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Alright Ponies! Let's do this thing! Chryssy and Twily shipping is a go!
Rules copied directly from Twilestia Prompt Tag Collab, which in turn copied it from the Twiluna Prompt Collab. Which in turn are copied from the Appledash collab

Rules are as follows:

Someone starts off by posting a 100-1500 word mini-fic about Twilight and Chrysalis. At the end will be a one word prompt. If you would like to write a 100-1500 word Twisalis mini-fic relating to that prompt within the next four hours, comment right away to claim that prompt. Post the story when you finish, and add a one word prompt at the end for the next people to claim.

Simple enough?

Just to make sure everything is clear:

* The mini-fic can be in any style, any tag, AU, humanized, whatever. It can be a cute scene, a snippet of conversation, or an excerpt from an Equestrian history book. It's not expected to be preread or proofread, and if you've never written before that's just fine. Just try to keep it rated teen or lower and make sure it's 100-999 words of fiction about Twilight and Chrysalis and it relates somehow to the prompt you claimed.

* Claim prompts with a quick post responding to the last post. Just the word "claimed" is fine. When you finish, make a post with the mini-fic and the next prompt.

* Your claim is valid for twenty-four hours, to keep someone from accidentally holding things up all day. After four hours, another person could post a claim for the same prompt. If you ran out of time, and no one else has claimed it, and you still want to write it, just go ahead and reclaim it.

* In the event that people become confused, and two fics are posted for the same prompt, the first one posted contains the official next prompt.

* Please include a one word prompt at the end of your fic. There are lots of words, and they can mean lots of things, and it's up to the next writer what they want to do with it.

So thats the rules! Anyone who's interested in playing once we have over 1,000 words i'll (That is me Foals Errand) publish our brand new story.

First prompt Love
(length to recognize most our prompts wind up at 1k)


Rules copied directly from Twilestia Prompt Tag Collab, which in turn copied it from the Twiluna Prompt Collab.

Which in turn, copied from the Appledash collab.

I got love!

Alright, here is my submission for Love. I'm not used to writing so... short things. It feel so underdeveloped and rushed, like I could do so much more with it. But here it is. Also, keep in mind the italics and such need to be put over into fimfic's form.

Twilight reflected that maybe bringing her marefriend - or workerfriend, as she called it - to visit her old foalsitter may not have been her best idea, up there with Want-It-Need-It, placing an invisibility cloak on Spike's pet phoenix who lived in a tree, and building the ceiling of her book forts out of heavy encyclopedias.

Chryssy and Cadance hadn't stopped glaring at each other for the past half hour. The three of them sat around the dining table inside the Crystal Palace. In front of Twilight was a plate of buttered crystal rolls, and across from her, Cadance's plate of spaghetti and hayballs was being pulled into a vortex by the alicorn's eternally twirling fork. Chrysalis herself didn't have a plate, but if Twilight looked closely she could see tiny motes of blue energy from the Crystal Heart forming around her crooked horn and slowly trickling down into the changeling queen's head.

"So," Cadance said at last, breaking eye contact with Chrysalis to look at Twilight. She cringed downwards, her wings ruffling, under the immense weight of the Disappointed Foalsitter look. "You and her."

"What can I say?" Twilight said. "She grows on you."


Chrysalis took that moment to speak up. "Twilight's a very... fortunate worker to have grown up with a sitter like you," she said. Mentally, Twilight gave her points for trying to be polite. "I'll admit, the reason I was so bad at taking your place was that I thought you'd, based on the other pony with Celestia for an aunt, act more like a spoiled noble. I'm so... happy to have been proven wrong and - " She turned towards Twilight, eyes wide and pleading and she is so adorable like that. "Can we leave?" she hissed. "All this awkwardness smells so sour!"

Not even phased by the connection between emotion and taste, Twilight responded by saying, "I know, I know," she said. Then, after a pause. "Alright, I don't quite know, but it's not comfortable for me either." Under the table she placed a hoof on Chryssy's own hardened, chitinous one. "You agreed to this."

