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I periodically check this. Don’t like ponies anymore, I think it's weird as fuck I used to like that shit


First: This will not conflict with my story Doctor Whooves and Thunderlane
Second: Thunderlane is in the TARDIS when all the sudden he hears Derpy talking to someone in a mirror...He spys on her. (because who wouldn't:derpytongue2:) He notices she is talking to Discord! Then she ties Thunderlane up... When she comes back Thunder notices that she has the Doctor kidnapped! Now the foals have to try and save Thunder and he has to gather his old friends from filly school to help him.

Bedeviled Derpy: http://bedeviled-derpy.tumblr.com

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Awesome start dude, hope you continue this soon!

6405371 It will be published tonight!

Comment posted by Hoops deleted Sep 23rd, 2015

6405371 Published!

"Vegeta, what does your scouter say about this stories rating?"

"Mature, no, Teen, no, E FOR EVERYONE!!!!!"

"E for everyone? There's no way that can be right! Your scouter must be broken, or that cover art must be a facade."

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