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Wailing Wall ... oops, information :)

So much time on fiction fim
And it is only now that I edit my profile, sorry
Okay I'll try to give news to the few people who cares about me
I'm terribly sorry for not having published a chapter in English for so long
But I'm back after a lot wtf situations in my irl...
And I finished all my fic, Pinkie Promise
New chapters are available in French on Fanfiction.net under the same title and the same author's name

The bad news is that I lost my translator, I can not contact my english partner...buddy i miss you
It makes me sad
So that's why I'm looking for someone to take over the position of translator, because I speak English like a Spanish cow

If you are or know someone who can help me complete this fic for all the English-speaking fandom, pm me, i cuddle you :)
Because it is not because you do not speak French you have to go through google trad to know the end

/pray for a miracle

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