The Great and Powerful Courting

by Hakuno

First published

Trixie sees Sunset by the street. She immediately falls in love.

Trixie is infatuated with the most gorgeous unicorn mare she's seen in her life. She'll do whatever it takes to be her special somepony. Even if it means stalking her a little. Nopony minds a little stalking, right?

Proofread by: crowscrowcrow.

Cover art by yours truly.

1. Trixie's Love at First Sight

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Chapter 1. Trixie’s Love at First Sight.

Trixie brushed the last strand of her silvery mane. She had woken up, had breakfast, and cleaned herself. She was now just making herself presentable for the world. She counted forty-two brushes and stopped. Her mane was radiant now, nopony could say otherwise. She looked a little closer to the mirror, trying to find any flaw, be it a pimple or a spot. But, once again, she didn’t find any.

It was no surprise, really. Trixie knew she was the most beautiful mare in Equestria, or at least, in all the places she’s been. But that wasn’t a reason to not take care of herself, even if that meant not finding anypony suitable for her.

Once upon a time, it hurt her to know that she’d be alone for the rest of her life, knowing that there was no pony, stallion or mare, that could match Trixie’s glorious appearance. But it had been a couple of years since Trixie had realized that she did not need anypony to be happy. They were the ones missing being with Trixie, and not otherwise.

She donned her cape and hat and got out of her wagon. She had stopped right at the entrance of Canterlot the night before so that she’d have all day to roam around and find a good spot for her performance. She walked to the front of the wagon and lifted the harness upon her back. The metal was a little cold, but she was so used to it, she didn’t even notice.

Trixie walked through the streets of Canterlot. It had been years since the last time she had visited the capital of Equestria. She would have returned sooner, but she had been working relentlessly in smaller, less picky towns to fix her wagon.

The first time it was destroyed, an Ursa Minor had smashed her wagon, positively obliterating it. The second time, in Baltimare, some ruffians had vandalized it, breaking the wheels and loosening the screws, causing it to fall apart at the middle of climbing a hill.

At that time, she had blamed Twilight Sparkle, and she had even gotten her hooves on the Alicorn amulet to take revenge, but Twilight and her friends helped her see the error of her ways. And so she had spent the last year working without rest to recover her money and her reputation.

It had been a long journey, but Trixie was confident that she had improved her ability at least a hundredfold. And knew that now she would be able to perform again in the city of unicorns, and she was going to show them how skilled she was, and they all were going to love her.

Canterlot was, without a doubt, the most beautiful city in all of Equestria. Sure, Manehattan had fashion and a more developed industry. Of course, Rainbow Falls was made of wonderful rainbows and clouds, and it was the only pegasus city reachable by train and suitable for the other pony races.

But, what made Canterlot beautiful were the cobblestone streets, the tidy buildings, and of course, the impressive castle. It was, in Trixie’s list, the third best city of Equestria, if only because the ponies there were just a bunch of snobs that didn’t appreciate Trixie’s efforts to entertain them.

She shook her head. They had loathed the old Trixie, but they were going to love the new, improved, more skilled, and undoubtedly more captivating Trixie.

She looked from side to side, searching for the best spot to place her wagon and begin her show. She had been prohibited to perform in the central square, so she had to find another public place.

But, before she could decide, she opted for a walk around the city. More specifically, she wanted to sightsee the castle grounds. She wasn’t prohibited to perform there, but the first time she did it, she learned that the guards weren’t the best public to work with.

Regardless of what many ponies thought, it wasn’t really difficult to reach the castle. The city was big, yes, but it was built in a way that every avenue led to the palace.

A gentle breeze met Trixie’s face, and she relished in the feeling. The sun warmed her coat pleasantly, and the rattle of her wagon was lulling. Ever since her second encounter with Twilight Sparkle, Trixie had learned to enjoy the smallest things of life. And she realized that she felt really good.

She was so focused on her reverie, that she almost missed the entrance to the castle.

Trixie used her magic to lift the harness from her back and release herself. She stretched her legs, feeling them a little stiff from hours of nonstop walking. Her neck was a little sore too, but it was nothing that a nice hot cup of tea wouldn’t fix.

