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This story is a sequel to Magic Moments

Lying awake in bed, Twilight writes down her thoughts and feelings about somepony special to her.

Contains: Twixie/hints of poetry/derpy pony daws/one stupid joke

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Short but sweet. And I can't sleep either, so you get an 8:12 AM insomnia comment.

Quaint, cute, and quick. Couldn't say it any better.

This was sweet and cute as fuck. Bravo! :twilightsmile:

Good lord, I thought from the title that this was an Evictus story. Then I saw the author. All is well.

I can sleep, but I need to write. :applecry:

Did you try making it 1000 words?

That was so good. You're the best.

That was perfectly beautiful!
Not tearing up.....just happy.

Thank you for making a very hard day wonderful again, sis! You're the best!

Hope you had a good day. Get some rest.<3

Okay, finally got around to reading this, and it... Well, no other word for it really, it was beautiful. Have you considered taking up poetry? I have a feeling, don't ask me why, that'd you be really good.

Really well written

Gods these are sooooooo good.
Short yet impactful:twilightsmile:

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