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This story is a sequel to Forever

Now completely taken by the insanity of her immortality, Twilight Sparkle decides the best course of action is to spread it to her friends.

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This is very refreshingly different from the usual angst and gloom surrounding pony ruminations on immortality.

Upvoted and tossed on my tracking shelf. Looking forward to where this one goes.

This is going to be fun! I think Twilight is feeling overwhelmed by the fact she is immortal. And now she has infected Applejack....the others don't stand a chance!
Eager to see more of this tale!

Nicely done, dear sister!

Ah, what a wonderful approach to immortality. And happy Applejack is a fantastic Applejack:ajsmug:

We'll all be able to go to the spa and get hornjobs,

Ok, who invited Deadpool?


He had a feeling this joke was going to last forever...

And just then, evil(?) alicorn Pinkishgrey Tart appeared atop her Party Dalek and declared, "THE JOKE... SHALL LAST... FOREVERRRRR!! MUWAH HA HA HA HA!!"

And that was when Spike quit and took the lead role in a new Spyro series.

Ah, the "Living Forever Is Awesome!" trope. We don't get that one too often. Much more fun and interesting than the usual "Waah waah I'll outlive everypony and be all alone waah" drudge.


I personally love this concept that Living Forever is Awesome trope.

Still, to the author. Will we actually get to see them as Alicorns at the end? Because I think that would be awesome, the way you are writing this, and the way things are looking. I truly say that you sir, will have a great way of making this work and I look forward to the Princesses of Harmony.

I have Luna give a longish speech on this topic in Twelfth Equestriad Interview", in response to the question of whether immortality for all is a good or bad idea:

"First," stated Luna, "it is of course possible for Ponies to live without definite end, both because any pattern can be endlessly remade, and because I was born over two thousand five hundred and fifty years ago and yet still live and breathe this studio air. "Second," she continued, "there are diverse ways to do it. Unfortunately, we do not know how to transform everypony into Alicorns. My Sister and I were born Alicorns, for reasons which do not apply to most Ponies; and Twilight and her Companions went through very rare and difficult Ascensions, which could not be readily duplicated and which I doubt most Ponies would survive. Celestia prepared the ground very well so that they did survive; I cannot claim her mastery of transformations, and have no wish to kill a group of admirable and worthy Ponies figuring out how she did it.

"However, there are several other paths we know to be possible and probably practical. We are researching them all. We have already managed to greatly extend Pony lives -- my Sister had in fact already accomplished this to some degree simply by improving sanitation and medical care in the centuries I spent in exile -- and we think that within a half-century we will have doubled Pony lifespans; in a century, we will have achieved full biological immortality.

"Third, as to whether immortality be desirable ---" Luna peered intently into the camera. "I ask ye all, for the next day, would ye rather live or die? If you would rather live another day, woud ye not answer the same for a week of days? A month of weeks, a year of months? And so on, on to decades, centuries and millennia? Clearly, you do each desire the continuation of your own lives, increment by increment!

"Fourth -- the opposite of Life be Death -- and make no mistake on this: if ye do reject the extension of a Pony's life, where pratical, ye do condemn that Pony to an early and needless death. Ye well may deem this a tolerable fate for other Ponies, ones ye know not, ones that are to you mere numbers, competing with you for the goods of the world. Ye should mull on this: if ye deny immortality, that same doom of Death shall come to your friends, your families -- and your own selves.

"As to the problem of the multitudes, of a throng in which there is birth but little death -- yes, if we were all mere animalcules growing in laboratory dishes, we would be doomed to misery as we ate all the food and used up all the jar, and then perished amidst our own wastes, unable to fare any further. A sorry fate, to be sure.

"But we are not animalcules. We are Ponies! We have minds, and we can judge whether or not we can provide for our foals, and on this decide whether we shall conceive them. If our worlds be too small, we can find new ones. We need not be limited to just one Earth, or even just one Solar System, we can and shall make ourselves at home in the whole Universe. Our lives are a blessing, not a curse, upon the common weal!