She walked up the path to the front gates with a slow pace. She was enjoying the sight of the bushes and flowers along the way. She stopped a moment to smell a lily. Her stomach grumbled, reminding her that she hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. She hummed a little and decided to go eat a lily sandwich at the restaurant in front of the castle.

She turned around, and her heart stopped for a moment.

Coming out from the front gates of the castle was a pony Trixie had never seen before. Now, there were many ponies Trixie had never seen, but this particular pony was just too gorgeous for Trixie to have not noticed in her other trips to Canterlot.

She was a unicorn mare, with a beautiful warm orange coat, a gorgeous fiery red and yellow mane and tail, and the eyes the color of a turquoise. Her muzzle was perfectly rounded at the snout, with just the perfect sharpness at the end of the jaw. Her eyes were a little stretched at the base, giving them a more rounded form which highlighted her long lashes. Her torso was slender, making a delightful curve up to her flank, which looked tonified and athletic. And her Cutie Mark was a yellow and red blazing sun.

In short, Trixie was looking at the most gorgeous mare in all of Equestria.

Her heart started racing, and she felt a turmoil of butterflies in her stomach. Trixie blinked and took a deep breath. She was starting to feel a little dizzy. Perhaps traveling had taken a bigger toll on her than she thought. Trixie felt the urge to retreat to her wagon.

No, Trixie just got here. She thought. She’s not so tired that she needs to lie down.

The mare started walking down the path, her eyes met Trixie’s. Trixie needs to lie down. She began walking towards her wagon. What is wrong with Trixie? Why does Trixie feel like this? Is Trixie sick?

Trixie felt a tug from her cape, and she turned to her side. There was a filly pegasus looking up at her.

“Excuse me, miss. This is the main entrance to the castle, right?” the filly asked.

Trixie instinctively looked at the castle. She accidentally looked at the mare, who was rapidly approaching her. Trixie felt heat rising in her cheeks, and she turned back at the filly.

“Of course Trixie will perform for you, little one!” Trixie yelled at the filly with a wide grin. The filly looked at Trixie with a puzzled gaze, but Trixie was already walking to her wagon. “The Great and Powerful Trixie shall grace you with the most amazing illusion you will ever see in your life!”

Trixie trotted to the back of her wagon and lit her horn. The wagon glowed for a moment before opening up and revealing her stage. Trixie threw a smoke bomb at the center of the platform and jumped from a hidden spot.

“Behold! Tis the amazing magic show of The Great and Powerful Trixie!” Trixie announced. She looked at the forming crowd. It sadly consisted in just the few guards that barely glanced her way, the filly from before, and a couple of random ponies that were passing by. But, to Trixie’s delight, that lovely mare that shone like the sun had also given up to her curiosity, and had sat down to watch.

Trixie smirked. An impromptu show was always a good thing. Random crowds were easier to amaze.

Once upon a time, Trixie would have tried to outdo anypony in the crowd, but ever since the alicorn amulet incident, she had been working hard to improve her own illusions. And so she started off casting a spell that bent light, making the near environment look like it was dusk time. Trixie then began casting all kinds of illusions as she told the story of how she vanquished an Ursa Mayor. But unlike her past self, Trixie did allow the crowd to figure out that it was just a story, and let them concentrate more in her flashy animations.

Her performance lasted only ten minutes. Not because Trixie was done; she hadn’t even told the story of how she fought Lord Tirek with a broken hoof, but because she was hungry.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Trixie bowed. “Trixie will be in Canterlot all week!” Trixie examined the crowd, pretty satisfied at the looks of amazement in the little ponies, and of enjoyment of the older ones.

She very casually looked at the end of the crowd. The godly looking mare was still there, and she was applauding with a soft smile. Trixie poofed her chest in pride and decided that she had to spend some time with all her new fans. She lit her horn once again and the stage contracted again to form her wagon. Trixie walked from behind and faced the crowd.

“The Great and Powerful Trixie shall answer the questions you, my lovely audience, may have!” Trixie announced.

Much to her dismay, only four ponies approached her. Maybe if she had performed a little longer, she’d have more ponies begging her for more.