Chrysalis muttered something under her breath in Hemipid, likely a curse. "I did, didn't I?" She shook her head, the hole filled but surprisingly smooth and it feels so soft on my coat mane flying with the motion. "The things I do for love."

Cadance cleared her throat. "Yes, well," she said nervously. "I suppose that if Twilight can feel that way for you, I should just be happy for the two of you, shouldn't I?" This was so unlike the Cadance that Twilight knew, full of warmth and love. She really hoped that she'd warm up to Chryssy; it'd been five years since the alliance was forged, she felt it was long overdue.

The alicorn of love put on a smile. "Twily, I really am happy you found somepony." A cough. "Someling," she corrected. "Don't get me wrong, I am, it's just... you know. Old wounds."

Twilight nodded. "I know." She looked over at Chrysalis, then back at Cadance. "But can't you two try and work over them? For me?" she pleaded.


"Alright, dear."

"Great!" she looked over at Chrysalis. "And, um, think you can let him down now?" she said, motioning towards the ceiling where her BBBFF hung in a changeling cocoon, forehooves crossed and looking generally miserable.

"But, but his love!" Chrysalis pouted cutely.

"Chryssy..." she said warningly.

"Fine, fine. I'll let him down after dessert."

Twilight sighed and shook her head. "Good enough." She leaned in to Chrysalis, and the queen responded in kind, the two of them sharing a brief kiss before parting.

"Eeeee!" Cadance squealed in the background, previous discomfort forgotten.

Next prompt: Pod.

We're off to a good start!

Fantastic Europa the story is all ready to be submitted just one more prompt needed. Lets get more authors if we can! Yay!

(Edit) Hopefully one more prompt possibly two depending of size.

3557923 :yay: I hope I did alright, I haven't written anything romance since I left nearly a year and a half ago.

It was beyond adorable ^^

I'll claim Pod. Gimme about an hour or so...

Awesome! Let's get this story approved and up today!

Prompt: Pod



The Changeling hive was a quiet place. Every drone settled in for the night, not even the guard drones made much noise as they patrolled the labyrinthine halls. It was a very unsettling feeling for one Twilight Sparkle, one she wasn't sure she'd ever get used to. How beings, who seemed to have no real acclimation to magic or modern tools could so effortlessly tunnel through layers of bedrock still astounded her. Of course, given how powerful their, “Mother” was...

Twilight blushed at the thought. Five years had passed since a broken Queen Chrysalis appeared in Canterlot again. Five years had passed since she was taken into custody on the spot and dragged before Celestia and Luna. Five long years since Chryssy had surrendered herself begging for any help to save her race from complete extinction. Her pleas struck a particular chord with Luna who could easily see the Queen's redemption as a parallel to her own. It was Luna who suggested the peace accord between the nations, but it was Celestia who sent for Twilight to assist in discovering some way to feed the Changeling race without resorting to harming anypony. Now, not even five years on, the Changelings had not only survived, but thrived in their newly constructed hive under the mountain of Canterlot.

Twilight had discovered she could synthesize the same nutrients the Changelings required with out their need to feed off emotion. Now, every single drone could be well fed and never need to assault a pony. The discovery had been a great achievement. In return for a never ending food source, the Hive had named Twilight “Zug'marshalproteca” or “Savior of the Hive”. Even Chrysalis herself had seen fit to thank the lavender alicorn. It was in that short meeting that something clicked.

“Is something wrong Zug'marshalproteca,” asked a guard drone. “You seem lost again.”

“No, I'm fine, thank you though,” Twilight replied. She was still adapting to how these beings sounded when they spoke Equish. Their native language as a mixture of buzzes, chirps, and clicks, made it difficult for her to teach them Equish at all. It had been necessary however, when the Hive discovered a large trove of minerals in the mountain. Chrysalis saw great potential to trade with Equestria and thus peace, for now, was solidified.

