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Dexter's Lab Equestria: Chapter 14 (Part 1 of 2) Proof-readers volunteers please! · 2:08pm Oct 26th, 2021

Hi everyone,

I am at the point where I am again asking for help from all of you awesome readers. I need a few volunteers to act as pre-readers/proof-readers/chapter-editors for the next chapter (Chapter 14) of Dexter's Lab Equestria.

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Regarding Dee Dee - Dexter's Lab: Equestria · 10:55pm Sep 18th, 2021

Hi Everyone!
Again, thanks for reading. However, I’ve been getting a repeated question from many of you: Will Dee Dee make an appearance in the story?

(Is that a NUKE?)

Well, here is the answer I gave to a reader in discord. I wanted to share it with all of you, so that anyone else with the same question can have it answered; as well as give the opportunity for feedback from all of you.

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Dexter's Lab Equestria Update - Call for Proof Readers / Chapter Editors · 11:13am Aug 23rd, 2021

Hey all!
Whew, its been a long time since I’ve updated. I’ll talk more about that in my A/N notes in the actual chapter.

However, in the mean time I am eager to get the chapter in shape for release, and for that I am asking for a few volunteers to proof read the most recent draft (This most recent draft has reached a state where I am no longer going to add anymore content for the chapter.) I did a once over already, but I know I missed stuff. (Give me a break, its 25,000 words long.)

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Regarding the Final MLP:FIM Episode · 9:22am Oct 10th, 2019

There's something I wanted say about MLP, so feel free to skip this one if you're just looking for an update on DLE.

I got the chance to watch the french version of the last MLP:FIM episode with English subtitles. I ended up speeding through it at 2x speeds because I was just reading the dialogue. I'll avoid spoilers below.

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Need five or so proof-readers · 7:29am Feb 20th, 2019

Hey all,

I need about 5 or so readers to proof-read the Dexter/Celestia encounter scene of the next chapter. Its around 6300 words, and its more like only half of the scene between Dexter and Celestia. I need some readers to read it to make sure it is understandable, and maybe offer a few comments on it.

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My official apology to everyone who wanted chapters less than 15k words in length. (Tiny Spoiler) · 9:04am Jul 30th, 2018


The worst part isn't that I have to proof-read it.

The worst part isn't that I have to edit it for story/character consistency.

The worst part is that I HAVEN'T EVEN FINISHED THE CHAPTER YET. :fluttercry:


Another Request for Help: Does this scene make sense #2? · 11:29pm Apr 29th, 2018

Hey all,

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Dexter's Lab Equestria: Cancelled. · 8:40am Apr 1st, 2018

You have 24 hours before I delete the story and Nightmare Trip from the website, enjoy while you can and NO DOWNLOADING.

Oh, and today is Easter: HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE.

It's odd that Easter Sunday is on April 1st this year. Thats not supposed to happen again until 2029!

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Does this make sense? · 5:32am Nov 9th, 2017

Hey all,

Mini-tiny-baby spoiler warning.

So I wanted to let you all read a scene between Applejack and Dexter, both of which are talking. I just wanted to make sure the reader could track what Dexter was trying to explain to Applejack. Specifically, concerning her question to whether or not he is an alien after she discovers his lab.

See below, and please comment. Oh, trying to get an update out by the end of this week. Estimated 20K+ words. Sorry.


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Should Dexter get caught by the ponies? Your answer could determine if he does. · 5:40am Dec 30th, 2016

Hey all,

First I want to thank all of my readers who follow Dexter's Lab: Equestria. I hope you all have 10 times the amount of fun reading it as I have writing it. However, for those of you who care, I have a question; and what you all decide may influence where the story goes:

Should Dexter get caught?
Answer at: http://www.strawpoll.me/11988128

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