Trixie felt a little pinch in her heart when none of the ponies in front of her was a dazzling unicorn mare the color of the setting sun. She looked over the dispersing ponies, and caught a glimpse of a red and yellow sun cutie mark disappearing around a corner.

“Can I get your autograph?” The pegasus filly from before asked while gently tugging Trixie’s cape.

Trixie blinked at the filly. “Ah, yes, yes, of course!” She lit her horn and grabbed some paper and a quill. She didn’t even see the paper while scribbling something, she was more focused on the last glimpse of a fiery tail.

“Here you go!” Trixie said, giving the paper to the filly. “Trixie has to attend an important meeting now! But worry not, as she’ll be in Canterlot for just a few more days! Au revoir!” And with that, she broke into full gallop in the direction of a specific corner.

When she got there, she hid behind the wall and peeked over. The beautiful mare was walking away, swaying her tail with such a natural grace that it was almost hypnotic. Trixie swallowed a little. Why was she following this particular pony? Trixie shook her head. Obviously, she cared just so much for her fans, that she just wanted to hear her opinion!

Trixie began walking towards the breathtaking mare. She decided not to run to her, as she did not want to accidentally scare her and make a bad impression. Although, her performance was a good enough impression, really. Trixie knew that she was just being polite.

The smoking hot unicorn turned to cross the street.

Trixie casually looked at her side, and saw a stallion pulling a taxi. And he glanced at Trixie! Trixie’s heart began racing at full speed. This stallion had been distracted by Trixie’s natural beauty, that he wasn’t looking at the road, and he was about to bump into the appealing mare!

Trixie was a hero only in her stories, but that didn’t mean Trixie could not be a hero in real life! She ran as fast as she had ever ran. Time slowed down, and Trixie mustered all her strength in one jump, effectively pushing the mare out of the taxi’s way.

They rolled a little, there was a grunt, and they stopped.

Her eyes closed, her breath heavy, and her heart racing, Trixie waited a few moments in silence. When nothing happened, she dared open her eyes. And her heart bumped hard when she found a pair of turquoise eyes staring at her, beautifully shining against the sunlight and partly hidden by a bang of golden yellow and fiery red.

Having her this close, Trixie noticed that the mare was really beautiful, gorgeous, alluring, godlike looking, and many other adjectives that slipped Trixie’s mind at the moment. Their faces were mere inches apart, and Trixie could smell a delightful perfume of jasmine and sandalwood. Her cheeks blushed, and she found herself lost into that stare.

“Uh… Can you get off me?” The mesmerizing mare asked. Her voice was like silk, if a little raspy in the high pitches.

Trixie stepped back, suddenly aware that she had pinned her down. “Sorry! T-Trixie was… She just…” Why was so hard to speak now?

The delightful mare stood up, and then passed a hoof through her mane, closing her eyes for just a moment. Trixie could feel her heart pounding furiously against her chest. “Care to tell me why did you push me like this?” Her tone wasn’t exactly scolding.

“Trixie saved you from-” she looked back. The stallion pulling the taxi was at full stop, and was staring at her with a raised eyebrow. “He… Taxi… Bump…” She looked back at the mare, her face now red, but this time from embarrassment.

“It looks like it was a false alarm,” the gorgeous mare replied with an amused smile. She giggled a little. “But, thank you.”

Trixie’s blush was now for completely unknown reasons to her. She opened and closed her mouth a few times. She took a deep breath and straightened up. “You are very welcome!” Trixie said, putting her hoof in her chest. “Introductions are in order! I am the Great and Powerful Trixie, Trixie Lulamoon!”

The mare giggled once more. It was the cutest giggle Trixie had ever heard in her entire life. “Sunset Shimmer.” A beautiful name, fitting for a beautiful mare. “I saw your show back there. You really have potential.”

Potential? Trixie thought. Trixie is the best illusionist in Equestria! Is she saying Trixie’s show was horrible?! Is that what she’s saying?! Trixie shall show her!

Trixie opened her mouth to retort. Sunset looked at her expectantly. Her eyes were beautiful, like two perfectly polished gemstones, and her smile drew an upward curve around that delightful mouth.

