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This story is a sequel to The Quartz Quartete Quarrel

Several months have passed since Sunset's control over the school was broken. Much to Trixie's bafflement, she's still coming to school. To make it worse, she has apparently befriended Pinkie Pie; Maud's sister. Nothing has happened yet, but the situation has Trixie on edge. Just what is Sunset still doing in a school that hates her?

For Maud, the last few months have been confusing. Maud has a hard enough time making friends, is she really ready for something more? The thought of anyone else with Trixie though...it's a thought Maud doesn't like to dwell on either.

These questions and concerns, however, will reach a crisis point when three siren's come to school and begin magically working to make students act on simple, darker desires; victory at any cost. Recognition. Fame.

It would have been fine, if only Trixie and Maud didn't have other concerns on their mind as the spells were weaved. If Trixie wasn't paranoid about Sunset and harboring a deep grudge. If Maud wasn't going between her desire to be with Trixie, and her fear of losing her.

If only.

Edited, proofread, directed, and produced by the fetching Crowscrowcrow.

Sketch done by MegaBlackOX

Stonewalled at the Spring Fling
Sitting on a Rock
The Quartz Quartette Quarrel
Cracks Along the Prism
Maud's Boulder Holder

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Daw, look at that, I'm all tucked in.

It looked like Sunset had taken the hint though, as she stopped trying to talk to Trixie about two weeks ago. Trixie's allowance was still cut in half over that particular incident, but, she was pretty sure the school window would be paid off in another month or three.

Sunset being a good guy means she probably would have had to comply if you'd just politely, but firmly asked her to leave you alone, Trixie. Silly goose.

Is Sunset drugging them, or something? Was the crappy fruit punch *Seriously, who uses this much grape juice?* spiked?

We never find out in the movie whether or not the punch is actually awful, or if Aria was just being Aria at the time. I don't know which way to lean. :rainbowhuh:

She grinned as her eyes flashed green once more. If they couldn't use that magic here, then they probably couldn't use it to cheat in the competition.

I'm afraid Heroic Instant-Victory powers aren't so consistent, Trixie.

Aaaand Maud is going to need counselling after this, I think. Mind-altering magic or not, she's shown some genuinely disturbing signs in the past, and if someone doesn't talk to her, I'm worried it's just going to get worse and worse.

Heh, you pulled the trigger, huh?
Fine, I'll let you have today; I didn't want it, anyway.

Poor students, if only Maud knew how to play an instrument.


I'm afraid Heroic Instant-Victory powers aren't so consistent, Trixie.

Ahhh, that HIV...

Hot, damn! This is gonna be one hell of a roller-coaster, looks like. That final scene... :pinkiegasp:

Also... as much as I like Sunset's reformation, in that she actually earns it, compared to others, Trixie's got a damned good point and view.


Sunset being a good guy means she probably would have had to comply if you'd just politely, but firmly asked her to leave you alone, Trixie. Silly goose.

Heh, if only Trixie believed that, she'd have saved herself a couple bucks. But, then again, there are few times someone gets to jump through a window. Hmm...Trixie's drama and Sonata's....uniqueness might work out on some level...

We never find out in the movie whether or not the punch is actually awful, or if Aria was just being Aria at the time. I don't know which way to lean.

Same, it's just a amusing little argument between the two of them that I saw and though to put in. I re-watched certain scenes of Rainbow Rocks a half dozen times for the sake of accuracy. :twilightblush:

I'm afraid Heroic Instant-Victory powers aren't so consistent, Trixie.

Weeelllll, what she doesn't know probably won't hurt her. :trixieshiftright:

"Calmly, Maud washed the blood off of her hands."
Did I miss something!?
Also yandere Maud is now a thing....

7822543 Noses bleed, as well as mouths if you punch one correctly. The 'thing' that was slammed into a locker by Maud was a person.

She's less lethal than a yandere, at least? Yandere light, maybe? The diet coke of Yandere? :twilightsheepish:

but, she was pretty sure the school window would be paid off in another month or three.

window? Miscued smoke bomb?


There smart enough to know no one would show up if that witch was really in it. But, why are they helping her?"



window? Miscued smoke bomb?

