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The show may have ended, but I'm going to keep on reading until the last writer stops writing!


Finally achieving her dream and making it to the top, to the prestigious Canterlot Symphony Orchestra, Octavia had thought it would be a dream come true. But sadly it wasn't. Her audience nearly always consists of the worst high society had to offer, with their empty words and holier-than-thou attitudes. It's never about the music now, and Octavia can feel herself slowly losing hope that it ever will be.

Can one ditzy mailpony be the saviour she needs?

Written for Jake The Army Guy's obscure shipping competition.

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"I swear after that stunt I almost feel like donning a stealthy disguise and vandalising her statue in central Canterlot with a can of spray paint! But then I realised that would be a stupid idea."

I know what story you're referencing to! :pinkiehappy:

Also, nice job with your story! :twilightsmile:

Not bad, and certainly a novel pairing. You do a good job of establishing chemistry between Octavia and Derpy. Still, the story could use another proofreading run, it's kind of telly with regard to Octavia's emotional state, and the conflict feels awkwardly forced in. Given Silent Strings's behavior, I'm amazed that the entire orchestra isn't sick of her to the point of dismissing anything she says out of hoof. Granted, that's a limitation of the perspective; we only see her through Octavia's eyes, so we don't know how manipulative she is with others, what her reputation might be... though given how flagrant she is in her manipulations, she's really not selling the whole "wicked mastermind" thing.

All told, a sweet if somewhat clumsy story of clashing social tiers. Given the deuteragonist, "sweet and clumsy" is actually rather appropriate. :derpytongue2: Best of luck in the judging.

It was a cute story. Good job!

One small problem though she left all of the ponies at her own apartment.

Pretty good. A few times I had trouble seeing who was reading, and there were a couple flaws in grammar, but overall, the story was nice, sweet, and best of all, cute.

Interesting. I would love to see a sequel where we get to see the further falling out with Strings. Either way love the pairing in this.

I would have never thought of this pairing
Brilliant thinking!
So cute and yet deep at the same time

:twilightangry2: She said... what? But you're not even a musician yourself!
:derpyderp1: I know. But then we left and... had a... a really... nice evening. And night. And m-morning.
:twilightblush: O-Oh. Uhm... well... that's... nice.
:derpytongue2: Oh and then Fancy and Fleur started to state their own opinion on several social outings. Somehow, all the other important ponies just fell in line with them and Silent was kicked out of the orchestra. Her father didn't even had any say in it. It made me sad, to be honest. I didn't want anything bad happen to her.
:twilightsmile: It's okay, Derpy. She got what was due.
:derpyderp2: Funny, Tavi said something similar.
:twilightsmile: Yes, because she-... wait, 'Tavi'?
:derpyderp1: Oh, uhm... uhhhm... Ohwouldyoulookatthetime,it'slateTavi'sgoingtowait,thankyouagainforthetickets,Twilight,gottagofast,bye...!

I wish there was a sequel to this, I would love to see everypony apologizing for believing Silent Strings lies.

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