“Thank you!” Trixie replied. Why is Trixie thanking her?! “If you liked it, Trixie will be performing all week here in Canterlot!”

Sunset made a face, and Trixie couldn’t quite place what her expression meant. “Sorry, I’m not exactly from around here. I just came to visit a friend.”

“Where are you from?” The question escaped Trixie’s mouth before she even thought about it. She smacked her lips when she realized it. That was too straightforward! What was she doing? She could scare Sunset!

Sunset hummed for a moment. “Technically, I’m from Canterlot. But I’ve been living someplace else the past years… You could say I’m in Ponyville now…”

“Ponyville?!” Trixie asked. Her tone made Sunset raise an eyebrow at that. Trixie had to think fast. “T-That’s where Trixie will perform next!” She lied.

“I see,” Sunset replied with a sincere smile. “I hope to see your show, then.” She lifted her right foreleg. “Anyway, pleased to meet you, Trixie.”

Trixie’s breath caught off in her chest. Sunset was leaving. If she left now, Trixie wasn’t going to see her again! And she had lied when she said she’ll go to Ponyville! Sunset was going to think she was a liar! Trixie had to act fast.

“Trixie’s hungry!” She blurted out.

Sunset raised an eyebrow.

Trixie’s blush deepened. “No, Trixie means… You must be hungry! Trixie will invite you to dinner!”

“It’s midday.”

“Trixie said lunch!”

Sunset giggled. “Sorry, I have to take the train. Maybe another time I’ll take your offer.” She turned around and began walking away.

Trixie stood there, feeling a painful pressure in her chest. She had been rejected before, many times, even. But it was always by a crowd or an angry fan. This was the first time Trixie had invited another pony on a date, and this rejection hurt like a thousand needles.

Trixie sat down on her rump, watching Sunset disappear in the crowd of moving ponies. She didn’t like this feeling, she didn’t like it one bit. She clenched her teeth. She was sick of feeling sorry for herself. She decided to take matters in her hooves and, instead of pitying herself, Trixie was going to at least try to take that gorgeous mare on a date.

And so she ran back to her wagon. Since it was in front of the castle, it was safe to leave it there, but she needed her money. She filled her saddlebags with her savings, made sure her cape was still perfectly hooked, her hat was well aligned, her mane wasn’t a mess below the hat, her coat shined of cleanness, and she still smelled like lavender.

Once she was done, she broke into full gallop in direction to the train station. It was in moments like this that she wished she had taken the time to learn teleportation. But Trixie couldn’t stop to complain now. She had to catch a train, and she could only run and hope she got there in time.

As she got to the station, the unmistakable sound of the train’s engine starting sent a chill through Trixie’s body. She had to haste.

“A ticket to Ponyville!” She yelled as she, very gracefully, bumped against the ticket stand.

The stallion smiled. “You’re lucky! You’re just in time!” He typed something Trixie could not quite see. “It’ll be fifty bits.”

Trixie levitated a sack from her saddlebags and began dropping coins on the counter. She didn’t bother counting them, but she was pretty sure that she had dropped at least fifty. She put her sack into her saddlebags again and levitated the ticket before turning around.

“Miss! You’re forgetting your change!”

But Trixie ignored him. She ran towards the train and hopped in, elegantly smacking her face against the other side of the wagon.

She rose to her hooves and slightly rubbed her snout. Fortunately, she didn’t break it. She walked inside and looked around. Sunset Shimmer wasn’t in this particular wagon, which was a good thing, because it gave Trixie space and time to think. She chose a seat near a window and sighed heavily.

Why was she doing this? Leaving her wagon behind, running behind a gorgeous, sexy mare that looked like one of Faust’s most precious creations... Her heart began racing again, and it felt like it was going up to her throat. Trixie had never felt like this in her entire life. Well, she had once, but peanut butter crackers weren’t the same as a pony. Crackers were many, but Sunset was just one. Trixie wanted to be held by her, to listen to that gorgeous voice tell her how great and how powerful she was. Trixie wanted to be kissed by her perfectly delineated lips.

Trixie blinked. Why was she thinking those things? She had never fantasized with things like these! Not even with the crackers!