Well, that would make sense, though I prefer the thought of Trixie using a smoke bomb and then diving through a window she assumed was open. :pinkiehappy:

7824327 I'll give that a thumbs up plausibly funny. 10/10 :rainbowlaugh:

"You are going to fail, Trixie swears it."

Sorry, Trixie, but those Deus Ex Machinas aren't going to make that easy for you.

Yes, obsession, and a destructive one at that.

I like that you keep Adagio's penchant for keen observations here, the three of them came off exactly as they did in the movie.

Perfect...:fluttercry: Just f:flutterrage:g perfect!
Slightly creepy, slightly dark and just cute in the end!
Maud and Trixie - amazing couple terrifying even for sirens!

Damn, that was rough in the best possible way. :( It's like... I get why Trixie feels that way about Sunset, and she did get screwed during the Battle of the Bands. But still, physical assault was just too far IMHO.

Also, laughed at Maud manhandling Aria. And her tormenting of Flash? I like Flash and i still cackled.

Wow....That was kinda dark, Trixie brutally beating Sunset up.
And Sunset's reaction...man....
Maude putting several students in the hosptial...


Eh, Sunset in this has done far worse to Trixie, buuuut some subtlety may have been missed.

Sunset felt Trixie's fist bury itself in her stomach.

Yeah, that hurt, but a single punch to the stomach is not really 'brutal'.

Before she even registered doing it, Trixie kicked Sunset in the chest. She wasn't a strong girl, but it was enough to push Sunset several inches into a locker.

Again, hurt, but I also put in a reference to something that Maud talks about later on.

Maud let out a single, solitary, "heh."

"What's so funny?"

"You're too weak."

Trixie frowned at the remark. "I am not! I could hurt someone if I got serious! I, I beat up Sunset!"

"She looked fine to me."

In all reality, Sunset could have stood up and kicked the crap out of Trixie. She's not a physically strong person. So, yeah, it hurt, but asides from some bruising and momentary pain, it wasn't really an ass kicking. Sunset was at least physically over it a half hour later, tops.

Oddly enough, Sunset didn't actually try to pull away or remove her hair from Trixie's grasp.

Another reference to Trixie's physical state. Sunset could have removed Trixie's hand from her hair, but she didn't. Sunset kind of felt that Trixie deserved some payback after everything Sunset put her through. Sunset is a good person now, one wracked with guilt *at least, that's what I saw in the movies* over what she did in the past. So, if a little physical pain helps Trixie feel better, it's worth it in Sunset's mind.

Trixie slammed the back of Sunset's head into the locker and let go.

Yeah, this was prolly the most painful part for Sunset, but, as you see in the movie, she looks quite well by the time of the semi-finals not a day later. Part of what you need to remember is, *much like how 'evil' of a person Sunset is* that this is all from Trixie's perspective. She views herself doing far more damage than she really is. If this had been Maud in Trixie's place...yeah, Sunset would probably be in the hospital, or, at least, had fought back some. And if Trixie and Sunset were reversed, or Sunset struck back, Trixie would have been a lot worse off.

It's a touch dark, but I hope it was in a way that made sense and was, in its' own way, enjoyable to read. I really wanted to do a piece involving high emotion and near obsession, and this was it thanks to the Dazzling's charm.

Not justifying what Trixie did, but just explaining that it was not nearly as 'brutal' of a beating for Sunset as it looked to be.

"Umm...thanks, Maud. But, first, we don't play and wind instruments.


"Yes, you do."

SNERK The brown tuba!?!

But, better her than Aria, right? Who needs that many gift certificates to Hot Topic anyways?

Aria would probably pick Gamestop or Astrogaming vouchers before Hot topic.:rainbowwild:

7827146 She seems to scream 'emo' to me in the movie though. I don't recall her playing any video games in the movie either. :twilightsheepish:

I know Eyeswirl has her as a gamer, but not everyone has read his awesome story so I went with what I know to be canon. :pinkiehappy:

SNERK The brown tuba!?!

I am glad, for the moment, that I do not get this reference. But I have some ideas. :pinkiesick:

7827186 A few stories have her as addicted gamer so went with it.:twilightsmile:

An area of the body also responsible for the brown note.:pinkiehappy:

7826721 Okay, fair enough. Sorry about going a bit overboard. :twilightsheepish:

7827370 Oh, you didn't I just wanted to explain it out a bit is all. :pinkiehappy:

Neat! A pretty dark Mauxie installment to compliment the return (and immediate departure) of Griffin Kingdom.

