesome Dews.

Howdy, hi!

I preread this and I still love it. The comedy in this is on point and the asides to Trixie of doing *something* was great in building anticipation. everyone felt in character and the chemistry between them was just super fun. I had a great time reading this.

Thanks for the read!

I'd love to see more in depth exploration of this thruple in its full glory. Oh the mischief that could be had! Happy yule my friend!

You're right. Its nowhere close to your style, entirely because the cover art isnt a close up of someone's face. Just zoom in on those wanted posters a bit, and you've got a literary masterpiece!

9 years? So Starswirl sent the Sirens 990-odd years [1] into the future as well as across dimensions? (Or are you saying time moved at least a hundred times more slowly up until Sunset showed up, then went to just four or five times slower, only to finally sync up with Equestria when she returns to steal the crown? Ah well. No sillier than Narnia chronology. :derpyderp1: )

Cute story, and now I, too, want to see more of this trio...

[1] Or however many years plus the thousand years of Luna's exile. Really, the "thousand years" is thrown around so casually in MLP that one begins to wonder if it's just a metaphorical term for "a really long time", the same way as "Ten thousand Li" in China means a long distance.

This story was hilarious and sweet, though it could have had one more cookie gag, maybe Twilight having finished baking another batch of cookies, Princess teleporting in, Twilight scrambles to get her former teacher's gift and comes back to find the solar princess and cookies gone.

Wait, so, what was written in the book Sunset got Adagio?

I said something very similar on another story a few days ago, so I feel we need to make this the new "Damn it Majin", "NB4 Regidar", etc.

I'm a simple person, I see momlestia, I upvote :rainbowwild:
It does help the story is adorable too :twilightsmile:

These three are amazing and for them to be together fits so well

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