Is Trixie in love? She wondered. She thought back to those green eyes looking at her, and she imagined them closing just an inch from her. She could almost feel Sunset’s breath against her nose, and her lips gently brushing Trixie’s.

Trixie snorted hard, and her cheeks blushed again.

Her lips were getting dry, so Trixie decided to go grab a glass of water. She stood up and walked to the opposite side of the wagon. She opened the door, and she felt like a bucket of ice water was thrown at her.

Sunset was there, looking at her with a surprised, and quite adorable, stare.

Trixie’s ears bent against her head, and her tail hid between her legs. Sunset had busted her following her! This was the end, Trixie was sure. Now Sunset was going to think Trixie was a creepy stalker, and was going to hate her!

“Hello,” Sunset said. Slowly. Scrutinizing Trixie.

“Hi,” Trixie replied. Her voice was shaky, and her heart was pounding hard.

Sunset tilted her head a little. Her red bang partially hiding part of her right eye. “What are you doing here?” Her tone was cautious. Trixie knew that Sunset knew that Trixie was stalking her!

Trixie gulped. Hard. “T-Trixie received an urgent letter from a relative! Trixie had to attend as fast as possible!”

For a moment, Sunset only stared at Trixie, directly into her eyes. And after what Trixie could describe as an eternity, Sunset shrugged and smiled. “I see,” she replied.

Trixie was unable to talk. Did it really work? Did Sunset really believe Trixie? Could it be possible that a pony as gorgeous as Sunset had a hard as big as to trust a complete stranger? Trixie felt her cheeks blush once more.

“Is your relative also in Ponyville?” Sunset asked as she walked inside the wagon.

Trixie straightened up, making sure not to trip with her cape. “W-Well, it’s not a relative! I-It’s a friend, actually!” She followed Sunset to a row and sat down in front of her.

Sunset hummed. Her smile was small, and her eyes were locked with Trixie’s. “It’s so nice of you to answer a friend’s call that suddenly.”

“Of course!” Trixie answer. She had lived an entire life lying to ponies, but this was the first time that she felt truly bad for it. She wanted to stop lying, but if she confessed, it would ruin her only chance to get to know Sunset, so she decided to, instead, change the topic. “So, uh, what do you do?”

“As in, for a living?” Sunset asked. Trixie nodded, and Sunset hummed a little before answering. “Well, I just graduated, so I think I’ll have to find a job soon.”

Trixie found herself enthralled by Sunset’s every word. “Oh? What are you majored in?”

Sunset twisted her mouth a little. “I mean, I graduated from high school… It’s… complicated, and a very long story I’d rather not tell right now…”

“Trixie understands,” Trixie said. She really wanted to know that story now. But by the look of it, Sunset wasn’t comfortable talking about it, so Trixie had to wait. She could wait. Maybe Sunset would tell her about it at their first date, or maybe at the third, if it was a sore subject.

“And what about you?” Sunset asked. “Do you perform for a living, or is it just a hobby?”

Trixie’s ears perked up at that. “Trixie lives out of her performances! She entertains ponies from all of Equestria and beyond!”

“That’s cool,” Sunset said. “I figured your Cutie Mark is related to magic, right?”

Trixie puffed her chest with pride. “Actually, Trixie’s Cutie Mark represents her love for magic performances! Although Trixie is considered well versed with magic, she is a show mare more than anything!”

“Oh, I see,” Sunset said. Her interest was genuine, Trixie noticed. “And you work with illusions only, right?” Trixie nodded. “I’ve never been good with illusion magic. My forte is enchanting.” She looked at her own Cutie Mark. “I got mine after casting an enchantment upon a bouquet of roses so that they flourish only at sunset, producing a red and yellow shine, for only three minutes a day.”

Trixie blinked. “Wait, you created the Sunburst Flower?!”

To Trixie’s surprise, Sunset blushed. And it was the most adorable blush an equally adorable mare could ever muster. “Yes. It was a long time ago, though… And... I thought that only the students of Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns knew about them.”

“Well, Trixie went to that school too!”


“Yes! But, well, Trixie didn’t finish. Trixie left because she realized that her true passion was to travel across the land.”

