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Events after Season Four finale

Both knew that this moment would come. Trixie was dying. And neither she nor Twilight could do something to prevent it.

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I based on the cover image, made by chi-hayu!

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Heh-heh... Aurora Dawn. That's funny because, well, he wrote Rainbow Factory... Heh heh... That's just silly. You're silly!:pinkiesad2:

Okay, I'll post a video because the song within was what I listened to as I read this twice in one seating. :fluttercry:

And goddamn, my heartstrings were pulled! Well done, sir, well done!

An honest opinion of mine?
The ending could have been drawn out a bit more...
Though my opinion is just that... an opinion...
But I could not even begin to find an argument for a better last line for Trixie...
I say well done. The story actually made me feel sadness... :pinkiesad2:
A good kind of sadness... A loving sadness.

5187464 Best sadness feeling is the best. :pinkiecrazy:

5187462 This music is so... :fluttershysad::fluttershyouch::fluttershbad: And thank you! Also is actually madam or miss, not sir :twistnerd:

5190195 :rainbowlaugh:

5186011 Choo Choo! :trollestia:

5188403 That's me while writing this.

That is so sad! :fluttershysad: Upvoted and favorited! :scootangel:

5192388 Thank you! :yay: That's sad even for me :fluttercry:

5192406 Then it really is an amazing piece! :scootangel: I wish you best of luck getting this to the featured list, which I am surprised hasn't happened already. :rainbowdetermined2:

5198591 Just as planned. Anyways, I'm very happy that I made to make you have the feels! :derpytongue2:

That was so sweet
The feels hit me hard though

I laughter at the end...and I'm not sorry because death doesn't bother me...thanks Alan watt you made me to smart for death!

ooohhh !!!! right in the feels !!! I cried, because I love twixie fics. I wish that twilight could ascend Trixie, to be an alicorn. they would be an unbeatable pair.

A very poignant story, thank you for sharing that, I enjoyed reading it.

5984599 Good to see you like it and that you found that poignant :twilightsmile:

Ok, WOW, that was... kinda depressing. I loved the writing in this, couldn't find anything particular that bugged me. Overall, etza good' read!

Why is it that Undertale music plays in my head corresponding to things and stuff? This one as I read this:

Is this a blessing, or am I going mad?

6673630 You read it with that theme? Holy shit, it makes everything even more sad ;-; I'm happy you like it and to see you read while listening something from Undertale (because the OST is amazing just like the game). So yeah, thanks :twilightsmile:

Wouldn't Aurora be an alicorn like Flurry Heart?

7184029 Like showed on the episode, Alicorns aren't born Alicorns and Flurry was a very not common happening.

Besides, this fanfic is from 2014, so... I kind of had no idea that Flurry Heart would even exist :twilightsheepish::eeyup:

7184039 ahhhhhh, that explains it :twistnerd: also thank you for joining my group and favoriting "A Lover's Reincarnation" :pinkiehappy:

You know, I have always wondered, in scenarios like this, if the ageless character does not like continuing to live while watching their loved ones die, why don't they commit suicide or otherwise allow themselves to die in some other way? If they find an immortal life hard to bare, no one is forcing them to not die in some way other than old age. What exactly is wrong with Twilight just waiting until her daughter is about to pass on after a few decades and asking someone to inject her (Twilight) with something to shut down her system while she is in her sleep so she can go with her daughter and they and Trixie can all be together again? Even if you think that suicide is an undesirable way to go, if you have someone just inject you while you are asleep, it will be like a natural death.

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