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Possible Few Day Delay In Chapter Updates · 12:23am Jul 13th, 2015

So, as most of you know, my computer is currently broken. This factor alone severely increases the time it takes for me to write, edit, and finalize any chapters for my story. For those of you thinking 'Is he going to stop writing until his computer is fixed?' Short answer: no. I will still be writing, just a bit slower than I could be if I had my familiar setup back.

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    Deep in the Gryphon Kingdom there is quite a fun old bird by the name of Thaumic Field. He is a scholar who is not quite known for success but is more than popular for all the idiotic ideas he's had over the years. Deadset on controlling his magic i
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Thanks for the add to Good Stories! :)

Thank you very much for putting "Lessons in Quirks" on the "Good Stories!" shelf :twilightsmile:
I'm always happy to see that the story is being read and am always looking for more readers and their feedback, views, opinions and criticism.

Thank you for the fav on Celestia's Rocket Adventures! I'd appreciate it if you'd leave me a like and some feedback in the comments!

Thanks for the add

I am glad you think Drake's Empire is a Good Story. Thanks for reading. :moustache:

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