Sunset’s smile softened. “That’s great.”

“Yeah…” Trixie was smiling on the outside. But on the inside, she was truly panicking. Awkward silence! Not the awkward silence! It’s the worst kind of silence there is! Trixie has to say something! Anything!

Sunset looked at the window, her eyes narrowing a little, and her mouth half open. She was clearly stifling a yawn by taking a deep breath! Trixie’s breath became erratic. Sunset was getting bored of her! Trixie had to say something to get the conversation going!

Her eyes drifted down Sunset’s figure while she thought. Sunset was really, truly gorgeous. She was the epitome of beauty, Trixie could even dare to say that not even the princesses were as beautiful as Sunset, not even Mi Amore Cadenza, the symbol of love and fitness. Sunset had that natural allure in herself, her torso was slender, her flanks were tremendously appealing, her mane was shining like a setting sun, her muzzle was small and rounded at the tip, and her eyes were staring at Trixie.

Trixie blinked. Sunset had busted her checking her out!

“Are you checking me out?” Sunset asked, but her tone said that she already knew the answer.

Yes! “No!” She replied. “Trixie was just thinking!” About your perfect figure. “And you just happened to be in Trixie’s field of view!” Fortunately. “Trixie is sorry if you got the wrong message!” But Trixie will still stare. “Because you’re gorgeous!”

Trixie smacked a hoof to her mouth. It hurt. Sunset raised an eyebrow.

“No! That’s not what Trixie is thinking!” Stupid! Fix it! “Trixie means, you are gorgeous, but Trixie was totally not thinking of your sexy figure!” Stop it! “No, wait! Trixie is thinking of flowers! Yummy flowers! What is your favorite flower to eat? Trixie’s is jasmine!”

Sunset stared at Trixie for a long while. Trixie hid her face with her hooves. She could not dare look at Sunset now. She had messed up really bad this time. Now Sunset was going to hate her, and her chances of dating Sunset were now zero.

“Earlier today,” Sunset began. “When you invited me to lunch. It wasn’t just a friendly invitation, right?”

Trixie did not look up. She merely nodded. She knew that her face was probably now a bright shade of red. Or probably purple, because red and blue make purple. And the thought didn’t help, because she’d look weird with blue body and purple head.

“Trixie…” Sunset said with a long sigh. It was the first time Sunset had pronounced Trixie’s name, and it sounded even lovelier than when Trixie said it herself. “I’m really flattered, really. And I would totally accept your invitation…” Trixie shot her head up, looking hopeful and expectantly. Sunset lifted her hoof. “But, I now live in a completely different world, quite literally. I’m just here for vacations, and when they’re over, I’ll leave again.”

Trixie’s heart was beating so fast, it almost felt like vibrations instead of pounding in her chest. Sunset had said she’d go out with Trixie! Trixie had to use this on her favor.

“Trixie is a mare of adventures! Trixie can go wherever you are!”

Sunset sighed. “You don’t understand. I literally live in another world. A world where magic doesn’t… Well, it does have magic now, but it’s very little, to the point of being really difficult to harness it.”

“But we just met! Trixie can decide if it’s worth the risk once we get to know each other!”

That made Sunset take her hoof to her chin and hum. “You’ve got a point there,” Sunset said. Trixie’s eyes sparked. It was working! “But,” Trixie’s ears flattened against her head again. “You have to think to the future. Us being together, I don’t think it would work out. You are a traveling magician, you need somepony that would travel with you.”

“But you don’t know that,” Trixie replied. “You can’t know what will happen if you don’t try!”

Sunset sighed again. “Trixie, you’ve been living all your life with your magic. Even if you could settle down in a single city, could you live a life without magic?”

“Is that a challenge?!” Trixie asked. “Trixie can show you that she can do whatever without magic!”

“That’s not what I-”

“Trixie will not use magic from now on!”

Sunset rubbed her forehead. “You don’t have to do that. I mean, I don’t think I’m worth it.”

“That is up to Trixie to decide!” Trixie said. “You are the most gorgeous mare Trixie has seen in her life! Trixie wants to at least get to know you! Please?!” She pursed her lower lip.

