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Fuck. Known one day as 'Mistress Spectrum'.


Trixie decided to start a fanfiction and asks her girlfriend, Twilight, to ‘proofread’ it… turns out that the story isn't that great. It seems that there's some misunderstanding among them, and Trixie can't believe Twilight's doubting her so called "masterpiece"! Now Twilight is doubting about what this story's really about...

Wrote for Equestria Daily's Friend Off! This was inspired by demdoodles art showed in the cover art! Check her out!
Edited by Exterminate Regenerate, thank you soldier!
Doing Twixie shenanigans because yes, I needed to write this ship :heart:

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...she decided she would do fanfiction! After some research, seeing many types of stories she could write, she saw this could give her a lot of recognition and people loved to waste their time with it, thus she put herself to work while Twilight was at her work shift at Canterlot High.


This was a really cool read. Very funny (for the irony, as you mentioned), had me chuckling a few points. A-and not because I ever wrote a fanfic like that! :trixieshiftleft:

Nice work :twilightsmile: I like your writing style. And also, Twixie!!! That used to be-- Oh, heck. It's still my favourite ship, even if I don't read as much of it as I'd like to anymore. Glad I stumbled across this!

7062595 It's actually a honor to see you like this silly thing, I mean... damn, you're the writer of 'Eyes On You' :raritystarry: I also don't read much Twixie as I did years ago... Mainly because, years ago, it was my second place OTP, now Sunlight took that place :twilightsheepish: This was also a way of dropping a hint for some red and black alicorn writers... I'm plain tired of those :applejackunsure:

I'm glad you like it :rainbowkiss:

This post is 100% Black Night Approved. :trixieshiftright:
Because angsty, angry red and black OCs are the best OC! :rainbowhuh:

Waitasec, if it's a self-insert, does that mean Trixie wants to keep Twilight in a fungeon?:pinkiegasp::facehoof::trixieshiftright:

Tristan and Dusk Shine OTP. I wept manly tears into my great and powerful beard.

I'm disappointed that Tristan and Dusk Shine didn't have sex.

7248453 Tsk, who said they didn't? :trollestia:

7249421 Because Trixie didn't end the story with "And then they had sex."

7249571 That means nothing. The pages Twilight jumped were full of dirty BDSM and kinky stuff Trixie enjoys :trollestia:

Wow, this was adorable!!

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