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I periodically check this. Don’t like ponies anymore, I think it's weird as fuck I used to like that shit


Hoops has hated Rainbow Dash his whole life. She had humiliated him and messed with his friends. She even refused to teach his group how to perform Rainbooms, but all that was years ago.

The group consisting of Dumbbell, Hoops, and shy Score had disbanded. Hoops had left to live in Ponyville. Score had moved to Manehattan where he started his own clothing line. Dumbbell still came over to Hoops's home; however, seldom was the occasion, for Dumbbell was married and rolling in wealth, having become a professional athlete. For years, Hoops had wished to reach that dream. Now all he wishes for is a mare friend, knowing all the while that he probably won't get one. But he is destined to receive a life-changing letter. That is where our story begins.

T for swearing
Editor: TheDizzyDan

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Just so you know, those were editor comments!

Why can't I like the story?!?! :fluttercry:

6954512 It says 4 likes, why can't ya

I will go down with this ship.

6954515 I don't know! It just shows that gray bar and nothing else.

6954531 Ahh, then you liked it

6954531 Doesn't the thumb turn slightly green?

6954536 What? Then why doesn't it show it?

6954538 uhh, lemme check, yes it did. Okay, I liked it and it went through. Thanks for the hell in sorting this out.

Yes, that indicates that you have liked it; however, a provision was made a while back to conceal vote ratios for stories with especially low vote counts. We will only get to see the ratio publicly when the minimum number of votes required is achieved.

6954559 The hater has strikes!

Well that's one way to start a relationship.

6954559 huh, okay that makes sense.

Rather interesting start to the story...hopefully they'll sue the company for sending out brainwashing voices - but otherwise I too ship this every now and then. XD

6957680 Soon, there will be more :D

Ooohhh this is going to be fun, :pinkiehappy: funny, drama, and very spicy cruise with Rainbiw Dash and Hoops in a same room, I'm loving this story already :heart::heart: and things are getting interesting indeed. :raritywink: awesome job here, with the old childhood enemies of Dash and Hoops, I bet this is going to be *some ball* :duck:

Anyways awesome story my friend, and good luck on the more chapters soon, I or we, really want to see how things will go with Rainbow Dash and Hoops on a cruise. Good luck. :pinkiehappy::heart::raritywink::rainbowdetermined2::heart:

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