Sunset remained silent for a moment, looking at Trixie with a thoughtful expression. “You aren’t going to accept a no for an answer, right?”


Sunset sighed once more. “Well… I’ll be here for a week. I suppose I can give you a chance…”

“Yes!” Trixie jumped over Sunset and trapped her in a tight hug.

“Trixie!” Sunset cried in surprise.

“Yes! Say Trixie’s name!”

Sunset struggled to free herself. “Stop hugging me! I can’t breathe!”

Trixie froze for a moment before releasing Sunset. “Sorry! Trixie didn’t mean to hurt you!”

“It’s ok, just… Be careful, ok?”

“Sorry. Trixie’s just really happy, you know?” Trixie shifted in her seat. “Trixie’s never had a marefriend before.”

“We’re technically not... “ Sunset blinked. “Wait, really?”

“Positive,” Trixie answered with a strong nod. “Trixie had considered it before, but nopony seemed like the right companion to Trixie! That is, until Trixie saw you!”

“Ok…” Sunset straightened up and looked at Trixie. “Look, we better get things straight now. We’re not marefriends. We’re just… Yeah, let’s say we’re dating. But you have to always remember that I’ll be here for just a week, so try to not get too attached to me, even if things go well.”


“You have to understand,” Sunset interrupted her. “I live in another world. Even if things go well between us, we’ll just have a week's worth of relationship, and that’s not enough reason for you to leave Equestria.”

Trixie’s ears flattened against her head. “Alright…” She then looked at Sunset. “By the way, Trixie’s been wondering… When you say you live in another world…”

Sunset sighed, but smiled nonetheless. “It is true. It’s a world parallel to this one. Very few ponies know about it, but then again, I don’t see the point of hiding its existence, at least to ponykind.”

“And why do you live there?” Trixie inquired.

“It’s… complicated,” Sunset answered.

Trixie wanted to know more about it. She wanted to know all of Sunset’s secrets, and then she’d tell her all of her own secrets. They would even create a secret club just to tell each other their most deep and obscure secrets. They would then share their most personal fantasies, and make them true. All of them. Trixie wanted to share with Sunset her most secret desires, like bathing in a bathtub full of peanut butter… and eating crackers from there.

But, alas, it had to wait. Sunset was new to this whole relationship thing, Trixie could tell. Trixie was not going to press Sunset, so she decided to just nod.

“Trixie understands,” Trixie said.

Sunset smiled softly. It was lukewarm and bright, and it made Trixie feel all fuzzy and dizzy. “Thanks,” Sunset replied with that velvety voice. Well, it was a little raspy, really, so maybe denim-y.

The sound of the train’s whistle startled Trixie, but she hid it well. The doors to the outside closed, and the train began moving with increasing speed. Trixie’s stomach fell as realization hit her. They were going to Ponyville, and if that happened, Sunset would surely hear ponies talking about the stupid things Trixie did!

Trixie briefly considered trying to avoid the ponies of Ponyville either looking at Trixie, or approaching to Sunset. Both seemed like very stupid ideas, and Sunset would surely realize that something was going on.

A thought occurred her. If Trixie told Sunset about it herself, she’d definitely get trusting points, and Sunset would see that Trixie was a better pony.

“Uhm, Sunset?” Trixie said, staring at her own hooves.


“There’s something Trixie must tell you.” Trixie took a deep breath. “Trixie… doesn’t have good experiences with Ponyville. The two times Trixie went there… she might or might not have given a bad impression…”

Sunset raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?” Her voice was even, but Trixie was sure there was a suspicious tone. That, or the rattle of the train was probably messing with her voice.

“Well…” Trixie mustered all her courage and looked directly at Sunset’s eyes, only to look away at the window a second after. “Trixie used to be mean in her shows, and ponies don’t like that. The first time, there was an incident with an Ursa Minor -It wasn’t Trixie’s fault!” She interrupted herself. “But the second time was Trixie’s fault alright… Uh… What Trixie’s trying to say is…” She looked at Sunset’s eyes again, and this time managed to keep her gaze there. “Trixie is not proud of her past self, but she’s a better pony now! And Trixie doesn’t want mean ponies telling you different, wicked versions of the reality!”

