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For those who love The Hunger Games, MLP, and any crossovers/mixes of the two! Roleplay may happen! OC's welcome! All stories welcome!

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390108 Kay. Make me soon, would you? :pinkiecrazy:


Ah, okay. I'm still working on the fic, I've changed perspectives about 4 times, just going to make it first person as my OC :derpytongue2:

390095 :derpytongue2: lol, I knew. And, thanks!!!!!!! That's why I didn't put in the district.


Sorry, all the tributes are taken. I'll add you in the sequel!

338794 I wanna!!
Name: Rose
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
Coat color: light blue
Mane color: dark blue
Eye color: Dark Purple.
Cutie Mark: a Rose!
Strengths: spell casting, collecting things
Weaknesses: enclosed spaces.
Personality: likes to walk in nature, forests, etc. Loves little fillies and also talking. Very friendly.


Oh! I'm so sorry, but I totally forgot about this group. I was doing everything in Hunger Games group by LunaPlaysMinecraft. Sorry, but all the districts are taken now. :fluttercry:

I'll add you in the sequel, the 1000th Hunger Games!


Can I join too? Here's my OC.
Name: Cassandra Inkwell
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
District: 4
Coat Color: Cream
Mane Color: Lavender
Eye Color: Blue
Cutie Mark: Scroll and Quill
Strengths: Magic spells, swimming, archery
Weaknesses: Hot and dry places
Personality: Very friendly and loves to read and write

Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone would like to write a crossover fic with me. The tributes would all be OCs, and the readers get to sponsor and cheer on the tributes. So pretty much the victor is going to be chosen according to the readers. The fic would not be focused on only one tribute; it will be in many points of view.
If anyone would like to help me write it or want me to add their OC, PM me.
Here is the chart you have to fill out if you want your OC in the games:
Coat Color:
Mane Color:
Eye Color:
Cutie Mark:
Non-pony characters are allowed(changelings, griffons/griffins, dragons, zebras, etc) but no overpowerings like "huge 60 foot tall firebreathing dragon that can kill everyone in ten seconds flat". I am not that very concerned about overpowerings because I know no one would be foolish enough to submit a huge 60 foot tall firebreathing dragon as their OC. Yes, alicorns are allowed, but they have to have more weaknesses than normal ponies(and other creatures).
So, yeah, PM me if you are interested.
Edit: Polaris is going to be my editor and I have 3 tributes already(two female, one male)

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