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Now a powerful alicorn princess, Twilight regards her immortality, her friends and the very concept of time itself.

Now with awesome Audio Reading:

Thank you SO much, Sojourner!!

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Credit where it's due, it's definitely refreshing to see a happier perspective of the immortality thing. As you said, the alternative can get tiring. So thanks for the story, and I'm only sorry for not being able to provide meaningful commentary.

I agree with you regarding Twilights probable reaction to immortality.

The most important things to Twilight Sparkle are her friends, the approbation of Celestia, and the acquistion of knowledge, in some order.

Immortality might be taken to mean that all her friends will predecease her, and she actually doesn't have all the time in the world to prevent this from happening; on the other hand, her friends aren't dying any time soon, and she's a brilliant, highly-gifted mage in a dynamically-advancing culture, so they may wind up benefitting from some sort of life extension magic or technology. They may even Ascend as has she herself.

There's another and darker possibility. She and her friends often get into extremely dangerous situation. It's quite possible that any or all of them might wind up dying of violent causes. If we go with my assumption that Alicorns regenerate, Twilight herself is harder to kill -- but she's also an obvious target of any foes.

Contrary to some interpretations, I think that Twilight would be well aware of the possibility of dying in action. She's from a military family, and is both knowledgable in military history and has probably known of some of Shining's comrades being killed in action. I write her having such thoughts in Dragonshyness, when she realizes that the corollary of leading her friends into a possible fight is that she may lose some of them.

The flip side of this is that she hasn't lost any of them, so far, and so she can celebrate that. And also, that she doesn't really know who will predecease whom: which path her future takes is still unknown. Any or all of them might die tomorrow, and any or all of them might live for thousands of years.

As you point out, immortality is a very good thing from the point of view of someone curious. Not only does she have time to read everything that's been written, but she can look forward to getting to read many things that have not yet been written.

Now that's a lovely thought.

Oh wow. In the time I was reading this, someone else finished reading and favorited it before me.:twilightsmile:

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I really like this concept. A few errors here and there, but nothing that drastically took away from the story. Nice job!

Cool, albeit simplistic and... somewhat shallow.

But a nice story nevertheless!

Of course, this is Equestria, where it's hard to avoid tripping over Destiny. Perhaps it's her Destiny to Die Gloriously saving Equestria or something.

But yes, I do really like Optimistic Twilight.

I was honestly expecting this to be sad sense most stories like this are about Twilight hating the idea of out living all her friends ,but I like how she has hopes they to would become princesses one day and Spike as a dragon would defiantly be able to compete with Twilight's immortality sense dragons take thousand year long naps so I cant even imagine how long they live in all.

what's the color of time.

its purple with streaks of red and blue

This was a funny story, and I liked it a lot. Sorry that I can't say anything more detailed, but it's time for me to go.

But, books are constantly being written, so she'll never be able to read everything that's ever been written. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing.

Unless she creates a spell that lets her instantly read/assimilate books. I guess she has enough time to come up with something. ;)


I wouldn't say refreshing. So many people are still running on the idea that all 'immortality' themed fics are sad, and writing more philosophical or even upbeat immortality-based stories to counter it that honestly that's all I see these days. The last time I saw a new 'Twilight realizes she'll have to leave her friends behind forever' fic (last year, at that) I was legitimately surprised and actually bothered reading it, because it'd gone full circle and become rare.

Kind of like how people keep praising sob story villains as a foil to 'all the villains who are just plain evil', which hasn't been prevalent in over twelve years - leaving the foil as the over-saturated option. Sort of like that, I think.

I liked this story because it wasn't trying to deal with either. It's not written like it means to banish sadness around the concept or whatnot. Twilight's gone full manic on time. She's had a minor bout of insanity, and enjoyed it thoroughly. It doesn't say she'll be happy forever, these are just her thoughts. For all we know, when it comes around to it she won't manage to save any of her friends from mortal life's end and her whole outlook will change - that makes it feel more organic, more realistic, that it's an option, because while time's passage holds little meaning to Maniclight, time's events can change her for the better or worse still.

Story delivers on its theme. We just get a view inside of Twilight's head. No mouthpiecing or trope foiling to hurt the story and make it out to be a horrorfest of infinite life or sunshine and rainbows forever where nothing bad happens because she lives forever.

She stretched out again and pulled herself up stiffly from underneath her desk, wondering if Spike had made breakfast. Perhaps he was still asleep. It really didn't matter. Either way, she would find herself spending her day with him. They'd laugh, they'd talk, share lunch and enjoy each other's time together. That, she decided, was the important part. Enjoying the time they had together now. Somehow she'd stumbled upon her own friendship lesson. Being eternal would change nothing. It was the time they shared together now, that was important.

And this is the only thing that matters, in the end.

Heard about this story from Olden Brony. It's a cute little tale. Twilight seems to feel like a weight has been lifted that she never even noticed before.

Good! Immortality is good. In a thousand years you would be living the sci-fi dream.

I imagine tho, what if an Alicorn decides that anyone dying is intolerable when there is the ability to produce alicorns? So they seek to produce them, and rebel at the idea of ruling a kingdom. They think its just cutie marks 2.0. And why not. If everyones an alicorn they could all safely travel space, so no over-population problems. The only issue would be

A wise person once told me: "We all live the same amount of time: a lifetime." It's not how many years, days and hours you have, but what you do with them. And I'm sure Twilight and her friends will make good use of them, immortal or not.

Regardless, I agree with this take: an immortal Twilight would definitely see the advantages of it (endless time to study, learn, and make friends) rather than obsess over the disadvantages.

Moonie!! Thank you for the comment darling!! :raritywink:

When you're immortal, you can just wait for most of your enemies to die.