"To be sure, we must not fear Death unduly. If we live our lives in terror of their ends, we can neither do our duties to our own selves and others," her face grew stern as she contemplated this, "nor enjoy that which is sweet in them," at this she looked upon Twilight, and her expression softened. "And this be true whether we live a decade, a century, a millennium ... or more."

She looked once again directly into the camera, her jaw resolute.

"I have led Ponies into battle. I have sometimes had no choice but to hazard their lives --" she frowned, "-- aye, and too often at long odds, for t'were the only road to victory, to the warding of our homes and foals. Sometimes Death must be risked, sometimes lives lost, to gain a greater good. This is sad, but true. And some of those lives lost were ones dear-beloved to mine own self." She was looking past the camera now, to battlefields forgotten by all others save military historians, upon corpses who had once been friends. Her ears drooped, eyes closed briefly, a moisture glistening under her lashes.

Then she opened her eyes and gazed directly into the camera.

"But never," she said, "never have I in sound mind and full knowledge simply thrown away those lives entrusted to me. Never would I march my Ponies into holocaust, for no better cause than that I felt I had of troops too many for ready provisioning!

"That is what t'would be were We -- knowing it both possible and practical for Ponies to live Undying -- to instead decree that they must die, beause we found it too weary a task to change our laws in such wise as to avoid sudden overpopulation. Did I do this, I would be the most bloody tyrant ever known, for I would thus condemn all my subjects to death! Has any ruler ever been so cruel?"

She smiled.

"Nor am I, Princess Luna Selena Nyx, that cruel. I reject Death, and choose Life -- for my subjects as for mine own self -- and would rather suffer the problems presented by messy, living Ponies, than be the keeper of a lich-field, be it the most tidy and pretty lich-field that ever was!"

As she said this she rose, and flared her wings, her expression defiance, and stamped her hooves, as if to challenge Death to personal combat.


I think that the claim that immortality would suck is Sour Grapes. As my Princess Luna points out, if the question were asked incrementally -- "Do you want to live another day?" -- pretty much all people would say "Yes!"

I like where this is going. Keep it up!

Comment posted by Basilisk deleted Jul 27th, 2017

Hmm... so are all of the elements going to have this kind of reaction? I could certainly see it. I'm interested to see where this goes. Tracking. :trixieshiftright:

Reminds me of this comic. But for good reasons this time.
And I'm also left wondering if they will be made immortal at the end. Everything has been too happy for it not to happen.

This has three possible ends:
>Every element bearer alicorns up
>They die normally and Twilight gets more crazy
>They die young

I hope it's option one, really

While Spike was always happy to see his sister in a good mood, he'd never quite seen her in 'this' good a mood.

Hurray, I love when fanfics emphasize the sibling-like relationship between Twilight and Spike.

Applejack asked curiously, staring at the squealing unicorn who was oblivious to her presence.

Should say alicorn, not unicorn.

Teaching Applejack and Pinkie Pie magic would take a few years, but they'd get the hang of it!

Pinkie Pie's already pretty magical. So is Applejack, for that matter, although her magical skills are more nurturing and less flashy and perplexing. Yeah, I know Twilight means unicorn magic, I just like to remind people that earth ponies have magic of their own.

Anyway, I've added this to my tracking. Always nice to see ponies happy about immortality.

goodness, Thank you, I missed that


'Twilight Sparkle will not outlive her friends.' Says the writers. Therefore, either she dies first, or they all die at the same time, or they become Alicorns like her. I like the third option myself.


Eternity would ONLY suck if you had NO ONE to share eternity WITH. THEN it would be torture.

The Friendship will last FOREVER!

:pinkiecrazy: Forever...

Hmm... But what about Spike? We've never seen a dragon alicorn before...

(For that matter, what about Shining Armor? We've never seen a male alicorn before...)

Fortunately, there must be some other path to immortality; remember, Mirrorverse!Sombra's lived for over a thousand years without wings. Perhaps he is an alicorn, and only alicorn mares have wings? Or perhaps it's a mere age spell, like Twilight said the "highest-level unicorns" can cast?


