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I love writing stories about humans in equestria and I'm also a avid music fan, so check out my stories! Also check out my youtube channel at: BronyEDMCentral.

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2028543 Thanks for your support, I have been having a rough time lately, luckily my state is improving and I will continue writing my current story. Taking into account your question, maud and the Human had to be taken down because of private issues. Sorry if it was your favourite but I'll see if I can write it again without the NSFW content in it. Thanks for commenting btw :twilightsmile:

Hello BronyWriterCentral, I do hope that you are doing ok since the last post I saw in September there. I have a question for you, under your stories tab I see that you have 2 stories but only see one. I believe it was about Maud falling in love with a human, can't seem to remember the title. Reason for asking cause I love that story and I'am unable to find it, is it a glitch or did you take it down?:fluttershysad:

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Help!!! · 12:24pm Jan 23rd, 2016

I'm running out of ideas at the writing table!!!!! Srsly, anyone have any ideas for what I should do for Strange Dreams? :applejackconfused:

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