So, I'm really happy we got to see a little bit of resolution from the last story here at the beginning. We got Lime trying in her angry, blunt way to help the two of them along and some interaction with PP to round out an illustration of a growing friendship between Trixie and the Pies. Nothing too drastic, as Trixie still struggles with them but I'm excited to see that evolution. Of course, if we're going to talk about evolution, the show really belongs to Trixie and Maud.

I know that the Dazzlings really ratcheted up the emotions and desires of these two, but seeing where Maud went with that was a little unsettling. I kinda worry that she might be a little too dependant. We saw some hints of how unhappy she was before Trixie in the last installment and now we see how far she's willing to go to avoid losing Trixie. We also get to see that the Pie temper isn't just restricted to Lime. I kinda wonder if it's an inherited temper or if PP and Marble can be driven similar places... I guess now that I think of it we do have Party of One to get a glimpse of where PP's crazier temper might go. Those Pie sisters are crazy. Good luck Trixie!

Speaking of Trixie, I'm glad that she expelled a lot of that darker anger this chapter, but I'm also conflicted. I know the score is far from settled between Sunset and Trixie, but I feel sad for Trixie that even in her big moment over Sunset, she is still pretty impotent. Admittedly I didn't want Trixie to really settle everything while under a dark mind control spell, but it feels like she's lost some of the high ground she had, and she didn't really get anything out of it except an empty, guilty and ultimately impotent angry moment with Sunset.

The Dazzlings robbed Trixie. Sunset wasn't really hurt or worried about being hurt (again, I didn't want her to be and I personally think that evening the score is probably unhealthy but the choice being taken from Trixie feels unfair) by Trixie and while she accepted what Trixie dished out, you went out of your way to specify that it was really Sunset in control of that situation. In a way, Trixie was pretty lucky that Sunset was in control because otherwise things could have gotten WAY out of hand but I still resent that after all the ways that Sunset has proven to be stronger and more cunning, Trixie still hasn't really won anywhere in that rivalry. It just feels like Trixie can't win for losing.

Complicated stuff, though, because it isn't like Trixie NEEDS to really win at anything, I just want to see her succeed. I'm selfish that way, haha. I like Sunset, but I'm rooting for Trixie.

Anyways, looking forward to more drama, evolution and some struggles for all characters involved. Good to see that despite everything Trixie and Maud were always close too!

Best of luck in your upcoming stories! :twilightsmile:

Author's Note:
Sonata may have had a hand in picking the prize for winning. But, better her than Aria, right? Who needs that many gift certificates to Hot Topic anyways?

I agree, Hot Topic is dumb. Tacos are much more better. Much more moosen. :rainbowlaugh: I liked Darth Maud. :pinkiecrazy: It was also nice to see Trixie's reaction to Sunset at first, but I was disappointed when Trixie didn't send Maud, OR better yet, Limestone to "talk" to Sunset. :pinkiehappy:

7839140 Darth Maud for the win. :rainbowlaugh: I find you lack of loving for the Great and Powerful Trixie disturbing...

Another great chapter in your Mauxie series~! I can't wait to see how this progresses, right up to the moment where their romance becomes official! This one was certainly dark, but not too dark,

I consider "Damp Rocks" to be the grandparent of all Maud/Trixie and Maud had a jealous, possessive, controlling streak there, so it's no major stretch (especially not after the events of "Emergency Solutions" and "Intentions".)

By the way, if you haven't read that comic, you should go do so.

7865218 You're a silly one. :pinkiehappy: I became interested in doing Mauxie stories from his comics, I consider them to be the start of it myself.

Foudub has commented on my stuff a few times, of which I am proud of.


Also quite happy that my stories help inspire him to make something like that, considering the inspiration his works fed to me.

Oh, I knew you'd read them, I wasn't sure if cybresamurai had.

Nah. Punk. Too colorful for emo.

Now here's an interesting thought.

If Flash Drive (yeah, his band is called that. Guy is bad with titles) hadn't gone up against the Dazzlings, who had no earthly way of losing, would Trixie's band have needed Maud's sabotaging?