“Mother was asking for you,” the drone spoke again. “I believe she said something about your shared project bearing results.” Twilight perked up at this. Without a word, she quickly sped to the Queen's chambers. Stopping just short of the door, she caught her breath and approached the two guards posted there.

“Good evening sirs. May I enter,” it was a formal request. If Chrysalis was looking for her, she had no doubt left instructions for Twilight to be instantly admitted on arrival. Still, appearance to keep up and all.

“Hail the Zug'marshalproteca! We are not worthy of your presence. We humbly submit ourselves before you and grant you entrance to the Mother's chambers. Long may you both live!” That part was still taking some getting used to. Hero worship was never high on Twilight's list of life goals. But, the more time she was spending in the company of the Changelings, the more she was getting used to it. She stepped softly in the cavernous room that Chrysalis had taken upon starting this new hive. Lit up by spellfire torches that Twilight had designed herself, the massive space resembled more an alchemist's laboratory than a Queen's chambers. All matter of test equipment and vials of liquid were scattered about the place. A small apartment like area did occupy about a third of the circular room, the rest dedicated to the furtherment of the Queen's beloved race.

“So nice of you to find you way back,” Chrysalis' voice called out. “I missed you you know,” She left the workbench she was at and crossed over to where Twilight had entered. She gave the alicorn a soft kiss on the muzzle. “Your synth food might be good enough for the drones, but I still prefer the real thing.”

“Missed you too,” Twilight said as she muzzled into her lover. She could feel Chrysalis' magic begin to ebb into her and take a small bit of power from her. Over the time that they began to date, Twilight had been able to help Chrysalis come up with a method of feeding that didn't leave the alicorn so exhausted that she couldn't move. In truth, Twilight enjoyed the small bits of energy she gave to Chryssy. It was as intimate an act as one could share. Just one more thing she loved about the queen. “I was told you'd made some progress on the pods.”

“Oh yes! Come, you won't be disappointed!” Chrysalis led Twilight to two small pools of a ruby colored liquid that were stationed near another work bench. Inside the two pools Twilight could clearly see two Changeling pods adrift in the liquid. “The DNA took hold easily. Your magical manipulation of life matrices combined with our spawning pools was a genius idea. I was finally able to find a suitable drone carrier strain to use as a base. After I was able to make sure it was all stable, the rest was just elementary.”

Twilight peered closer into the pools. Using her magic, she lit up the pools with a soft magical glow. Inside the pods, she could see two pony foals, incubating quite nicely. The one on the left, a pegasus filly with a cyan coat. The one on the right, an earth pony with a pink coat and mane. A small tear threatened to fall down Twilight's face. Sensing the change in her lover's emotion, Chrysalis came to Twilight's side and nuzzled her softly. “Don't worry dearest. It will work this time. We'll be able to get them back. All of them.”

“I hope so. I really do. Thank you my love. For everything.”

“Only for you. Only for you.”

As the two lovers shared a tender moment, the foals slept peacefully in their pods, growing stronger and nearly ready to bring the first two of the five lost Elements of Harmony back to the world.

Word count - 1065
Next Prompt: Longing

Oh man, that ending hit me in the feels.

3558152 Thank you. Still getting into a grove writing again. Been way too long since I did this much creative writing.

Tainted Love has been submitted for approval!:heart:
For the hive!

3558181 Let's do this!

Tainted Love passed moderation! We officially have a story!!!

3558473 Next step: Advertise the shit out of it. Group-adding time!

Um, I wrote something for Longing, but I'm afraid the ending might be a little ... uh ... something. :twilightsheepish:

