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Finally, Fleetybee, you got those cobwebs cleaned out of your coochie.

Why does Fleetfoot have green eyes in this picture, but pink eyes in the cover art for Damage Control?

I dunno man....last story they seemed pretty Aware of what was going on, almost like they were already! In a relationship to begin with! Don’t do us dirty.

Tomorrow, and every day for the next five days.

Pre-sequel, man, get it together.
Don't you quit on me.

Good. I look forward to possible Fleetfoot clop.

More please. There's never enough fleetfoot clop

Alright, I’m keeping my fingers crossed my guy! I have faith in you! There’s very VERY few HumanXpony stories im ever willing to read, I can list them on a single hand, you’ve joined that elite group. Don’t disappoint me

Really digging the start of this. Fleetfoot feels real, the emotions are there, and I'm really curious to see where this goes from here! Looking forward to more!

I like this story so far, but I do find Fleetfoot's reactions to be a bit strange. To elaborate, her feelings of disgust seem over the top and more akin to that of a rape victim, than someone who had a drunken hookup with someone she has a crush on. Hopefully the next few chapters will explain this.

I think this is supposed to be a chapter to show more of her passions and personalities?

I skipped a lot of it. I love flying and stunts and stuff, but I'm looking forward to what happens next in the hotel room with her human friend.

..... Wow. O-kay, yeah, this... is very deep, and I have to say you hooked me right off. Very raw emotion. Going to follow, make more please! :twilightsmile:

Contact lenses.

Congratulations on this chapter. I've never been one for show stuff in fics as they tend to be boring, but you certainly did a great job at keeping me entertained throughout. Give yourself a pat on the back for doing so well with this chapter.

If it takes before the first story. Then why is is listed as a squeal? It should be a prequel.

Congratulations on successfully pulling off a Wonderbolts scene I actually liked a lot. Not to say I don't like them in general, just that I don't often see them either way, and when I do, it rarely gets deep into the thoughts of the character(s) actually in it.

I will read this chapter later tonight and give my thoughts.

I will make a more detailed reply later tonight with my thoughts.

I'm really enjoying this characterization of Fleetfoot and like how well the emotions in story work to compliment her charater.

Okay, so she's at least 32. Ain't that, plus however long it took for her and the human to meet, a bit old for the human? Or do ponies retain youthful good looks for a long time?

Same. This is some top tier character work.

This is good, Gonna make sure i never miss a spot

Ahh being forced to socialize every nerds worst nightmare

she wont be so Ronery anymore

Fathers and mothers, always a fun thing to deal with when you become an adult.

Ahhh! There we go~ can’t wait for the sure to happen fluff!! (Of course with further character development) ! Keep it up my dude!

The invincible pegasi, and a great way to break the ice for a first meeting.

Ouch, I've had that parental conversation before..

This is beautifully written. The description of her flying to music, as well as the storm rescue were choreographed extremely well.
Additionally, her inner monologues never seem wordy or forced. Definitely a favorite! :twilightsmile:

So that's how she saved his life

Great chapter and great story!! :twilightsmile:

One question:
" He blinks and shuts his mouth, and then latches a… hand around my fetlock as the other undoes the belt.
As soon as it comes free and both hands are on my leg,
If he grabbed her by closest (left in case she was getting him out of driver's door) hand and then unlatched the belt by other hand - they would tangle in the belt unless she was getting him out from the passanger's side. In stress I do not think he would have it in him to let go of her hoof once he grabbed it to get the belt over his arm. He would have to unlatch belt before grabbing I would think...

And thanks again for the story!
It brigtens my day every time I see new chapter published :)

Good shit 👌can’t wait for the real impact of culture shock to happen

Holy fuck, you're pumping these chapters out quick.

While I appreciate the attention and enthusiasm, I feel it would be more appropriate to just comment on the story when you're able to, instead of constantly saying "I'll read it later."
No hard feelings please.

Sure thing. It's all good.

This is getting good!

Huh the guy must be first or second generation Mexican/philipeon

This was quite nice and like how she has a good notice of what is keeping her from actually leaving. And arguing with a nurse is never a good idea.

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