For a moment, Sunset remained silent, with her eyes narrowed a little. She smiled and put a hoof on Trixie’s shoulder. “It’s ok. We all make mistakes,” she said.

The moment they were having was rudely interrupted by a stallion dressed with the train’s staff uniform pushing a cart of various snacks and pastries.

“Do you ladies want something to eat?” The stallion said. His coat was light grayish blue, and his mane was a dirty dark grey.

“I do,” Sunset said, standing up from her seat and walking to the cart.

Trixie observed her cautiously. What is she doing? Trixie thought. Sunset grabbed a bottle of water with her magic, which turned out to be a beautiful bright teal, much like her eyes, and proceeded to give the bits to the stallion. Trixie’s eyes widened as her frown increased. Sunset gave him one bit extra! And she smiled at him! And not content with that, she turned around waving her tail seductively!

Sunset sat down, opened her bottle, and gave two gulps before looking back at Trixie. “Oh, sorry, did you want something?”

Trixie’s left eye twitched. “What was that?”

“What was what?”

“That!” Trixie hissed, pointing a hoof at the stallion, who was serving to another pair of ponies.

Sunset looked at the stallion, then at Trixie, and repeated for a couple of times. “You mean the water? Do you want me to call him back?”

Trixie let out a surprised and offended laugh. “What, so that you can flirt some more?”

For a moment, Sunset stared at Trixie with a blank expression, her mouth slightly open. “Excuse me?” She said after a full minute.

“Trixie can’t believe it!” Trixie said, scowling at Sunset. “Trixie opened her heart to you and that’s how you reciprocate?!”

Sunset blinked. “Excuse me?” She repeated. Her voice was still full of sheer surprise.

Trixie put a hoof to Sunset’s chest. “No! Trixie does not excuse you! How could you?!”

“Is this…” Sunset started, her face slowly becoming a frown. “Is this a joke? Because it’s not funny.”

“Why would Trixie joke about something like that?!” Trixie firmly placed her hoof back down.

Sunset took a quick, deep breath. “Ok, listen. First, I don’t like how you’re talking to me. Second, I just bought water. I’m unable to see why you think I was flirting. Third, what is wrong with you?”

“Wrong with Trixie?!” Trixie pointed a hoof at her own chest. “You were the one waving her tail like a school filly!”

Sunset gaped for a few moments. She then stood up and began walking away.

“Where are you going?!” Trixie yelled angrily.

“Wherever, far from you!” Sunset replied without looking back.

Trixie blinked. “W-What?!”

Sunset turned around, glaring daggers at Trixie. “I thought you would be different from her!” she started. “I thought you’d be nice- you seemed nice! But no! You had to be the same jealous and overly possessive kind of pe-pony!” Her nostrils snorted angrily. “I’m not going through that again. Thank you, but no thank you.” She turned around. “Good bye, Trixie.”

“What?” Trixie whispered to herself. “Wait, what?!”

Time slowed down as Trixie watched Sunset leave. What was going on? Did Sunset just dump Trixie? But she had been flirting with that stallion! Or was she? Had Trixie been wrong? Had she misread everything?

Trixie felt her heart tug and twist. She had thought that Sunset was disgusted at Trixie’s confession, she decided to pick another pony. Trixie felt stupid, stupider than when she thought the alicorn amulet would get her revenge on Twilight. How could she think Sunset would be that kind of pony?

Trixie breathed heavily as Sunset opened the wagon’s back door.

“Wait!” Trixie called, snapping out of her own thoughts and running up to Sunset. “Trixie’s sorry!” Sunset stopped, but didn’t look back. “Trixie thought that her confession had made you hate her… Trixie thought you’d take any chance to change her for a better pony, but Trixie only managed to screw it up…” She took a deep breath. “Trixie promises it won’t happen again. Would you give Trixie a second chance?”

Sunset slowly looked back. Trixie could only see one of her eyes, but she recognized the feelings there: Disappointment, anger, and sadness. “You first fix that problem of yours. Then we talk.” And with that, Sunset crossed to the other wagon and closed the door behind her.