The Everfree Forest was home to many things; some benign, some dangerous. There were very few sentient creatures in residence, however. It was an unnatural, chaotic place, completely independent from the magical whims of the ponies who tended to the rest of the Equestrian landscape. Very few stayed willingly for more than a couple of hours if they could avoid it.
Chrysalis – no longer a queen since the disastrous events that had seen her hive repelled from Canterlot – walked aimlessly, only stopping every now and then when her hooves ached too much to continue. She caught sight of herself in a stream, and wondered what had happened to that proud, noble bearing. The lines criss-crossing her face, the slump in her withers, was less to do with exhaustion and more to do with starvation. The cuts, the scratches, the dents in her tough, black hide, the muck and grime that coated the perforations in her legs ...
While there was plenty of food and fresh water to be found in the forest, none of it quite met a Changeling's unique biological needs: they were emotional vampires, leaching off particularly strong feelings. In Chrysalis' – former, she had to remind herself – hive's case, they needed to ingest huge quantities of love in order to function.
She couldn't remember the last time she'd had a decent meal; the lonely months of wandering through the Everfree Forest had left her drained, and the being who had once gone hoof-to-hoof with Princess Celestia herself slumped to the ground, defeated. Love, perhaps the most plentiful emotion in this world – given so freely by the ponies, even to complete strangers – was denied to her.
It took her a while to realise that she was not alone. “I do not wish my last moments to be observed,” she said wearily, assuming it to be some small critter or other that would take one look at her frightening, chitinous visage and go scurrying off into the bush as so many had done before. When it didn't leave, Chrysalis turned to face it, intending to scare it off with a blaze of her green eyes. “You!” she croaked, not quite believing who was standing before her.
“Fluttershy was wondering why so many animals had been fleeing to her cottage lately,” said Twilight Sparkle, barely suppressing the shock of finding the Changeling Queen here of all places. “I guess that answers that question.”
“So sorry to be a problem,” muttered Chrysalis, letting her head drop to the ground once more. Her energy reserves were all but depleted, and she didn't intend to spend her last moments trading barbs with the wily unicorn that had uncovered her ruse and defeated her plans. “Very soon, I shall be nothing but an empty shell. My carcass will make an excellent nest for one of the rodents that infest this swamp.”
A look crossed Twilight's face. On the one hoof, this monster had manipulated her brother, impersonated a princess, had almost brought ruin to an entire kingdom and had attacked Celestia, but on the other … this was a living being who had been trying to provide for her subjects as best as she knew how. Now Chrysalis was starving, weak, near death and she needed help. Help that Twilight could provide.
Showing compassion to the enemy?
But it wasn't an enemy lying at her hooves. Nor a monster. Nor a queen. Just a scared, broken creature who needed rescuing.
Twilight's horn blazed with light and she enveloped Chrysalis in her teleportation field. They arrived back at the library, and the unicorn manoeuvred the Changeling into the bed.
“Why do this?” asked Chrysalis weakly. She wanted to sleep, but was afraid to do so in case she didn't wake up again. The warmth of the library was helping, as was the feeling of concern radiating from the unicorn, but it wasn't quite enough to fully revive her.
“Because I can't find it in my heart to hate you, or fear you,” Twilight explained. “I feel sorry for you. It can't be an easy existence.”
“No,” the Changeling agreed, “it isn't.”
“What will happen to your hive without you?”
“Those that didn't perish in the attack will regroup and fight it out until a new ruler is appointed,” Chrysalis explained. “They'll probably go back to being scavengers, digging for whatever scraps they can get in and around the smaller pony-inhabited areas.”
Twilight disappeared for a moment and returned with a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a cloth. Chrysalis eyed her warily. “What's that for?”
“Your shell has multiple chips and scratches in it. If any of them get infected, the bacteria could eat through the entire thing,” replied Twilight.
It was fortunate that she'd spent so much time in the company of Fluttershy, Twilight reflected, as she got to work on Chrysalis' many wounds. While her technique was not as refined, she was able to get the worst of the sludge out of the cracks in the Changeling's shell without causing her undue discomfort. All that changed when Twilight approached one of the holes in her legs.
An animal howl erupted from Chrysalis' throat and she recoiled as if she'd been struck by a hammer blow, rather than a gentle brushing.
“Are you all right?” asked Twilight, waiting for the Changeling to calm down a bit. She was still panting heavily and her legs were twitching.
“I … I should have explained,” said Chrysalis, sounding … embarrassed? “The area around the holes isn't part of our shell, but is a rather a collection of nerve endings. They are extremely sensitive to touch.”
“I see,” said the unicorn, frowning. It made sense. With no exposed flesh on their bodies, the Changelings needed something that would allow them to experience feedback from their surrounding environment. She bit her lip gently. “I still have to clean them, though.”
After a moment's hesitation, Chrysalis nodded. “Proceed. Carefully.”
The former queen tried to keep her cries to a minimum, but even the softest of strokes was sending tingles throughout her body; normally, the bundles of nerves had little more to deal with than the rush of air during flight. Direct physical contact was … unusual and Chrysalis had absolutely no idea what that sensation was pulsating through her spinal column, nor what that throbbing was centred squarely in her pelvis.
All she knew was that she liked it; loved it, even. And she didn't want Twilight Sparkle to ever stop touching her holes.

