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Spike has been abandoned by his friends at the Grand Galloping Gala. While wandering the halls of Canterlot Castle, he finds himself stumbling upon a peculiar pony.
(Season One Finale Alternate Ending)
(Originally Written As A One-Shot)

Chapters (2)
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Spike's Luna was meant to be a short one-shot, but as I began writing it, I realized it was going to be much longer than anticipated. It should be about two-three chapters in total. It is a short story. :) I just wanted to tackle another shipping that I believe isn't explored as much as it should be. Oh, and 'Selena' refers to "selene", which means "moon" in Greek. Everything else that has not been explained will be in coming installments. Thank you for any comments. They push me forward.

Can you make this as big as RBD stroy, pwetty pwease?:fluttercry:



First is RainbowSpike, then DaringSpike now it's LunaSpike...

Can we have a CelestiaSpike soon ??

Pretty please with sugar on top ?:fluttershysad::pinkiesmile:

I shall eagerly await the next chapters. :rainbowkiss:

This story is Great, i say you can expand it a little more than just three chapters it can be at least ten.:moustache:

Was that a Star Wars Reference?

Um, are you a supermodel?

Anyway, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR FICS. Best wishes.

This is so cute ^.^

~Have a good one.

Love it!
Yeah, you can't really fit this into a one shot, so I'm glad you're expanding it.
Keep up the awesome stories about my favorite character:moustache:1252346
Overused image! But still awesome!
I wouldn't do that. This story does have a short story feel, so I agree with his keeping it short. Hopefully though, it is on the upper end of 2-3.

I can agree with one to two chapters, this is the episode where Spike would be eatting dounts but insteadfound Luna who lied to hi about who she really is, hat can't be helpfu for romance, and for some reason I wish to see a Spike/Pinkie Pie next, not sure why though and also Malla, can you either tone down on the fancy words or teach us how you write in such a matter, I read more book then should be possible and yet I never really read someone's story who speaks so....fancy, you know? I'll be awaiting more bro, peace.

Dude I know this is as obvious as the fact that people everyone wants more of your stories but I'll say it Dude Your Awesome!:pinkiehappy:

Dude your stories are awesome, ever since i saw Spike's Rainbow dash, I immediately watched you, and now you Spike's Luna! AWESOME!

Do i sense someones favorite character is spike?:moustache: Haha :P

At every passing minute only his inner sense of loneliness dragged him further into oblivion.


Man, Spike gets all the mares!

1252346 dude that guy has seven chins :rainbowlaugh:

There actually has been a spike and Tia fic and its pretty good.


if its an alternate ending it need the alternate universe tag, just saying.

I really like this, not enough crazy Spike ships out there. Can't wait to see more! :pinkiehappy:

lmao, damn! Just when I thought Spike couldn't get any more swag, you come in with this and blow me away.

The story is looking good so far. I didn't notice any errors when I read through it, so good job there.
Will be looking forward to this. I wonder how Rarity is going to take Spike falling for Luna...?

we need moar at your earliest convenience.....:pinkiehappy:


no damnit

thats my pic

get off omfg

LUNA!!!! :heart:

Oh crap, you were serious about that!

Welp, I'll certainly give it a lookee. Now, of to see if you've updated Spike's Daring-Doo!


Get the next chapter out please! We need to see what'll happen between these two, and how Celestia and the Mane 6 will react.

Thank you for the comment! The story will only have Spike and Luna, however.

luna lies a lot. hey! that's good alliteration!:raritystarry:

Another spike ship AA wwwhhhaat? The story looks solid so far. I can't wait to see more

So it is going to focus on Spike and Luna with the other characters as background characters or are they just not going to show up at all? :rainbowhuh:

1254183 Aww man. I was hoping to see their reactions.

I get the feeling you like Spike, romance and comedy. And because of that, I have the sudden need to know you and give you a giant HUG :pinkiesmile:

Thank you, dude. Your username is actually "Rainbow Dash"! Getting a compliment from the rainbow-named Pegasus herself is pretty amazing. Straight from Equestria! Nice! Haha.:pinkiehappy:

1254706 That's right your friendly neighborhood Rainbow Dash loves your awesome story! :rainbowdetermined2:

You know... It kinda makes sense.

Often you see Celestia X Discord love stories.

Why not have Luna with another long lived creature, like a Dragon?

This is the best ship.

There's been a lot of spike ships lately. Not complaining, just observing.

Hmm... This looks... Intriguing, I suppose.
I'll reserve judgement until the second chapter. Have an arbitrary fave.

I don't know how you do it, but you manage to take the pairings that I've always wanted to see happen and make them better than imagined. I've been waiting for someone to write a SpikexLuna and yours is awesome. I've got to wonder what other Spike pairings might you have planned for the future.

Thanks for the comment! That picture has me laughing every time. Haha.
Approval seals are A-OKAY in my book! Yeah! Thanks for the comments!
I'm glad you're enjoying it, my friend. Spike and Luna should be explored much more!
A Luna Point! By Golly! Thanks, Mister!
Well, if I inadvertently included a Star Wars reference, that is fine by me! Who said this, by the way? And I'm happy that you are enjoying my entries! :) Thanks!
Spike is definitely a favorite! All the mares should be jumping on that dragon! Thanks for the comment!
Thanks, man! Your comment brings a smile to my face! I am excited that my readers are pleased with it.

Yes, Spike is my favorite character, and right behind him is Nightmare Moon/Luna! Oh, yeah!
There should be more CRAZY Spike shipping stories. I do agree, sir!
Spike's swag is just through the roof. What can I say? Haha. Thanks for the comment.
YES! An excuse to use a PEANUTS picture! Oh, yeah! BRO-HUG, YO!
Thanks, my friend. I am glad you enjoyed it. :)
Thank you for the comment! It is nice to know that you find my uncommon shippings interesting. Who knows what else is ahead? Spike's EVERYPONY? Hmmm....Hahahaha.:rainbowlaugh:

It's from Phantom Menace. So take that as you will. Link!

Best wishes!

Is this a prequel to "Spike's Rainbow Dash"? Possibly saying why Luna sided with Spike in the bet?


1255300I don't know if that a yes, no, or I just gave you an idea:rainbowhuh:

1252346 that's what she said XD
Anyway. Nice story!!!

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