Then torture their families FOR ETERNITY!!! MUWAH HA HA HA!!!

(Alondro is best Evil Overlord.)

back in february, i had a cold/flu or something. some kind of viral infection. i felt like crap.

I've been dealing with some issues regarding my own mortality for years, wishing i could be immortal, not having to die, all the usual stuff.

Then I fell asleep one night with a fever, and rolled onto my left side, which is where i get tinnitus at the best of times (physiological issue, normally nothing)

I ended up with tinnitus so bad it permeated my dreams with an incessant, insanity-creating, all encompassing buzzing ring.

And it sparked a thought.

I am mortal, my time is limited, but on the other hand, if i was immortal, how the hell would i be able to face the concept of existing for the next TRILLION YEARS?

I literally nearly lost my mind right then and there in that dream, and not in the good way that twilight did right here.

It's just... i was trying to envision, in the dream, encompassing eternity and all of existance in my mind all at once. everything i'd have to REMEMBER. not just facts and factoids, but every minute of every day for the next Eon and beyond.

In the dream itself i was cracking, wanting to run to my mother and scream and cry and break down when i FINALLY woke up. the dream shattered, the memory faded, and i finally sat up and popped my ears till that infernal ringing in my ears faded.

It wasn't until months later that i recaptured what the dream was about in bits and pieces so i could analyze it and remember without falling to pieces.

So... yeah, that's the other side to considering Immortality.

For a moment, her friends popped into her head. Her court. Her best friends. What of them? Where would she be without her circle of friendship to see her through the rough and difficult times? They weren't alicorns! They still lived within the boundaries of time. ... For now.

oh boy. that sound... ominous.

She was never going to die.

Is she, like, IMMORTAL immortal? Like Kenny from South Park? And she respawns each time she dies? Or is she only quasi-immortal and won't die unless something is powerful enough to kill her so much she stays dead.

Or do the Alicorns have to decide who is going to be the only one and cut the others' heads off with swords?


8288562 Silly child. The method to grasp the mind of an immortal is not simply to embrace the madness. You must BECOME the madness.



An every morning I start my day with a cup of coffee with cream.


(And suddenly, everything Alondro does sorta makes sense...)

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But what does it sound like

Dear sister,
I read this wonderful story two days ago and I enjoyed it so very much! You wrote Twilight so well and true to character and having her explore and realize that immortality can be a positive experience was a take I've not ever seen. It was wonderful to see a bright, imaginative tale on her being an Alicorn! And congrats on your third day in the featured box. Yea!:raritywink:

Great writing, Sis. You. Are. Amazing!

P.S. Sorry it took so long to respond....I was just could put words together to tell you what a wonderful tale you've written! Just such a good message: live a day at a time and love where you are and whom your with. So very true and wise, dear Lady!

This comment is a mistake.
But it won't be, if you interact with it.

A mistake it is!
But let's make it the best mistake ever!:raritywink:

Awesome story, I love how she begins to understand. Crazy story, but a great read.

Eventually, she'd end up with pet projects, she mused. Real brain busters. Space travel, energy problems, sustainable resources for everyone she encountered, world peace. Why hay dog buns came in packages of eight and hay dogs came in packages of ten...

Bulletproof Monk already answered one of those questions:

Hot dogs are sold by the pound and the average hot dog weighs around 1.6 ounces. 10 hot dogs. Bread reason is different because it's due to old weird laws and traditions. Industrial scale bakes them in packs of 4. 8 buns.

I am well aware of the answer, darling, it was a joke in the context. :D

8327645 So much for me in making myself look smart and sharing that Bulletproof Monk reference. Still, I got one up on a fictional character. YES! :twilightsmile:

Why hay dog buns came in packages of eight and hay dogs came in packages of ten...

Now that's a problem worthy of study! :twilightsmile:


(And suddenly, everything Alondro does sorta makes sense...)

Alondro is Excalibur. Everything DOES make sense.

Does your legend begin in the twelfth century?

8329116 FOOL!

I was just getting to that...

As I was saying, I was a troubled youth in the long-ago days in the big city. I would hang out with gangs of Keep Left signs and harass old women. Then in the evenings I could always be found in the alleys participating in the brutal sport of hedgehog fights.

Everything I have just said is false.

Now where was I... ah yes. I do love a cup of herbal tea in the morning.

You came up with this at 3 AM in the morning? Holy hell, now that's inspiration!

Wonderful story. I quite enjoyed it. I was laughing with her the whole time.

I do love upbeat counterpoints to the immortality blues. This one perfectly captures the inchoate tone of dreams. I'd be a bit concerned for Twilight's sanity if she weren't always like that. :derpytongue2: All in all, thank you for this.

I'm a bit reminded of the time Arthur Dent decided he would go mad today and was quite happy when he was later chasing a couch across the plains of prehistoric Earth with his dead friend.

Interesting concept. I'm glad Twilight's looking at this in a positive light.

Author Interviewer

Refreshingly positive. :)

I know, right? I don't know about you, but I feel like Twilight isn't being positive. To me, she sounds like she's slowly going insane.

This story is actually kind of interesting depending on your interpretation. On one hand, it's an excellent subversion to the ever popular "Twilight angsts over being immortal" and instead has her look on the positive side, thinking about all the things she's able to do now. However, I seem to shake the feeling that this is actually Twilight slowly going insane.

Her pondering may seem positive and upbeat, but to me it sounds like the ravings of a mad scientist. It's actually kind of fascinating. I'm both very awed and conflicted by this story, which is something a fiction on this site has never done to me before.

Yet I can't shake the feeling Twilight's slowly losing her sanity.

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