Next prompt: Cluster.

15 groups Tainted Love has been added to. If you can think of any others go ahead and add!:heart:

My my my! :twilightblush: Pushing a little close I loved it!


I added it to a few 'shipping-type ones. Hope it helps. :twilightsmile:

I hope it doesn't go too far. (My story, I mean.) :twilightsheepish:

I claim Cluster.

Alright, here is my submission for Cluster. Keep in mind the italics and such need to be put over into fimfic's form.

It was routine. Sometimes she went to her place, sometimes Twilight went to hers. This was one of the latter.

The underground halls of the changeling hive, deep in the Badlands, were impossibly smooth and exquisitely dark. It was hard to see in daylight, but changeling eyes glowed, which was how they saw anything in their home. For Twilight, the only light was that which her incandescent horn gave off, casting flickering, reaching shadows in the claustrophobic tunnels. She'd been wandering around for the past half hour after a pair of changeling guards gave her directions to Chrysalis's chambers, and she was certain she was lost.

Then it was as if the gods smiled upon her. The planets aligned without Celestia and Luna's intervention. She found the entry to Chryssy's chambers. It was a green curtain made of something that looked like seaweed, but was almost certainly not, hanging in thick strands that obscured all vision inside. Right in front of it stood a changeling guard, Imperial Guard if his blue armor was anything to go by.

She walked up to him. "Hello, I'm here to see your Queen."

"None shall pass," he responded stoically.

Twilight frowned. "Um, Chrysalis invited me here. I'm pretty sure I'm already late from wandering around so if you could please move to the side...?"

"I move... for noling." He may as well have been a statue, blending into the walls all creepy-like.

She narrowed her eyes. She hated to pull rank, but..."I am a princess of Equestria and you are impeding royal business," she half fibbed. "Stand aside and let me pass, guard."

"None shall pass."

Twilight bit her lip and screamed internally. She really, really didn't want to have to resort to force, and something about the Badlands' leylines made teleportation stupidly dangerous, so she really did want to talk this Imperial Guard down. "Just let me through," she said tiredly. "I don't want to have to use my magic on you, but I haven't seen Chryssy in so long, so - "

"I am invincible!"

Never before had a hoof met a face so hard. "Okay..." She walked right up to him. He didn't move, but she noticed his blue, compound eyes tracking her. Then, all at once, she darted to her left in an attempt to go around the guard.

Like clockwerk, he moved into her path. "None shall pass."

She frowned and took a step back, then spread her wings and flew up a ways; the tunnels had to be high to let Chrysalis move through them. But in response, the drone also took to the air, matching her movement. She moved right and flew forward, and so did he.

Twilight feinted to the left, then jerked to the right, only to have a solid wall of changeling in her way.

"None shall pass."

A scream burning in her throat, Twilight summoned mystical energy to her horn. "Alright, that's it - !"

The curtain moved aside, revealing the regal form of Queen Chrysalis. All action froze as she regarded her, the guard, then Twilight again. Then, the monarch sighed. "Cluster, are you giving my workerfriend a hard time?"

'Cluster' bowed so low his carapaced muzzle hit the ground. "No, Your Majesty!"

