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Did you know it's possible to save Equestria without lifting a claw, or even breaking a sweat?
Spike has saved Equestria 196 times since Starlight moved in.

This is one of those times.

*A 3 A.M. Rarity Short*

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Comments ( 93 )

Dang it Spike...

You used the pic too much.

Twas part of the gag, darling! :raritywink:

Still too many times I couldn't even read most of the story

I'm terribly sorry you found it difficult to read, dear, but I do appreciate your attempt and letting me know. :raritywink:
I hope my next comedy is more to your liking, and will surely be more readable!

I look forward to it.

Now that was just plain silly:twistnerd:

Bit of a one-sided conversation, inn'it? :rainbowlaugh:

You've definitely done better, but for a 3am gag that was quite enjoyable. :twilightsmile:

Well done, Spike.

I am just sitting here thinking of a cutout of spike sitting there as starlight argues with it. Then at the end spike comes in and says that's where my cutout went.

:moustache: She forgot the magic word
:duck: gems?
:moustache: cookies! lots and lots of cookies
:twilightsmile: and ice cream?
:moustache::raritywink: No . ice cream's for our diva moments...
:facehoof: epic fails and ice cream

You know what bugs me the most about this?

The fact there aren't any spines on Spike's tail in that pic. :rainbowlaugh:

This idea pleases Lady Rarity

Or it's just labeled "Emergency Starlight Stopper" on the back. In case of great idea, break glass!

Spike just says so much by being silent and that look!

Very amusing and a fun read, Lady Rarity!

That was fun, I do think the last pic should have been different, something like Spike doing an eye roll or face-palming from the shear stupidity of the ponies he has to babysit all the time.

Dang, I'd almost forgotten you can put images in the middle of stories. Nobody ever does that anymore.

It was used to perfection here. Have a Thumbs Up. :)

Could that I would, darling, but I'd need to find such an image, first, and of similar quality, no less.

Very creative, telling to story with just one sided dialogue and one repeated picture, while actually making it work heehee

Come on Spike. Starlight just wants more of her waifu. :pinkiehappy:

If it was Rarity, you'd be ok with it.

Read it. Can't like it. That repeat pic is lazy. Using the pic at all in the story is lazy writing. Spke looking at Starlight like that for this is fine.

But be a respectable and describe it in story.

"Spike, if you're done, I'm gonna be needin' that eyebrow back." :ajbemused:

Tis quite alright not to like the story dear, but you may have missed the concept of the gag itself,
And being a respectable 'author' (I think you mean to say) tis something one might consider subjective, is it not?

The best part? I can perfectly picture this happening :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you, darling, I wanted to try something different! :heart:

It's just a simple spell! Super easy, barely an inconvenience to cast!

Aww, pop culture references in fanfics are tight!

I love you SO much for catching that reference.
You have made my night. :heart:

I foresee a scene of Starlight Glimmer trotting around the track at the school, reciting over and over: "Magic is not the answer for everything."
Spike, AJ, and RD are watching her, keeping track.
RD: Shouldn't she be writing it out on a blackboard?
Spike: We don't have a blackboard big enough for to hold that written out ten thousand times.

OMG! I couldn't figure out why the picture looked off until I saw your comment.

And, RarityEQM...BRILLIANT concept.
And executed perfectly.
Have a like :heart:

Gags are hit and miss with me. Maybe that's why. And here I'm missing it I think.

Tis alright dear, comedy in and of itself is subjective, after all

Downvoted because you didn't use enough Spike images.

But on a more serious note, this gave me a chuckle so cheers RarityEQM here's an upvote.

It was a gag that went on too long for me. Something that would work better at a smaller length (two or three paragraphs), with it being part of a larger story to fill in some of the plot as well as meet the minimal word count.

Spike's not having it.

Comedy gold!

Certainly can't please everypony. But thank you kindly for reading it :heart:

totally knew this would hit trending the moment i read it lol

i guess they never miss huh

Kind of wish their was more variety in the Spike responses. Otherwise amusing.

I was half expecting Spike to be a cardboard cutout of himself at the end given the other 196 times Starlight almost destroyed the world.

Starlight slams the door behind her and the wind pressure from the force of the door blows the cardboard cutout of Spike over. Meanwhile, Spike is in his room none the wiser, reading the latest issue of Power Ponies.

I know what you're gonna ask, and no, Spike, I have not tested the morality spell. I don't need to. It's fool-proof! I based it off of my morality, so there's no way it can go wrong!

At this point he should have slapped her with a newspaper.

I actually expected this to be the punchline.

Good idea for this story!
But I should mention a few suggestions for the picture:

  • You should add the source
  • Consider to center it

  • I would reduce the heigth (about 1/3 to 1/2; except for the first one, if you want); it currently requires much more scrolling than necessary for the joke.


  • You should add the source
  • Consider to center it
  • I would reduce the heigth (about 1/3 to 1/2; except for the first one, if you want); it currently requires much more scrolling than necessary for the joke.

1: A fantastic idea! Yes, yes I should love to credit this image to the magnificent pony that drew it, but the thing about that is, I can't seem to find that image again. I think I got it from Deviant Art but I'm not able to find it there either. Should anypony come across it PLEASE let me know where you found it so I can credit it properly.

2: A good idea as well, Perhaps that will make things easier to read

3: But what would I trim? Each paragraph is a joke in and of itself, and each paragraph links to the next in a sense.

1. Found the sources of both pictures:
Spike's Pic: Source on DeviantArt (Artist: BlueOysterColt), Source on Derpibooru (#671572)
Cover: Source on (Artist: IronM17), Source on Derpibooru (#1475476)
2. Did it work?
3. I was talking about making the picture smaller (not the text!). Making it smaller by scaling it down.

Have a look, darling! I've taken your advice to heart!

You've inspired me, dear.
Go and check out the new addition. :raritywink:

Ok that ending was funnier. ...
Now I feel like I should go write something since you gave me a shoutout.

Ahh, I always find 'funnier' subjective dear...
But I can't deny that I'm tickled that you liked it :heart:
Thank you so so so so so so SO much, darling! I am in your debt!

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