I agree. And, even if Twilight Sparkle alone of the Mane Six was immortal, she could make other friends in the course of her life. It would suck, of course, to constantly outlive friends -- my Celestia and Luna have had to deal with that often enough, which is one reason why Luna's so pro-immortality research -- but it's endurable, provided that you're not left wholly alone forever.

My personal headcanon is that Alicorns aren't actually automatically immortal; Celestia and Luna are only so because they're bonded to the sun and the moon respectively, and won't pass on before those celestial bodies are destroyed. Cadence and Twilight are still mortal by default. However, this being the magical land of Equestria, there are potentially a multitude of ways to achieve immortality if you really want. (Sombra, Tirek, Chrysalis, Discord, the Smooze...) Applejack could have plenty of options that wouldn't even have to include alicorndom (even though flight and magic would be a definite plus), especially since she has a friend with excellent research skills. Goes with all of them, really.

"Ah'm one with the apple orchards of Equestria now. Long as one tree still stands, ah can't die. Ah don't speak fer them, though. Hired some orange fuzzball fer that."
"Well, I have bonded with the very essence of fashion! Wherever stylish outfits are called for, there I am! Whenever ponies call out for appropriate eveningwear or the right hat for the weather, I shall draw breath!"
"Cosdarn it, Rarity."
"Um, I trapped the Grim Reaper in a sack for a while, and now he won't come near me. That's not going to be a problem in the future, r-right?"

On the other hand, from a different, spiritual perspective, immortality could be argued to have plenty of drawbacks... primarily that you're trapped on this level of existence with no options for a potential afterlife. While religion has never been brought up on the show (and thankfully so, because that would open one very unpleasant can of worms), a lot of faiths believe that this life is just one part of your whole existence, and that you need to move on properly. Tell a fundamentalist christian that you'd like to make him physically immortal... and thus have to stay in this world forever... and never go to Heaven, like he'd been promised and worked for... and I can assure you that he won't like your 'gift'.

I could go for the Hob Gadling deal, though. Live for as long as I actually want to, but get to die properly when I feel I'm finally ready.

Maybe Spike will become a ryujin?

8328824 :ajsmug: "Ah'm one with this here apple tree. Long as it lives, Ah live."

:fluttershyouch: "But what if somepony chops it down or --"

:ajsmug: "An' how'll they find this one tree in all this here orchard? If'n Ah wanna die for some reason, Ah c'n chop it. But till then... apple trees live a long time."

:ajbemused: "... say, Fluttershy, you're lookin' mighty perky for your age too?"

:yay: "Oh, well, Discord said he had a present for me last year..."

Ah, young (comparatively) Twilight has entered the second stage of immortality: madness. Don't worry, after a few centuries, or millenia, she'll get bored with it and go sane. Very sane.


Religion has been alluded to without being outright mentioned. Several lines throughout the years show praise to Celestia and, such as using 'Celestia' in place of 'God'. And during the Hearts and Hooves song, the CMC come across a funeral being presided over by an elderly stallion with a priest's collar.

Very, 'If you want it to be there, it's there. If you don't, there's not enough there for anyone to tell you it has to be a thing.' style.

...Huh. Can't say that immortality of the body is something that I'd want, but dangit if this isn't a good story! Let the insanity run free!

Eyyup. Called it.

I kinda thought they'd wait to tell Pinkie until last, but now that I think about it, they'd probably need all five of them to convince Fluttershy... Just speculating here.

I have a feeling Pinkie's chapter is going to be short.
:pinkiegasp: "Immortal? All the time in the world to bake all the best cupcakes and cakes and pies and throw all the best parties that everypony will enjoy? COUNT ME IN!" :pinkiecrazy:

It'd be funny if in the end Celestia shows up, and tells Twilight that she isn't actually immortal, because she's an ascended alicorn, and not one like Luna and Celestia themselves.
And then she says "Gotcha!"