"Excellent. Stand aside and let her pass." Chrysalis added a few more words in Hemipid. Twilight thought she caught the words 'friend', 'free', and 'nymph duty'. When Cluster stood back up his cheeks were flushed fluorescent green under his armor, and Twilight had to feel bad for him. Chryssy gestured for her to enter. "Sorry about Cluster, he gets enthusiastic in his duties."

"I could tell," she said, walking through the gap Chrysalis left in the curtain. Once they were on the other side, she nuzzled into the flexible but unyielding chitin of her marefriend's neck, who in turn rested her chin atop her head. "So, what did you want to do?"

"We-e-e-ell," Chrysalis said from on top of her, using that tone of voice that meant she was in one of her 'I've-planned-something-uncomfortable-for-you-but-at-the-end-we're-going-to-my-bed' moods. "Some of my subjects have been inquiring about how your emotions look, quite a few. And what kind of ruler would I be if I didn't assure my people that my integrity was not compromised by a lover?"

They pulled apart, and Twilight frowned. "We'd better get alone time after this."

Chrysalis gave her a lick with her long, long tongue right around her horn. "Oh, you'd better believe it," she purred.

Next prompt is Tirek.

Nice I enjoyed Cluster although i'm thinking he is now assigned in the nursery. :scootangel:

3557590 Which at some point, I think, copied from the Celestiacord tag.

Also, dibs on "Tirek"

3559148 Look who's joined in on the party!

Comment posted by Foals Errand deleted Aug 21st, 2014

Hit the wrong reply :facehoof:

Welcome to the Hive! :twilightsmile:

3559271 Good to be here :yay:

3559159 Wow, I went to a much darker place here than I thought I would. Prompt is Tirek.


The Princess of Night jolted upright in her throne, her eyes, once drifting shut under the oppressive boredom of facing down yet another stack of treaties and bills to sign, flew wide open. “HUZZAVAH-WHAA!?” She screamed with as much royal dignity as she could muster before flopping down on the carpet. The doors to the throne room burst open, and in raced a tiny lavender blur that nearly collided with her on the carpet, stopping expertly just a few inches from her muzzle.

“Princess Twilight!” Luna said indignantly, pulling herself back up. “We have told you time and again that there are better ways to contact us than…”

She paused in her rant as she noticed the way Twilight’s shoulders heaved, the frayed mess in her mane, the bags under her eyes. Like most nights when Twilight threw herself into the throne room like this, Luna sighed despondently. “She’s having that dream again, huh?”

Still breathing frantically, Twilight bobbed her head up and down, her teeth clenched in fear.

“Oh, Chrysalis…” Luna sighed again, slowly picking herself up and gently laying a wing across Twilight’s shoulder. “Miss Sparkle, I know it’s hard, but you need to calm down. Panicking won’t help her.”

“I know, it’s just…” the tears that had been threatening in her eyes the entire time she had been in the throne room now streamed down her face, Equestria’s youngest alicorn trembling. “She’s so scared when she dreams about him! You wouldn’t believe it, Luna! She’s in so much pain…”

Her wing rubbing calmly up and down the little princess’s back, Luna’s horn ignited as she snapped a teleportation spell into place. Within an instant, they were standing in Twilight’s royal chambers (aka her old room in the library). On the smallish bed, a long, black form trembled, caught in the deepest throes of a nightmare.

“Chrysalis,” Luna whispered, laying a sympathetic hoof on the changeling’s cheek. Chrysalis drew away, a sweaty lock of mane drifting over the extended hoof as she whimpered.

“P-please Tirek,” Chrysalis mumbled, deep in the throes of the nightmare. “Nuh-no, I’m sorry, I meant Master Tirek…no Lord, I’ll be good, I’ll be your good little slut…”

Luna’s eyes drifted to the ornate magical suppressor locked on the changeling’s horn and scowled. She understood the nobles’ worries: the ruler of a nation that had once attacked this very city might well get up to no good if she was allowed, and so a suppressor did seem logical for her weekly visits to the city (or more specifically, to her marefriend). Thing is, those nobles didn’t know that leaving Chrysalis so powerless would awaken memories of the last time she’d been so helpless, nor did they know of the nightly ritual Luna and Twilight had to endure because of it.