My guess is yes, actually. Trixie's act was fine, but it was always the same. A one-trick-pony. Flash, on the other hand, has music as one of the central aspects of his character. In a direct competition, my money's on his band.


Wait, his band was called Flash Drive? That's hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

And yeah, Trixie may have needed help. I had to put into this story and the last one that Trixie and her friends played for fun just so it made any sense for her to compete and be good enough to get as far as she did. I was also sad in the movie that she just repeats her same song twice as opposed to them even doing a few lyrics of another song for her to compete with.

Maud tried sabotaging the bands equally, but she did her best to ignore the Rainbooms since her Sister is in it and Trixie wanted to personally beat Sunset. So her going after Flash, who was in the semi's and she knew had fought with Trixie in the past *The competitor gym meetup-thing being an example*, made sense.

Even without her help though, the Dazzlings were going to win, would have been interesting to see what Maud would have done though if she targeted them instead.

Just noticed the new artwork on a re-read.


Thank you again for a good story! Even though, it was a dramatic and sad story, some moments were funny to me :D, I just couldn't stop, Maud being overprotective and nearly killing everyone, it wasn't hard to imagine that picture. I'm glad it didn't turn tragical, because I got the feeling that Maud would eventually become jeallous and hurt Trixie instead. Well, this story wasn't that awesome compared to your previous series, but I still had fun. Though, there was a huge conflict in my mind, I felt that Sunset deserved what Trixie did to her, but at the same time I felt bad, and I just stopped reading at this point and couldn't come up with a solution. That was a real bummer. Eventually, though I think Sunset got enough punishment from the Rainbow blast and students hating her, having no friends and etc. She redeemed herself, okay, move on. You made a pretty cool mechanism of Dazzlings' magic, I thought they were just making people angry, but now I have a whole new concept, amplifying people's feelings, that's BRILLIANT! That way, they have even more power than I imagined.

Anyways, Bravo! :heart:

Great story. I liked how you expanded upon Trixie and Sunset relationship into a vicious rivalry that still hasn't been resolved.

I felt bad for Sunset, but I think it was really dumb of her to ask something like that of Trixie, considering their history.

Anyways, good job.

Comment posted by redandready45 deleted Mar 6th, 2019

So were Sunset's tears fake (just to give Trixie the feeling of dominance)? Or was Sunset driven to tears by the pain, and the fact that Trixie would not help her?

Heh, been awhile since I read this story of mine, reminds me I need to look into my notes on the next part of this series sometime soon.

But Sunset's tears were partly pain *probably not as much the rib punch, but the hair pulling and especially having the back of her head slammed into a locker, anyone would tear up at least a little at that*, but also guilt. Trixie not listening to her at all admittedly upset her more in a frustration sort of way, as throughout that movie you see Sunset constantly on the sidelines with nothing to help her friends, getting snide remarks about how she used to be, and then the utter frustration of her trying to help the Rainbooms by stopping Dash from ponying up *god I hate that term >.>;;* in front of the school and having everyone pissed at her over it.

All in all, it's a fair combination of things going wrong for her to cry a little about. :twilightoops:

Comment posted by redandready45 deleted Mar 12th, 2019

I need to go over the story board I have to be honest, I think the next one was planned to be a light hearted one with Trixie and Maud going on a date. The story after that was going to involve Sunset again.

But, I DO know that I don't have any plans for a hatchet being buried between the two of them, it's more of a 'some people in life you just hate' type of deal with Trixie. And the only person she really cares about *Maud*, who could convince her to give Sunset a chance also isn't fond of Sunset. :twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by redandready45 deleted Oct 2nd, 2017
Comment posted by redandready45 deleted Jul 12th, 2018

Great series. A fun path for this would be Sunset/Pinkie and Maud/Trixie with the sisters trying to get there respective girlfriends getting along.

I hope there'll be more. This is a really good series of stories.

Is there going to be more?

Friend of mine recommended this series to me, and I've been reading it over the last couple of days. I'm loving it!

Gotta ask, I know Equestria Girls hasn't been terribly inspiring lately, but did the Forgotten Friendship special give you any thoughts on the whole Trixie/Sunset rivalry, or do you think you're done with these stories now?

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