And Pinkie will just stare at Dash with a raised eyebrow, "Well duhhhhhhh! Of course we're immortal. We're cartoons! Even if we 'die' in the story, the writers can just pull some resurrection stuff out of their plot and start us right up all over again!" She bounced away tra-la-la-ing while Dash just stood there drooling with her sense of reality shattered.


8329384 I would think Pinkie already knows somehow. Because Pinkie. And her reasoning will break the minds of the rest of them. It's Pinkie. How can her reaction be anything other than unexpected?

I think Pinkie will already suspect this, and not go as insane as the others. Cauz she already is insane.

:twilightsheepish: PRINCESS OF FRIENDSHIP books
:ajbemused: PRINCESS OF HONESTY apples
:flutterrage: PRINCESS OF KINDNESS critters
:rainbowlaugh: PRINCESS OF LOYALTY speed
:pinkiehappy: PRINCESS OF LAUGHTER party party party
:moustache: PRINCE OF THE BUTT MONKIES butt monkey

:moustache::raritywink:Dragons nap for a hundred years may I join you precious scales? For a long fashionable snuggle? :facehoof:

Think of their beautiful hybrid babies.

Again, this better not be smoke and mirrors on Twilight's part. You don't build up a pony like this only to lead them over a cliff. :-)

I love and adore how utterly infectious Twilight's 'happy crazy' is 'spreading'.

Another writer used an amusing silent reveal that Celly and Lulu were taking bets on who'd ascend next or who'd ascend first.

I imagine Celestia remarking, "And once there are enough 'princesses' around Equestria, Alicorns will be seen as normal, and the whole 'royalty' thing will fade away, and we'll be treated as equals rather than elites!"

And Luna would ask, "You plan on making everypony in Equestria an Alicorn?"

And Celestia would reply, "Not all at once, that would be foolish."

Yes, yes.

This I, this is part of my Head cannon in some stories as well. But agreed. I love the idea of the Mane six being all Alicorns.

I also concur I do not want this to be smoke and mirrors. This cannot be smoke and mirrors Equestria is too good and pure to not be smoke and mirrors. I really, really love the idea that this will see them, heck it could be that the energies that they are feeling could actually make them keep up with Pinkie Pie, for all we know this energy that they have, that is making them act and have the energy of Foals is the start of them ascending into being Alicorns. It could be a slow process, but it is going to be amazing I feel.

The only problem with those stories is when writers use it as an excuse to brute force through the canon events and curb stomp the canon villains.


I don't fully understand your comment.

However, I feel that this won't happen in this story.

I feel that this is going to be amazing and we are going to enjoy it I firmly believe. There is going to be fun, I enjoy this story a lot.

"I...uh...I'm gonna get started on dinner...so..." Spike stammered, slowly making his way towards the kitchen.

This is not how you excuse yourself Spike. If you want to get out of mad alicorns grasp you need to say something like "Igottagobye" before making a beeline to the exit.

Great story.


Because Pinkie.

'Nuff said. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm not joking when I say this fic is one of the best I've ever read. It's uncommon to see immortality in a positive light, and I think this is the only fic in which I am okay with the rest of the Mane 6 becoming alicorns. I'm looking forward to more of the updates.

Very cool and smooth, sis! Enjoying this story very much. Nice twist in getting AJ to get Rainbow to understand.

Omg Rainy is such an adorable nickname for Dashie :D

Now Rainy.

I've never seen that as a nickname for Rainbow before, but I like it.

And now Rainy doesn't have to leave Tank in her will to her future kids. Tortoises often live over 150 years.

And when we get to the end of this and the Elements tell the Sisters about their plans. Celestia and Luna look at each other, look back at the group. "You realize there can only be five alicorns at one time, right? Flurry Heart kinda filled up the last position there..."

This story has a lot of sad potential. BUT IT IS SO OPTIMISTIC THAT I REALLY WANT IT TO HAVE A HAPPY END...

heh, end...
(get it? because they are immortal, and endless)

Well, I imagine they'll be taken to the great beyond when the heat death of the universe happens.

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