“Please hurry!” Twilight moaned, crawling in next to Chrysalis and nuzzling her chin. At that, the Queen’s back arched as if she’d been electrocuted.

“No Lord, please,” she moaned, her body tensing, one hoof rising and falling back protectively over her nethers. “Please, it still hurts from last time Lord, please, please…PLEASE!”

Finally, Chrysalis jolted upright in the bed, tears rolling from her closed eyes as she howled in agony: “SSSTTTTOOOOOOOOPPPP…”

“Luna!” Twilight howled, her forehooves wrapped around the changeling’s neck as she kissed her cheek, moving as Chrysalis’s maw worked up and down, even as the scream tapered off into a soundless cry of pure torture.

Nodding, Luna calmly stepped up to the bed and touched her horn to Chrysalis’s. Without being instructed, Twilight immediately touched her horn to the spot where the two others met. There was a glow, and a deep, soothing blue wave of magic cascaded down the crooked horn and over the changeling’s body. As each wave passed, a bit of the pain in the changeling’s face melted away, her fangs slowly disappearing behind her lips as her head sank back down into the pillow.

The spell complete, Twilight eased her way back into Chrysalis’s forehooves, kissing her cheek as the changeling slept soundly. Luna let out an exhausted sigh and shook her head. “And I thought we suffered at that monster’s hands,” she whispered.

“Luna?” Twilight asked tentatively, her voice low so as not to wake her lover, resting peacefully at last. “When do you think she’ll talk to us? About what happened back then?”

The Princess of Night looked into the young alicorn’s eyes and wished Twilight wasn’t as perceptive as she was. Maybe then she could make up a lie to help her sleep better. “I don’t know, Twilight, I just don’t know.”

For my prompt for the next guy, I'm gonna go with Carapace.

Claiming Carapace

Also wow Dark very dark but good! I like it it just walks the edge!:heart:

3559358 Dammit. Ninja'd.
Mind if I write something anyway? I'll wait for you to post before posting, but dammit this IDEA.

3559381 Very VERY close to the edge. But damn nice work.

Make you a deal you can write but I get to name the prompt. Fair?

3559416 I wanna see what you write, though!
Man, I think we need more than one prompt running concurrently.
That way everyone can work on their prompts.

Comment posted by Foals Errand deleted Aug 21st, 2014

Fair we'll both write and give a prompt each ^^

Also I agree tossing out these prompts.





I'll take Rebirth for part two of my Pod series

3559431 Also, to keep things from getting crazy down the line, the one who claims Princess chooses the next Prompt. Sounds good?

The carapace of an insect can be shed, right?

If they molt mmmmhmmm.


Twilight Sparkle did not join the festivities outside. She hid away in her room, intermittently sobbing in her blanket and staring blankly at the wall.
How could they? They’d been in love! How could her friends not recognize it? But no matter what she said, the remaining bearers were undeterred. She’d been restrained by Fluttershy (For her own good, she’d been told), and the others relentlessly attacked Chrysalis, saying horrible things, telling her to stay away - and why? Because she was a changeling?
Twilight did not continue that train of thought. Chrysalis never did like the taste of rage.
“Twilight?” The lavender mare glanced at the door. “Please, come out. I… I know you cared about her, but she-”
Twilight did not listen any longer. She closed her eyes and buried her nuzzle in her chitinous blanket. She took in the scent, and smiled as happier memories of greener days filled her mind. It may not have been a substitute for the real thing, but Chrysalis’ carapace was something she’d treasure always.

Right, I don't want to fill up the prompt list, so I'll just leave it at this.
EDITED: It's just a tiny bit more horrifying, if you noticed it. And if not, good on you!

Our first sad piece very nice ^^

3559511 Oh my, that is terrible. What happened, I mean. The story itself is good. You monster.:fluttershbad:

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