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Roxas was a reincarnation of the legendary keyblade wielding Sora. But due to his apparent death the Organization lost the only asset they had. But unknown to them is that death gave Roxas another chance in a different world. He is now reborn as an earth pony colt with a cutie mark of a black cross. He has been in Living in Ponyville for a few weeks, but because of his new life he has no memory of his past. Unknown to the locals though now that creatures from the shadows plan to wreak havoc on the citizens of Equestria. He now travels with the six elements bearers to search not just for a way to restore peace to Equestria, but to search for his memory.

magic chaser 27 is helping me with the story so give credit to him when you've got the chance.

Original author: SonicBlitz18

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