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After a troublesome Wonderbolts reunion, Fleetfoot returns home to demand some stress relief.

But sometimes what we want isn't always what we need.

Inspired by Sunset by P-Berry.
Edited by PeerImagination.
Original art by RenoKim.

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But, wasn't this story incomplete just a few hours ago?

Made a mistake. It's a quick and simple one-shot.


Amy favorite Wonderbolt!

Cool fic,

Probably should have left this a long time ago, but I loved this story.

This is great. I loved it. :heart:

Excellent story, only slightly ruined by the stale ass Flash Sentry joke. Let's leave that in 2015 eh?
Keep on keeping on friend

That was real sweet, I'd love to read more stories like this! Well done! :pinkiesmile:

What a beautiful romance story told in a fantastic way. I was grinning ear to ear by the end of it. Well done Freglz, well done.

Now this, this is how you do romance right here, this is how you do it in one of those ways that keeps your attention until the very end.
Oof! Fucking glorious work well done, man, well done! You earned a follow.

“Flash Sentry,” I murmur with a sigh, then look off to the corner of the ceiling.

:rainbowlaugh: Hahahaha, oh lawdy, I wasn't expecting that.

Nicely done.

This is just so bloody cute, I need an extra dose of Insulin, stat!


You don't see many stories from the ponies perspective I like it

How old is she, other than "at least 20"?

This is legitimately one of the best stories I've ever read. Bravo, good sir.

I loved this! Very cute, very sweet, and I didn't see Flash Sentry coming at all. :yay:

Comment posted by rikithemonk deleted Feb 15th, 2019

Seriously why does this have less than two hundred likes?

Why is this not marked comedy?
Her inner monologue at the beginning had me in stitches...

I've never seen a story on this site get "emotion" better. The pacing was perfect. You can almost feel the emotion radiating of the screen while reading.
I mean, wow. I still feel giddy just thinking about this story. It's that good.

Bravo. 👏

Thank you for posting.

It was nice to read from the pony's point of view for once. I was not expecting Flash Sentry to be the douche. I'm pretty much indifferent about him; I never really got whole meme of everybody hating on him. Thought the revelation was amusing, though.

You are a wonderfully talented writer. This was a pleasure to read. Thank you!

I think my favorite aspect of this story, is how you managed to get us to care about the characters. Most stories that follow the cuddle-fic formula just feature a couple cardboard-cutout characters with no real thought put into them. Here, though, the characters have volume to them.

For a ten-thousand word story, it's extremely well-paced, and you did a great job stretching scenes out to just the right length.

Hope to read more from you in the future, man!

I like this. This is a good story. :twilightsmile:


This hit me in the feelers, gods. Amazing story.

Damn. That... was really good.

I'm glad I found this hidden little gem.

That was beautiful!:raritydespair:

This was actually really, really cute. I like how you chose to delve into the pony's POV and focus on the romance of their relationship instead.

Incredible normal-day-in-the-life there

This was a very nice story and I love how their relationship is portrayed. I'm now looking forward to reading on the events leading up to them being a couple.

This was excellent. I've long been a sucker for stories that dive deep into relationships and show two people being there for each other. You painted their relationship with color and depth, and it was a real treat to watch as he unraveled her anger with the precision that can only come from an intense level of familiarity and intimacy. Your character work is top-notch. Great work you've done here all around!

Dear author.
Hear's to say,you story is really enjoyable.Can I translate this story and its sequel into Chinese in order to get more people to know your story?
Surely I'll post the translation on Chinese MLP fan fiction web called Fimtale and attach your link as well as writers' name below.I promise they'll love your story just as how much I love it.:twilightsmile:
Thank you very much!

Now this was truly satisfying to read. The perfect amount of cuteness, seriousness, sweetness, and understanding. I can't begin to describe how enjoyable this was to read.


I'd be honoured if you translated this story.
My only concern is that some of the prose might lose its effectiveness when it's translated. No two languages are the same, after all.

Sincerely thanks for your allowance.
Of course some English words doesn't have exactly homologous words in Chinese.I'll try my best to meet the difference of these two languages and make sure our reader can,at least know the plot.However,this won't stop our readers from liking your story.😄

Author Interviewer

Yeah, this was worth reading. :) Gotta love that pickup line. I mean, it may be terrible, but it's great world-building.

This has to be the best intimate relationship portrayal I've ever read on this entire site. Well done!

Well, I finally got around to giving this its long-deserved read. It's been weeks, if not months since I last read anything, but I won't lie, this one had me captivated pretty early on. I suppose we've all been in Fleetfoot's (horse)shoes when it comes to having a day go from bad to worse, and your portrayal of just that was simply put spot-on. It felt relatable all throughout.

That said, what I liked to the point of noting down was your portrayal of her surroundings - describing the world to us, the readers, in a way that's interesting and pleasant to read, was and is something I struggle with, and you did an amazing job right here.

Now, to my main point... based on your description, I expected smut. Wholesome smut, but smut nonetheless. What you delivered was... something else entirely. There's a fragile balance between lewd, wholesome, and funny, and you managed to strike that balance almost perfectly. I gotta admit, I've always struggled with lewd stories that go beyond just "put peepee in vagoogoo", and this is one of the prime examples of what, in my opinion, not only human on pony-action, but wholesome, gentle lewd, is supposed to look like. The way the two interacted with each other on so many levels, both verbal and non-verbal was a joy to read, and it's been years (yes, years!) since I've read a human on pony story I enjoyed as much as this one. There was a story with Fluttershy and her human friend which I adored, but it seems to have disappeared, sadly.

Anyway, this... vibe you managed to hit with this story was exactly what I was going for with Sunset, and not only did you manage to capture just that vibe, but build on it; extend it to an entirely new level. Good show, my man. Good show!

On a side note...

He rolls his eyes. “Do you have to call them that?”

I feel you there dude. I feel you.

make the beast with four wings?

Totally not gonna steal that for my next lewd pegasus story. No sir.

It was hard to tell if the lucky mare had been a fashionista, or Twilight’s pupil, or a farmer, or Rainbow’s little sister.

Smooooth. I love it!

So uhh... I probably should criticize something, so uhh...
3/10 the story cut out just before the good stuff.

But nah, joking aside, I do think that this was the best possible moment to end the story. Smut itself is nice and all, but oftentimes the build-up to it is just so much more rewarding, so good job on capturing just that.

So once again, this really was a pleasure to read. Great job!

This was adorable and sweet.

I can only agree with this.

I don't know how someone can write a human in Equestria fic without it feeling cliche.
> reads this
Ah. That's how.

Always something.

... I feel that sentiment - "Zawsze, kurwa, coś."* Also, "Jak nie urok, to sraczka."** works just as well. ;-)

* "Always, fucking, something."
** "If not a curse, then diarrhea." - sometimes used in the alt. version "Jak nie urok, to przemarsz wojsk." (If not a curse, then a troop march.)

and it was hard to tell if the lucky mare had been (...)

I just lost it at that! That was brilliant!!! :D

This was brilliant. The tsundere was palpable.


Glad I'm satisfying people's thrist for good, warm and authentic-feeling romance all around the world.

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