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A collection of short stories about love from various prompt collabs such as Chrylight, Octascratch, The Foalcon Group Collab, etc.
Rated Teen for possible stuff.
I just made this because it seems that everybody is doing it.
And expect a lot of Chrylight.

Chapters (8)

Various short stories by various authors between 100 and 1500 words obtaining to the love of Octavia and Vinyl Scratch.
Rated teen for potential stuff and such.
All authors linked at the top of each of their prompts/ short stories.
Here is a link to the collab if you wish to contibute: LINK
Popular Stories List 10/11/14

Chapters (93)

New cover art by the amazing Thak!

The most bloodthirsty, back stabbing, cheating, and lying filled event of the year is on. Welcome to the Miss Ponyville Pagent.
Which ever lucky filly wins the grand prize, a check for ten thousand bits, will also automatically advance to the country levels.
So which filly will win? It is up to you, Ponyville. May the best filly win!
Every filly in Ponyville is ready to backstab and cheat to get the grand prize. So who will it be?
Diamond Tiara?
Sweetie Belle?
Silver Spoon?
Apple Bloom?
Dinky Doo?
Cotton Cloudy?
Cast your vote below for who should win!
Voting closed

Chapters (4)

Princess Celestia travels deep into the inner chambers of the Canterlot Archives to get her favorite book, the last remaining first-edition copy of The Tales of the Colts Grimm. Read along as Celestia remembers her childhood and reads through the sacred stories that have been read for generations by ponies all over Equestria.
AN: This story could easily need all the story tags, so don't think there might not be comedy or sol stories here! (Just no super-dark. It is a foal's book, after all.)

Chapters (2)

When Princess Twilight and Queen Chrysalis go on vacation, shenanigans ensure.
Based off two of my prompts on the The Twysalis Prompt Collab thread. Go contribute!
Better cover art needed! If you would like to draw a new cover art, just message me it!

Chapters (1)

Three friends, Firetta Fireball the pegasus, New Leaf the earth pony, and Decadent Diamond the unicorn live in the outer town of The Society called Shanty.
Each month one pony of each gender is chosen to be inducted into the dream-like world of The Society. Their life will be filled with joy and happiness for the rest of their days.
Or so they have been told.
The three friends embark on a journey together to find out the Society's secrets and to bring justice to all.
Inspired by the story "The Giver" by Lois Lowry.
AN: Not a ponified version of The Giver, just inspired by it.

Chapters (7)

When Twilight Sparkle finds a prophecy in the library of the old castle, she dismisses it as nothing. But when Spike reads it, he is chosen along with 4 others to protect Equestria by following the quest that will save them all from a new enemy. They will have to face rough seas, monsters, and new civilizations if they, and Equestria, are to survive.

New cover art by ME!
Gore will not be until later chapters. I might not ever get gory, just setting it up as a precaution.
What should happen to the Five next? Should they meet a new race, face a sea monster, or get caught in a storm at sea? Comment below on what you think should happen next in the journey.

Chapters (19)

When Sapphire Shores takes a break, she decides to visit an old friend named Fashion Forward in the small town of Hoof Heights. When she finds out Fashion has a filly friend named Star Dust, she is very surprised. After meeting with her friend, she wanders into Jill Jewel's shop. Sapphire thought she was as straight as a stick. After encounter with Jill, though, she wonders if this thought is true.

Chapters (10)

Fluttershy and Big Macintosh are falling for each other. When they go for a date at the beach, they are swept under the water and meet a race of sea ponies. They discover ugly secrets about Equestria and its rulers and have to decide between home or the sea.

Chapters (7)
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